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Today’s world is more complex, disruptive, technology-based and interconnected than ever before. Which means companies are more exposed to failure and exploitation, to theft, fraud and abuse. It’s our job to help clients limit this exposure. We help them make intelligent decisions about their infrastructure, technology, processes and people, working on challenging projects to help mitigate the risks they are exposed to. Keeping our clients safe, secure and one step ahead.

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  • Cyber strategy - help organisations define their approach to tackling the cyber challenge, defining their target state, and informing board level decisions on investment and strategy.
  • Security transformation- assist organisations to markedly change their approach to information security, implementing changes to people, processes and technology to enhance cyber security capabilities. 
  • Insider threat- analyse the risks organisations face from their own employees and design and implement initiatives to mitigate this risk, both from the malicious or accidental insider.
  • Privacy - translate complex legal requirements into practical solutions to allow clients to meet their legal requirements whilst enabling the business through the responsible use of data.
  • Data loss prevention – develop strategies and implements tooling to help clients identify and protect their most confidential data.
  • *Penetration testing – take on the role of an attacker; trying to exploit system vulnerabilities, scanning for service and application flaws, improper configurations, and risky user behaviour, to help clients identify gaps in their network defences.
  • *Cyber incident response - provide clients with technical analysis, containment and post-incident recovery when an incident occurs.
  • *Advanced threat intelligence - monitor and assess the threats that may impact on a client, enabling them to swiftly and effectively respond, mitigate risk, and strengthen their cyber resilience.
  • *Security architecture - help clients implement security defence in depth across their architecture, delivering unified security designs that address potential risks and align with their cyber strategy.
  • *Identity and access management - help clients implement and configure solutions to control and manage how employees, customers and third parties access their information and systems. 

* These roles are technical in nature and would require a technical background, for example, an IT or Computer Science A-Level, or a demonstrable technical skillset like coding or ethical hacking.

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Our Cyber specialists are true innovators. Whether in technical or non-technical roles, we all work together to shape the future of advisory services. Ultimately, our team strengthens the security and resilience of our clients’ property in cyberspace.

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