Life at Deloitte

Elliot Racz

Analyst, Quality and Risk, QR Ops

I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to go straight into a work environment and continue with my learning whilst developing a career in the financial sector. I had considered completing A‐levels but I did not have a clear idea on what subjects I should focus on so when the opportunity of an apprenticeship was presented this appealed to me and ensured I continued to gain additional qualifications.

What attracted you to the Apprentice programme?

I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to go straight into a work environment and continue with my learning whilst developing a career in the financial sector. I had considered completing A‐levels but I did not have a clear idea on what subjects I should focus on so when the opportunity of an apprenticeship was presented this appealed to me and ensured i continued to gain additional qualifications.

Deloitte is a prestigious organisation that I felt would offer me a professional and thorough start to my career.

What was your initial induction like when you first joined the firm?

When I first joined the firm I attended a two day induction event in London. Before the induction I met with my fellow apprentices and we travelled to London together. At the induction we were given the opportunity to network with many people from different backgrounds and job roles, including people from around the world.

At this event I learnt about the firm as a whole, each service line (including Tax, Quality and Risk, Financial crime and Audit) and also how to engage with different personalities.

After this induction, I completed the firm's on‐line training courses and once I had passed all of these I was introduced into my service line where I received additional training linked to my role.

What came as the biggest surprise when you made the move from education to the world of work?

I found that the biggest surprise was that as soon as you start with the firm you are treated as an equal and a professional person whereas as in school you are still treated as a child.

What is the dress code and did you have to invest in a whole new wardrobe?

The dress code is smart business dress. This means that you can wear a full suit with tie or smart trousers and a shirt with smart shoes. As I had previously worked in retail I already had this attire, however you are able to find smart clothes in many high street stores.

What is a typical day in your current role from the time you get up to the time you get home?

I get up at 7:15 am, get ready and get on the train at 8:15 am. I arrive into work at approximately 8:45 am to be ready to start work at 9 am. I have lunch for an hour at 1pm and then will finish at 5:30 pm, getting home at 6 pm.

On a day to day basis I use internal sources to research and asses the risk of client’s that the firm is taking on, the information I source includes, what they do, where they operate, who owns them, how much money they make and who controls them. When I arrive at the office I open my emails and respond to any queries I have from other teams. If I have any existing work from the previous day I will carry on with this until I have completed it.

My mentor will assign new cases to me each day and i will prioritise based on the urgency and timelines given.

How do you structure your time working and studying?

I have been allocated every Friday to complete my college work. In this time I revise for our exams, compile evidence for my folder and discuss as a group how we are getting on. I still need to do work at home as I have to complete the essential skills, I find it easier to complete this work as soon as I get home from work because I am still in the “working” mind set.

What is your work environment like?

The work environment is very professional, diverse and supportive. Teamwork is encouraged and I feel a valued member of my team and the firm. In my team there is flexibility on when you can have lunch between 12 noon and 2pm.

The office has a clear desk policy which means at the end of every day I put all of my work related belongings including my laptop into my secure locker. This ensures data confidentiality.

The office floor is open plan, spacious and has lots of natural light.

What do you do for your college life?

I attend college for a full day once a month, in this session we go through slide shows and revision material to prepare us for our exams. It is a good time to catch up with all of the other apprentices outside of my office and see how other people are getting on and we can compare evidence we have composed.

Who do you work with day to day and how would you describe your relationship with them?

I always work with my team, communicating with my peers, mentor and manager. Within my team we are very open and we ask each other for help on anything needed. Depending on the work I have been assigned I may need to contact the engagement team which includes speaking to Senior Managers, Directors and Partners. I feel that I have a good relationship with my colleagues as everyone is always helpful and looking for ways to improve.

What have been some of the highlights of your time with Deloitte? 

The main highlight since being at the firm was when we had the opportunity to meet the CEO, David Sproul at the opening of the new office in Cardiff. We were able to have a conversation with him and also with the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones.

I really enjoy coming into work every day because no day is the same, and you are exposed to different clients with each piece of work you do.

I am keen to continue to learn and to increase my technical abilities, the firm provides this opportunity and encourages personal development.

Beyond studying towards your apprenticeship qualification, what other training, development and support have you received? (Include any interaction you have had with a buddy, appraiser, exam manager etc.).

I have received training on many different entity types, company ownership structures, regulations and procedures and other department operations within Quality and Risk.

I regularly have meetings with my mentor regarding my progress and I have a monthly 121 with my manager where I am asked if I need any more support and where any further development is identified. I have a personal development plan which details my objectives and how these will be measured.

How has your life changed since joining Deloitte? 

Since starting at Deloitte I now have a lot more money. Although I am still living at home I am able to save for my own house and my parents don’t have to support me financially.

Now that you’re earning as well as learning, what has that money enabled you to do? 

I feel much more independent as there is no need to rely on my parents for money. I have a few holidays planned for the summer.

Do you get together with other Apprentices outside work?

Myself and a few of the other apprentices occasionally go out food.

How do you feel you’ve grown since joining the Apprentice programme?

I feel that I have gained in confidence and I now believe that I can have a conversation with anyone no matter what their role or level is.

I was really pleased when I passed my probation and want to continue to do well in my role.

What have you enjoyed most in the time you’ve been here? 

The things I have enjoyed the most since working at Deloitte’s is meeting new people and learning about different company structures, their financial and legal status and the different reasons for particular set ups.

Working with Deloitte is all about ‘making an impact that matters’. How do you feel you’ve been
able to do that?

Without me doing my job to a very high standard the firm could be taking on a client without actually knowing the risks of taking that client on.

Is there any specific feedback you would give to a new apprentice at Deloitte, what would it be
and why?

Take every opportunity offered to you as it will increase your knowledge and skills that will help you progress through the firm. It may be daunting before you start but you will be made to feel very welcome on your first day.

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