Life at Deloitte

Imogen Maddern

Risk and Compliance Analyst, CDD team

What attracted you to the Apprentice programme? 

The apprenticeship scheme attracted me as it was an entry route into a massive company without the pressure of University. Deloitte stood out for me as I’ve heard from many people, who work here and know the company that it’s a fantastic place to work, I also like the company’s ethos.

Briefly describe your initial induction when you first joined the firm.

The induction event was a highlight of joining Deloitte for me, I was sent to London on a minibus with the other Cardiff apprentices, no supervision, we then had to check into our rooms at the Hotel, then as a group we went out for dinner. The following morning we had to make our way to the venue, where we would be briefly introduced into the firm and how to protect the information we would be carrying around, that evening we all really started to get to know each other. The following morning again we had to make our way to the next venue which was across London, during this induction event we would be given our laptops, and briefly inducted into our service lines.

What came as the biggest surprise when you made the move from education to the world of work?

I think the biggest surprise is how much I’ve changed, I’ve grown up so much in the past couple of months. I really enjoy being so independent, getting myself up for work, doing a day’s work then coming home, managing my finances and gaining vital life experience.

What is the dress code and did you have to invest in a whole new wardrobe?

The dress code is business wear, skirts, shirts and blazers. I did invest in a new wardrobe (which I have to say I enjoyed a little too much)

Briefly describe a typical day in your current role from the time you get up to the time you get home. 

My day usually consists of, getting assigned my work flow, then completing one assignment at a time, getting one of the senior analysts to quality assure it for me, I get up at 6 in the morning, and am on the train from bath at 7:08, in the evening I get on the train at Cardiff central at 5:30 to get to bath by 6:45.

How do you structure your time working and studying? 

I use my weekdays to focus on my work, we have a college day on Friday to devote to college work, I also use my weekends to revise college work. I faced the challenge of being tired and getting home so late I had no time to focus on college work, so the solution I came to was that college work on week days would not be possible, I would devote Fridays and weekends to it. I’m happy to say I’ve passed one module too far so it is working well.

What is your work environment like at Deloitte?

I would describe my working environment as relaxed but the work needs to get done. It’s not pressured at all, but we have regular meetings about progress and performance.

What is your college life.

I would say that again the college environment is very relaxed, everyone gets on well with each other but again the work needs to get done in order for us to pass the course. I would say that the emphasis is very much on you in respect to the college work, as in school they would nurse you through, its more independent learning.

Who do you work with day to day and how would you describe your relationship with them?

On a day to day basis I work in a team of 7 people, with the ability to freely ask any of them questions, as well as having conversations about non work related topics which splits the day up. My relationship with the team is very relaxed, comfortable and they are all easy to talk to.

What have been some of the highlights of your time with Deloitte?

I would say that my highlights have been, being offered the position initially and the induction event in London. The opportunities here in Deloitte excite me very much, after being here for less than 6 months I’m already exploring the opportunities that are available and they are endless, my future at Deloitte very much excites me.

Beyond studying towards your apprenticeship qualification, what other training, development and support have you received? (Include any interaction you have had with a buddy, appraiser, exam manager etc).

I have regular training opportunities relating to my job role, along with regular catch up sessions with line managers and senior managers with regards to the college work and in office work. There is lots of support provided from both the college and Deloitte.

How has your life changed since joining Deloitte? 

My life has changed massively since I joined Deloitte, I have found that the reaction I get from people when I tell them I work for such a massive company is really overwhelming. I’ve gained so much respect from my friends and family, and I’ve grown in self-confidence since joining. I’m currently living at home with my family, and will consider moving out when I’m 18.

Of course you’re earning as well as learning, what has that money enabled you to do? 

I’m currently in the process of buying a new car and I’m planning my first holiday in April.

Do you get together with other Apprentices outside work?

We often go for lunch as a group, we meet up on our college days, some of us go ready together for the Christmas and three are of us are planning a holiday to Ibiza in the summer.

What have you enjoyed most in the time you’ve been here? 

I’ve enjoyed being part of a team working environment where I’m treated equally, no one treats me any differently because I’m 17. My next milestone within Deloitte is to get onto the Brightstart Scheme in the Audit Risk Advisory section, working towards my charted accounting exams.

Is there any specific feedback you would give to a new apprentice at Deloitte?

My advice to any future apprentices would be to make the most of the time you have in college and the days you set aside for the work because it’s easy to take it for granted, but its 100% worth using that valuable time. I would also say, just enjoy your time here as it’s a massive opportunity.

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