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Our bread and butter. Providing outstanding finance and accounting solutions is what we’re known for. It could be auditing a client’s business or improving their financial controls, analysing financial data or working on a large-scale transformation. Our people offer truly business-changing advice, as well as a full range of services, for all kinds of clients, large and small.

Your professional experience

  • Build relationships with clients, and offer advice on a range of strategic and financial issues
  • Be exposed to a range of clients throughout the year
  • Get the opportunity to take responsibility very early in your career
  • Work in teams on clients’ premises and will very quickly be supervising, coaching and mentoring your own teams
  • Gain experience working with senior members of your clients’ teams and will have the opportunity to add real value to their business.

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Your focus

If you join us in Audit & Finance you could develop a career in many different areas. You might become an industry or service specialist; for example, focusing purely on public sector organisations, or on helping clients buy and sell businesses. Or you may prefer the variety of working with all different types of clients. Whichever way you go, you’ll have plenty of choice and every opportunity to develop new skills and broad experience throughout your career.

Corporate Audit
This is pure audit. And it’s where you really get to know your clients: how they operate, the industry they’re in, and the complex issues they face. It’s vital that you do this, because our clients don’t just want boxes ticked, they expect informed challenge and intelligent insights that will deliver real business value. That’s what we’re known and trusted for at Deloitte. And that’s what you’ll be able to offer. Discover more

For a role in Corporate Audit apply for Audit.

Engagement Support Centre
You’ll support our client facing employees in Audit and Risk Advisory. Working remotely as part of the client facing team, you’ll provide day-to-day admin support. This includes a diverse range of tasks, from minutes and arranging client meetings, to billing, budgets and project management. You’ll also provide internal support to the practice in areas such as HR, training and learning. Find out more

For a role in our Engagement Support Centre apply for an Entry Level Apprenticeship in Cardiff.

Finance Customer Services
Based in our Milton Keynes delivery centre, you’ll provide finance support for our client-facing professionals across the UK. Making sure we bill for their work, track money in and out, and pay our taxes. Find out more.

For a role in Finance Customer Services apply for an Entry Level Apprenticeship in Milton Keynes.

Financial Services
Want to get involved in some truly inspiring and meaningful projects? Specialise in the fast-paced financial services industry. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to offer the kind of strategic advice we’re renowned for. You’ll help your FS clients improve how they control their finances and make a real impact on their profits. Delve deeper

For a role in Financial Services apply for Audit.

Public Sector
This sector is all about big, complex projects that touch many lives. You’ll play a key role in what are known as ‘transformation programmes’; massive organisational changes that are aimed at making public services more efficient, now and in the future. It’s vital, interesting work that will see you innovate and collaborate with many different people, right up to senior level. 

For a role in Public Sector apply for Risk Advisory.

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Your training & development

In this area of the business, you’ll get years of training and end up with some of the most complex and well-respected qualifications in the industry. As well as your professional exams, you’ll benefit from an internal training programme that’s unique to Deloitte. Find out more

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