Life at Deloitte

Alana Lee Grant

Apprentice Customer Services Assistant - Milton Keynes

What attracted you to the Apprentice programme? 

I have always been pushed towards a higher education in the form of university, however whilst completing my first year of A levels it became quite apparent that this route was not suited to myself.

I’m a career driven, self-motivated and ambitious entity that was in need of a more appropriate approach to a hands on qualification. When I came across Deloittes apprenticeship scheme I was skeptical due to the previous stigma around an apprenticeship programme. When researching in to Deloitte it was very apparent that this was a prestigious once in a life time opportunity to begin my professional career whilst achieving my qualifications.

On a personal level, my Deloitte apprenticeship has enabled me to begin creating the foundations of a successful career whilst achieving the higher education I strived for.

What came as the biggest surprise when you made the move from education to the world of work?

The difficult decision to break free from the education and familiar schooling surroundings is a struggle. At a young age, parents are very conscious of the decisions you are making regarding your future and it’s often hard to make the jump alone.

The biggest surprise for me when moving from education is how great it feels to be given the sense of importance and responsibility in an organization. You feel valued and determined. The work you carry out daily feels like it’s all part of a larger picture, whether that be on the level of your contribution to Deloitte or beginning your career path.
Being treated as a valued employer on an adult level is a rewarding feeling that education doesn’t quite capture. 

How do you structure your time working and studying? What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found work for you?

The thought of having to balance your study and work sounds like a difficult task. Before I started at Deloitte I was anxious as to how the two would coincide.

However upon starting the programme Deloitte provide a weekly study period to ensure that you are allocated the relevant time to complete any outstanding work and revision for upcoming exams or deadlines.
Personally I feel the balance is well developed. Allowing you to become a fully-fledged member of your team, whilst having the time to complete your qualification to a high standard.

Describe your work environment. Are you office based or do you move around and spend time working on site with clients?

My current position is within ICS (internal client services) which is entirely office based. On a daily basis I am sat within my HR team in a friendly but professional environment.

Although the role is office based, Deloitte offers a variety of opportunity. Within my first few months here I have participated in school visits producing presentations to provide Students with information on Deloitte and CV and interview skills. I have also participated in various meetings as corporate responsibility.

The firm has a lot to offer and you definitely get out of the experience what you are willing to put in.

What have been some the highlights of your time with Deloitte? 

Being given the opportunity to work for Deloitte feels like a privilege. Within my short tenure here at Deloitte I feel as though I have already had the chance to make an impact.

I have put a lot of hard work into achieving in my team and also in various corporate responsibilities. Achieving the highest stats on my team, and also receiving a limelight recognition for my hard work.

I have participated in creating and producing a video for our 2020 strategy briefing meeting for the apprenticeship introduction, attended in school visits to represent the firm and apprentice scheme and taken on the responsibility to become a member of the SMT.

The firm is ripe with opportunities to be taken allowing you to discover your passions and enjoyments in the work environment and achieve greatly within your chosen areas.

How has your life changed since joining Deloitte? 

Since beginning my time here at Deloitte my perspective on life has altered. My motivation has increased and my passion towards building a successful career.

I am currently living at home however I am beginning the process of becoming independent which Deloitte supports both emotionally and financially, providing a competitive salary and career development opportunities.

Overall since leaving sixth form to embark on my career journey I have adapted a positive outlook on life and I feel like I am taking control of my own future.

How do you feel you’ve grown since joining the Apprentice programme? And what have been your greatest achievements?

I feel I have grown a great deal as a person both emotionally and professionally developing my knowledge, confidence and networks. Deloitte has provided me with the opportunities I need to grow as a young employee and continues to nurture the needs to allow me to flourish in my career.

My greatest achievement within starting Deloitte for me, in being able to represent within my team how motivated and determined our younger generation coming in to the scheme are. Feedback from them outlines how I have ‘changed their perspective of the scheme’ and they look forward to future generations.

Being able to provide a lasting impression of my hard work, dedication and overall success in my first rotation is my personal greatest achievement.

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