Life at Deloitte

Sameer Iqbal

Apprentice Pensions Assistant - Milton Keynes

What attracted you to the Apprentice programme? What made you choose it over the other options you were considering?

During school and college I had the general idea of going to university to obtain a degree and then securing a good job that will pay well. At the time to me this was the most common way. I had always thought that to be considered for good jobs you had to have a degree.

However, after doing some research in Project Management and Finance which are the areas I’m most interested in, I came across the opportunities Deloitte were offering as an alternative to university. To be able to work with the top professional services company in the world and gain experience working in a corporate environment, in the field I’m interested in as well as earning a salary at the same time. What more could I ask for.

The opportunity to work for the world’s largest professional services company was immensely appealing. The recruitment process was straightforward and relaxed. When Deloitte offered me the job I was quick to accept.

What came as the biggest surprise when you made the move from education to the world of work?

The biggest surprise I would say is how different the environment and lifestyle is compared to when you’re in the classroom in education. You have to adapt to the corporate environment to ensure you are professional at all times and handle the responsibility gained with the work you carry out. I’m learning something new every day. The support from Deloitte is great as they have a structured approach to my career development aiding it with qualifications.

How do you structure your time working and studying? What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found work for you?

Structuring my time working and studying is easy thanks to Deloitte providing half a day of study in the office. So based on this flexibility I am able to study around my work at other times given that I’ve done my main study during that half a day.

Describe your work environment. Are you office based or do you move around and spend time working on site with clients?

My work environment is friendly and laid-back. I am mainly office based as I am currently working with Staff Pensions. I carry out a variety of tasks and processes which are required to administer staff’s pensions and their arrangements.

Who do you work with clients day to day and how would you describe your relationship with them?

I work and deal with internal staff as well as previous members of the schemes that were administered by Deloitte. I have a professional, friendly relationship with the staff I work with and come across on a daily basis.

What have been some the highlights of your time with Deloitte? What excites you about your work and the opportunities you see for yourself in the firm?

So far with my time at Deloitte one of the highlights has been meeting a range of different people with different backgrounds. It’s really interesting to see the variety of cultures of people employed at Deloitte. I’ve met some interesting, extraordinary people. What excites me about work is my career development with the firm and learning new things to better myself as a professional and as a person.

How has your life changed since joining Deloitte? Are you still living at home, or have you moved out? If so, how have you found that transition?

My life has changed significantly as I have become a more poised and professional orientated individual.

How do you feel you’ve grown since joining the Apprentice programme? And what have been your greatest achievements?

I feel like I have grown considerably as I’ve had to adapt to an environment I’ve had no experience in, now I’m a more well-rounded person.



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