Life at Deloitte

Carl Stephens

Apprentice Finance Assistant - Milton Keynes

What attracted you to the Apprentice programme? What made you choose it over the other options you were considering?

The main draw of the apprentice programme was the unique opportunity to earn a competitive salary and be given day release to study at college. I felt that Deloitte would provide me with the opportunities to develop a career in business & finance, whilst also challenging me to improve my personal skills.

What came as the biggest surprise when you made the move from education to the world of work?

I think for me, the two key differences between school education and work is the increased independence you gain from working and having to manage you own time throughout the day to stay on top of everything.

How do you structure your time working and studying? What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found work for you?

I try to anticipate how much time I’ll need to study each individual unit at college and set time aside on my calendar that I will use to study. It can be challenging to make sure I spend enough time studying because there are not many lessons for each of the topics and it can be tiring studying in the evenings after work.

Describe your work environment. Are you office based or do you move around and spend time working on site with clients?

I am office based because the shared services department does not visit clients directly. The office has a friendly, relaxed environment with a very team based atmosphere. 

What have been some the highlights of your time with Deloitte? What excites you about your work and the opportunities you see for yourself in the firm?

I have enjoyed a lot of the community based initiatives available at Deloitte. For example, though Deloitte I have become a mentor for children at a local school, which has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I am excited to continue learning new things and getting to experience a number of different departments.

How has your life changed since joining Deloitte? Are you still living at home, or have you moved out? If so, how have you found that transition?

The key change since working at Deloitte has been the need to commute a longer distance every day to work as I live outside of the town. I have got used to it now, but at first it was a big change because I had to leave for work earlier and got back from work later.

How do you feel you’ve grown since joining the Apprentice programme? And what have been your greatest achievements?

I feel like I have learnt a lot of interpersonal skills and my confidence has improved. My favourite achievements have been from receiving limelight awards for particular work done.

What advice would you give someone considering the apprenticeship scheme?


I would say that accounting and finance are very broad industries with lots of different roles within them that could suit lots of different types of people. So you should try your best to find the role that is right for you.

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