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Governance, Risk & Regulation

One of our clients’ biggest challenges is keeping up with a regulatory environment that never stands still. While the regulations become ever more complex, they also face all the financial risks involved in running a business. On top of that, they must maintain excellent service levels and a competitive edge to succeed. We advise them on the best ways to do this.

Your professional experience

  • Carrying out information and security risk management
  • Helping clients to understand and enhance their application and infrastructure security
  • Performing information security reviews and alerting clients to risks
  • Using data analysis to save costs or enhance revenue
  • Supporting clients with compliance of various regulations
  • Helping clients mitigate risks alerted to
  • Maintain opportunity pipelines and research potential opportunities

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Your focus

Our consultants usually focus their efforts on developing technical expertise, or knowledge of a specific industry. If you love solving problems, and can build great relationships with people, any of these career paths could be for you.

Business Administration
Join one of our specialist support teams, based in our Cardiff office, and you’ll provide client-facing professionals with expertise in areas such as risk, research and compliance. Find out more.

For a role in Business Administration apply for an Entry Level Apprenticeship in Cardiff.

Business Risk & Security Management
You’ll help our firm do business by proactively managing risk. As an expert within our internal client services team, you’ll be protecting our people, clients, assets and data. And you'll get to work on a huge range of projects, including financial crime, cyber security and business resilience. All for the largest accountancy firm in the world.

For a role in Business Risk & Security Management apply for Business Risk & Security Management - ICS.

Centre for Regulatory Strategy
When regulations change, clients have to adapt too. Whether it’s a shift in strategy or a tweak to operations, it will be your job to show them how, as well as to manage their compliance needs.

For a role in the Centre for Regulatory Strategy apply for Risk Advisory.

Compliance and Operations Risk
From target operating model (TOM) design to governance framework reviews, you’ll get to work on all kinds of risk-related projects. All with one objective: to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and within regulations.

For a role in Compliance and Operations Risk apply for Risk Advisory.

Contract Risk and Compliance (CRC)
Every business has to deal with other ‘parties’, from customers and suppliers, to distributors, licensees and franchisees. And it will be your job to help our clients make the most of these complex relationships.

For a role in Contract Risk and Compliance (CRC) apply for Risk Advisory.

Finance Operations and Support (FOS)
Playing a much wider role in business these days than control and reporting, an effective Finance function drives overall strategy and direction too. Using your expertise, and proven methodologies, you’ll diagnose the root causes, and help resolve, your clients’ finance issues, creating pragmatic, bespoke solutions that empower them to deliver more.

For a role in Finance Operations and Support apply for Risk Advisory.

Financial Risk Measurement
This is all about quantifying a client’s financial risk. This can involve many aspects, from giving credit to risks inherent in the market. You’ll help clients understand these risks and give them strategies, so they can stay competitive and compliant. 

For a role in Financial Risk Measurement apply for Risk Advisory.

Regester Larkin Deloitte
You’ll support clients through the intense scrutiny and pressure of a crisis. Whether it’s a cyber attack, natural disaster, product failure, or other challenging issue, you’ll be there to advise senior leaders. Through crisis management and other techniques, you’ll help them minimise the impact on their reputation, strategy, commercial interests and bottom line.

For a role in Regester Larkin Deloitte apply for Risk Advisory.

Risk and Capital Management
You will work directly with clients, in many different areas of risk and regulation. From major frameworks to strategic programmes, your projects are sure to be as varied as they are challenging. 

For a role in Risk and Capital Management apply for Risk Advisory.

Strategic and Reputational, Regulatory, Operational Risk
You can expect a varied and vital career in this team, working with all kinds of high-profile clients. You might be helping a business become more sustainable or better equipped with technology, giving advice on a specific compliance project, or guiding a client’s approach to financial controls.

For a role in Strategic and Reputational, Regulatory, Operational Risk apply for Risk Advisory.

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