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Apprenticeship opportunities in Consulting Strategy & Operations

Business leaders must act with conviction in an era of growing complexity and change. These business leaders need clear, concise, well-informed perspectives on the important dynamics that are currently reshaping their business environments. Our global network of Strategy and Operations professionals draws on the strength of Deloitte’s full suite of professional services and industry experience to help drive major operational change and resolve the most fundamental issues affecting businesses today.

All Strategy & Operations roles are currently only based in London. However, to service the needs of our clients, extensive travel throughout the UK, often overnight, is a likely requirement.

What happens in Consulting S&O?

In Consulting S&O we work collaboratively with our clients to link strategic vision to flawless execution to achieve tangible, long-term value. From developing a pragmatic strategy and evaluating M&A opportunities to improving operations functions, we have the experience and expertise to help clients build and deliver an executable strategy.

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What does an Apprenticeship involve?

Our Apprentices are here to shape their careers, as well as gain on-the-job experience. You’ll work right alongside your more experienced colleagues and be treated with the same respect from day one. But you’ll also get extra time and support to help you gain your professional qualifications.

Your experience here will help you obtain skills you’ll rely on throughout your entire career, wherever you decide to take them.

What kind of work would I be doing?

Your work will vary from project to project, but a typical new joiner role might include:

  • Joining client workshops, developing materials, taking notes and creating workshop outputs
  • Writing new processes that can help make the most of the opportunities presented by Robotics Process Automation
  • Doing research to help define the key value drivers that a client needs to deliver its strategy
  • Building analytical models to take advantage of large data sets to help the client make key business decisions
  • Preparing communications to be sent out to the client’s business as part of a change programme
  • Maintaining project trackers to monitor the status of the project and any risks or issues associated with it

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Monitor Deloitte

Bold strategic decisions and precise execution matter more than ever before in today’s rapidly changing global economy. Whether it is pursuing new growth, delivering the latest innovations, maximising long term returns from existing offers, or managing risk more effectively, companies have to be ready to act in the unique moments that will define future success. This is where Monitor Deloitte excels.

What type of work do we do?

We help organisations move quickly and pragmatically to take advantage of new opportunities, while mitigating risks along the way. We achieve this through a combination of deep industry experience, world class next generation capabilities and an entrepreneurial mindset, that allow us to incubate, develop and deploy innovative strategies and products at a rapid pace. Our unique position as part of Deloitte means that we can see strategy through to implementation and as a result, maximise the impact of our strategy work.

What will you do?

As a new joiner in Monitor Deloitte, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and within different industry sectors. We work across industries with a particular focus on Life Sciences and Healthcare; Consumer Business (including Retail); Financial Services; and Public Sector, with Monitor Deloitte operating across four key capability areas:

Strategic Transformation: Shape and deliver enterprise-level changes to what they do, or how they do it, including advising on M&A, cost reduction, regulation, strategic systems and capability design.

Digital and Innovation: Identify, assess, refine, and prove new avenues for growth, including building their underpinning in-house capabilities.

Analytics: Use complex data sets and advanced analytics to answer strategically important questions, including: pricing, customer and channel targeting, and location strategy.

Customer and Marketing: Create and drive transformational change through building capabilities that drive business growth, creating commercial value by refining marketing strategies, improving performance through strategic pricing and forging profitable customer relationships.


We support Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to manage their finance functions effectively and to help the business make key decisions in a digital world.  Our team is widely regarded as one of the leading and largest in the market and is a great place to start your career.

Because of the broad reaching nature of the finance function – and the CFO’s role – our projects typically touch a number of areas of our clients’ businesses and we often work closely with other Deloitte teams. Typical projects include: helping a retailer with an enterprise wide cost reduction programme, helping a major global bank automate its processes and delivering a reporting solution for a TV company to monitor audience viewing figures and social media / telephone voting statistics.

What type of work do we do?

We deliver a wide range of projects from expert advisory projects helping clients set their strategy for the role Finance plays in the organisation to large scale changes to their processes and systems.  We work with some of the largest and most complex organisations across all sectors – public and private sector, and financial services. In all of these, we work closely with our client counterparts to help change the Finance function to support businesses in the digital world. This includes embracing advanced analytics, exploiting process automation and preparing to have the right skills to support businesses of the future.

What will you do?

As a new joiner in Finance, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and within different industry sectors. 

Our typical projects include:

  • Developing a strategy for the Finance function to support new ways of doing business with agile, de-centralised organisations
  • Delivering strategic and operational improvements to the finance function taking advantages of new technologies like robotics and cognitive
  • Improving management decision making through better information, planning processes and reporting systems
  • Managing financial risk and ensuring compliance to financial regulations
  • Implementing new technologies such as advanced analytics and visualisation deployed using a cloud platform to help the business get better insight

Our team is a blend of qualified accountants, leaders in delivering long term changes and experts in other areas including financial business intelligence and financial security / controls.

How are we made up?

Our team ranges from new joiners to experienced senior practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. Some of our team have joined from industry and bring that sector-specific knowledge with them, others joined as school leavers and graduates and have honed their consulting skills during their careers at Deloitte. We are organised into three service areas:

CFO Advisory: works with CFOs to set and deliver their strategy for the Finance function.  The team address the key issues facing CFOs from a strategic, performance and profitability perspective. They bring deep expertise in Business Partnering, Organisational Design, Benchmarking, Outsourcing and Robotics as well as a depth of change management experience to help get the job done.

Business Finance: helps our clients to measure, analyse and drive business performance as well as supports decision making to enable commercial and strategic goals. We deliver solutions to support planning, budgeting and forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting and analytics. We use a range of process design skills, data analysis techniques and business case development methods

FS Finance: focuses on Finance projects specific to the Financial Services Industry. Our practitioners combine both advisory and technology skills with deep industry expertise. We advise on a range of areas from global banking operating models, next generation finance systems and stress testing to structural reform, capital and balance sheet management and regulatory reporting.

As a new joiner, you will be aligned to one of these service areas. However, you will have opportunities to work on projects across the practice during the course of your programme.


Bringing to life and implementing strategies in a constantly changing and complex environment is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Deloitte’s Operations practice helps our clients translate strategy into operational reality within their business.

What type of work do we do?

The Operations practice helps clients implement their corporate strategy and accomplish their business objectives. Using our deep sector and technical expertise we transform our clients’ core business and operations, helping them to prepare for growth or respond to the external environment.

Whether we are helping clients to improve operational efficiency, transform supply chains, design new structures and processes or deliver major operational change to bring a strategy to life (commonly referred to as ‘Enterprise Model Design’), Operations has a central role to play. Working in the Public, Private, Financial Services and Voluntary sectors, we help our clients develop the business models and capabilities necessary to realise their strategy on a day-to-day basis.

What will you do?

As a new joiner in Operations, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects within different industry sectors. You will be aligned to one of our four operating units:

Public Sector Operations: You will be helping shape how services are provided to UK citizens and help ensure that taxpayer’s money is put to best use. You might work with hospitals, the military, universities, the police and many other essential frontline services.

Supply Chain & Operations Transformation: You’ll have the opportunity to work with market leading clients across all industries and potentially all over the globe to help deliver innovative, market leading and sustainable improvement across their core operations and connected supply chains.

Capital Market Operations: You’ll help businesses make major and complex changes. You’ll work with some of the world’s largest Financial Services organisations and some of the most innovative new entrants, and will be at the forefront of delivering Robotics and Cognitive Process Automation alongside Brexit strategy and other regulatory changes.

Banking & Insurance Operations: You’ll work with some of the world’s largest retail and corporate banks, insurers and investment firms, helping them find smart ways to reduce costs and maximise efficiency, whilst improving service delivery for customers and clients. You’ll help our clients transform their business models to improve their processes, performance management, margins and customer service.

Some of our team have joined from industry and bring sector-specific knowledge with them, others joined as school leavers and graduates and have honed their consulting skills during their careers at Deloitte. 

What about learning and development opportunities?

You will be encouraged to take on responsibility from an early stage. In addition to your project work, you can expect to be involved in internal practice development work – this provides you the opportunity to lead discrete pieces of work. This can range from supporting propositions (the skills and capabilities we build up in the team) and bids for specific work, to helping to organise internal events or supporting the delivery of training courses.

You’ll get to work with and learn from some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry. To complement this client work, a structured training curriculum has been developed, giving you the opportunity to study towards a number of professional qualifications as you progress through your career. This provides our new joiners with the core consulting skills required to progress, becoming familiar with tools and techniques from across the practice. 


Will there be a permanent job at the end of my Apprenticeship?

Yes, this is a permanent role. Once you’ve completed the BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship you will begin to focus on a particular service area and client market.

Where does Consulting S&O fit in to Deloitte UK?

Strategy and Operations is a team within Consulting, one of our key business areas. Professionals in this ‘competency’ – as we call it – advise clients on setting ambitious and stretching strategies that take into consideration the changing business environment, and we support our clients in driving operational change and improving performance.

How can I make an impact beyond my work?

Being part of Deloitte means being part of the world around us. We positively encourage you to volunteer and get involved in the local community. We even have a day a year for this – our Corporate Responsibility Day. It’s your chance to get out of the office and make a difference.

And how’s the social life?
We’re a very friendly firm, with many opportunities to get involved in social events. You can join societies of all kinds, ranging from sports teams to a choir, and join in at regular team events or drinks. At Deloitte, everyone’s invited.

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