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Entry Level and Higher Apprenticeships

Thinking about joining one of our Apprenticeship schemes? Need to clarify a thing or two? You should find most of the answers you’re looking for here.

What schemes are available?

Entry Level Apprenticeships
Working in one our professional support centres, in Cardiff, you’ll be here to shape your career, as well as gain on-the-job experience. You’ll do the same work as your colleagues and be treated with the same respect from day one, in a permanent job. But you’ll also get extra time and support to help you progress your professional education. Your Deloitte apprenticeship experience will leave you with a recognised qualification and skills you’ll rely on throughout your entire career. Find out more

BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship
Your chance to bypass University and leap straight into a professional career, with all your training and qualifications fully paid for. Plus you enjoy a marketing-leading salary and benefits as you learn. You’ll gain hands-on experience too, working on real projects, alongside our graduate intake. At Deloitte we truly respect our Apprentices and the ideas and value they bring. Find out more

For gap year students

Scholar Scheme
This popular programme is for school leavers who want to take a gap year between A-levels and university. The Deloitte Scholar Scheme provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience on a 30-week paid placement. You’ll work in one of our UK offices, starting in August or September. The scheme itself is fully paid. We’ll also give you a £1,500 bursary to go travelling, save, or try something new before university and on-going financial scholarship throughout university to the tune of £500 a year. Find out more

What will I get from an Apprenticeship?

You’ll benefit from real-world experience, in a permanent job, with a market-leading salary and unique training programme, plus the chance to gain a professional or vocational qualification.

In short, you’ll get an amazing career.

When and how do I apply?

Applications for BrightStart Higher Apprenticeships open 6 November 2017 to start in Autumn the following year. See more on key dates and deadline

Applications for Entry Level Apprenticeships will open in February to start in Autumn in the same year.

For all programmes you’ll need to apply online and complete one or more stages of our selection process.

Where will I work?

In depends on the scheme and role you go for. Entry Level Apprentices are based in our Cardiff support centre.

Many BrightStart Apprentices and Scholar Scheme opportunities are available in the majority of our UK offices.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?

You join us as a permanent employee. So your job can last as long as you want to build your career with Deloitte. The Apprenticeship element varies depending on the business area you join. It takes anywhere between 15 months and 5 years to complete.

Will there be a permanent job at the end of my Apprenticeship?

Yes, it’s a permanent job. Depending on the business area you join, it takes around 1-2 years to complete an Entry Level Apprenticeship. And it takes around 15 months to 5 years to complete BrightStart. At the end of which, you’ll be leading your own projects and managing your own teams. Just imagine.

Our apprentices add so much value to our business that we hope you’ll develop a long and successful career with us. Of course, you may choose another path. That’s ultimately what apprenticeship is all about: developing skills and business intelligence that can lead to all kinds of amazing options.

What area of the business will I work in?

Like everything we do at Deloitte, we recruit differently. Rather than fit people in and label them according to our ‘service lines’ (the services we offer clients), our apprenticeship schemes reflect the attributes and skills needed for a particular kind of role.

Say you apply for a job in IT, but you’re supporting the tax team, we’ll train you in technology, not tax advising. We call these ‘job families’ and we’ll help you decide which would suit you best when you apply.

  Entry Level Apprenticeship BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Scholar Scheme
Audit & Assurance Y Y Y
Business & Financial Advisory Y Y  
Cyber   Y  
Governance, Risk & Regulation Y Y  
Human Capital Y Y  
Strategy & Operations   Y Y
Tax Consulting Y Y Y
Technology Y Y  

What qualifications do I need?

Your grades aren’t the be-all and end-all. We’re just as interested in what makes you tick and how you solve a problem. That said, we do expect a certain level of education and ability.

You’ll need to check the minimum academic requirements for your programme before you apply.

What professional qualifications are available?

Again, this depends on the scheme and business area you join. You’ll study for your professional exams in tandem with your everyday projects.

For most BrightStarts, the qualifications on offer are an alternative to a University degree. (The exception is consulting in Belfast, where you can earn a BSc.)

Discover more about learning and development for BrightStart Higher Apprentices or Entry-Level Apprentices.

Do I get paid study leave?

Yes. You’ll be given paid time off for tuition and to study for your exams. However, you should expect to do more studying in the evenings and at weekends as you near your exam period.

Why join Deloitte?

Good question. There are so many reasons to join one of the largest professional services firms in the world, with all the opportunities for progression and development that brings.

Whatever you desire for your career, you’re sure to find it here. You’ll get to work with major clients on headline-making projects, alongside great people. An employer that trusts you to work how you perform best, and positively encourages your different way of thinking. You’ll also find a firm that has a clear purpose: to make a positive impact every day, for our clients, our people and society. Find out more

How’s the social life?

Deloitte is well-known as a friendly place to work, with sociable people, and loads going on outside work. While ‘official’ Deloitte activities include team Friday drinks and seasonal events, like Christmas parties. You can join all sorts of clubs too, from football to the Deloitte choir. Find out more when you join the firm.

On top of this, we encourage our people to join network groups, which are open to all. These include various religious groups, a Women’s network and GLOBE (LGBT). These support networks get together for regular meetings and social activities.

Is there any support available?

Moving on from school or college into the professional world is a big step for anyone. We get that. Which is why we offer you plenty of support when you join an Apprenticeship.

Even before you start, you’ll be given a Deloitte buddy depending on the business area you join. They can answer any questions you have before and after joining the firm. Once you’re here, you’ll have a large support network that includes a dedicated mentor, team colleagues and HR contacts. And the best bit is, a big group of apprentices will all join together, giving you a peer network from day one.

Where will you live?

If you’re moving to a different area, you’ll need to find somewhere to live. Renting with your fellow apprentices is always a good option and we’ll put you all in touch as soon as you’ve accepted our job offer. Our recruitment team is always happy to point you in the right direction too.

What’s the difference between BrightStart and other Deloitte Apprenticeships?

BrightStart Apprenticeships are focused on our advisory and consultancy functions, which operate in six different areas: Audit, Consulting, Internal Client Services, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Tax Consulting, going up to a master degree equivalent professional qualification.

Whichever of these six business areas you join, you’ll end up with hands-on experience of real advisory and consultancy work with our clients.

Our Entry Level Apprenticeships are based in our Cardiff office, and are more business-support focused.

How long does the selection process take?

The selection process timing varies depending on the area you have applied to. We will keep in touch throughout the process and update you on the progress. There may be a period of time during the process that you are on hold, but please do not be concerned by this, as it's a normal part of our new process.  

Is there a deadline for submitting an application?

Yes, all deadline information can be found on the key dates and deadlines page.

Can I re-apply if I’m rejected?

You can make one application per intake year so if you don’t make it this year you would need to wait until the next recruitment cycle.

For example, if you applied to start in 2017, you can’t apply for another position starting in 2017. You’ll need to wait for applications to open for next year.

If you withdrew your application at any stage there are no restrictions on re-applying.

What’s the Aspire work experience programme?

Aspire is our national work experience programme, designed to give 200 students an insight into careers in professional services and life at Deloitte.

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Spend time with Deloitte staff, and get a taste of the day-to-day here, through project work, business games and case studies;
  • Develop business skills you can use in future interviews, placements and in your career;
  • Hear from current Deloitte employees about our school-leaver and graduate programmes and about what life is like at Deloitte and in the world of work;
  • Get to know students from other schools through team building exercises and interactive employability workshops.


How can I apply for Aspire work experience?

Aspire is designed specifically for students taking part in the Micro-Tyco competition. This is an entrepreneurial challenge: teams are given £1 and one month to generate as much money as possible. And the profits are invested via microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The winners of Micro-Tyco – all 200 of them – are invited to take up our ASPIRE work experience opportunity.

Lots of schools are involved in the competition, so please check with yours to find out if you can enter.

From Aspire you can go on to apply for our BrightStart Apprenticeship.

Do you offer any other work experience?

Yes. We offer Employability Workshops for Year 10 and 11.

These one day workshops are for students currently in Year 10 or 11 who want a one stop shop for introductions into the world of work. Providing an overview of Deloitte, a brief education on our service lines; along with skills sessions on employability, this will leave you with invaluable life tools to take forward. These workshops are held six times a year across our various offices in the UK, we require a short application form to be completed in order to be considered for the workshop.

The first workshop will take place at the end of November 2017. We will open for applications around one month before the workshop takes place so please keep checking the Employability Workshops page for further details and an announcement for when we are open for applications.

We also run Career Shapers for Year 12 and 13.

Two intensive, but great fun, days of discovery. If you’re excited by the many possibilities and you’re curious about all the options at Deloitte, this is a taster into what you could be doing if you joined our BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship.

Learn how to step up into leadership, immerse yourself in case study action and leave with the potential to apply to a full time job here with us. Career Shapers is run twice a year, once during Spring Term and once during Summer Term, the application process involves a short application form.

We will be opening for applications early in 2018, please keep an eye on the Employability Workshops page for further details and an opening date.

Where can I find out more?

We run all kinds of different sessions that you’re welcome to attend, from drop ins to careers fairs. To find out what’s happening near you, go to our student event page.

Or you can contact our student recruitment team. These friendly people know all there is to know about joining Deloitte as an apprentice. If you have any questions, from where’s the next recruitment fair to what shall I wear to the interview, they’re your go-to team.

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