Life at Deloitte

Andrew Parham

Assistant Manager, Financial Advisory - Transaction Services

I went to Keele University and studied Mathematics. During my final summer at university I was lucky enough to spend two months within Deloitte split between M&A Tax and Transaction Services. I realised relatively quickly that I wanted to work within Deloitte in some capacity after realising how interesting the work can be and the insights that you get from working here. I chose Transaction Services in Deloitte because of the wide range of industries and services that they provide to clients. There is also no need to focus on any one industry when you first join and so you can go from working on a paper chemicals company based in Sweden one month to working on a high end retail company the next. I also chose Deloitte due to the ACA qualification that I have been working towards during my time here.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

I have spent nearly half of my time within Deloitte in college studying for my ACA. Whilst I wouldn’t say it has been easy in any way it isn’t too different from school/college/6th form as it 9-4 with enough homework to take up your evening.

When in the office my role can vary from attending client meetings and writing sections of our reports to reviewing reports and processing changes. Whilst working on projects is key to the role of a graduate it is also vital to take an active role in preparing proposals and develop relationships with clients through business development.

Why your industry?

Transaction Services works on some of the most high profile transactions in the world. TS will give you the option of working in multiple sectors which allows you to consider which you prefer and then specialise in as you move up the department.

I chose the department having spent a few weeks here as the people were extremely helpful and friendly and luckily that has continued since I joined properly.

What differentiates your industry from other industries?

Within TS there is little foresight to what deals are on the horizon which results in the department being dynamic, fast paced and flexible. No project is the same as another.

The client base within TS spans numerous sectors.

There is a great opportunity for foreign travel in TS due to the global nature of the client base.

Which personality traits or skills aid success in your industry?

Within Transaction Services it is important to be hard working and proactive. I also believe as a graduate it is important to be patient; there can be stints where you won’t be as involved as you may like to be due to college commitments and timings of projects. 

Talk us through the most exciting project that you have worked on

Over the course of my two years here I have worked on many different and interesting projects but the most interesting would probably be working on a Film and TV distribution company looking to acquire another. I have also worked on pitches for a drinks company based in Eastern Europe and a lingerie company.

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?

I am a member of the TS charity group who are responsible for organising events and fundraisers in aid of Deloitte’s selected Charities.

I am Vice-Captain of the TS 5-a-side team which plays most weeks throughout the winter months whilst I attend CF wide social events which are organised monthly. Finally, I’m a trustee of the Eikon charity which provides long-term support to vulnerable young people.  While my work with Eikon takes place outside my professional Deloitte life, I have received considerable support from colleagues and partners who recognise the need for us to make a direct contribution to wider society.

How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

Deloitte have ensured that I have the best support available to complete my ACA qualifications. This will aid my career within Deloitte and beyond should I decide to move on after qualifying.

Deloitte has also developed my knowledge of the M&A world, which I expect for the majority of my career to be involved in. 

What advice would you share to others considering a career in your industry?

Fully research the role that you will be applying for (hopefully my insight helps). Whilst TS is interesting and rewarding it can be challenging and you will be required to put the hours in from day one.

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