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This is so much more than offering pure financial advice or helping clients stay tax compliant. From company restructuring projects that make the headlines, to business sales that are highly price-sensitive, we do all kinds of work, for every type of client. And, because we’re trusted to provide the smartest solutions, we get more deeply involved in their businesses every day.

Your professional experience

  • Help create proposals and client presentations
  • Provide additional project management and administration support to project teams
  • Maintain opportunity pipelines and research potential opportunities
  • Help prepare excel data books and draft reports
  • Provide support to business development activities
  • Research target companies
  • Prepare fee schedules and monitoring costs

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Your focus

Start a career in business and financial advisory and you’ll soon become a specialist in your field, offering clients the benefit of your truly indepth knowledge. This kind of work suits people who thrive on intellectual challenge; problem solvers who seek varied, exciting projects.

You’ll focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and capital transactions. This can include everything from valuing companies for sale, to business modeling, to economic consulting. 

For a role in Advisory apply for Financial Advisory.

Restructuring Services
You’ll advise businesses that are in financial distress. Whether that’s because they’re just not performing well or are about to collapse. In some cases, you might even step in to run the company. Delve deeper

For a role in Restructuring Services apply for Financial Advisory.

Transaction Services
You’ll provide ‘due diligence on transactions’. Which means, helping clients who are planning to buy, sell or take-over businesses to assess the deal. These are often commercially sensitive, high profile projects.

For a role in Transaction Services apply for Financial Advisory.

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Our programmes in Business & Financial Advisory:

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Entry Level Apprenticeship

Scholar Scheme

Your training & development

In this area of the business, you’ll get years of training and end up with some of the most complex and well-respected qualifications in the industry. As well as your professional exams, you’ll benefit from an internal training programme that’s unique to Deloitte. Find out more

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