Life at Deloitte

Jutta Tornivaara

Manager, Audit/Investment Management and Private Equity - London

After attending an international school in Finland, I moved to the UK to study a degree in Management at the University of Warwick. After my undergraduate degree I continued to study an MSc in Marketing and Corporate Strategy. After a year of travelling and working at the back office of the asset management division of a small private bank in Finland, I found myself wanting to experience working in London.  Deloitte’s good reputation drew me to applying for a graduate scheme here. I also had a number of friends working at Deloitte, who shared their experiences with me and convinced me that Deloitte had a great culture to work in.


What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?
My day-to-day work is extremely client facing and varied; I spend a lot of time at client offices with my team working on the engagement. I have also been involved in delivering a training day to the client, updating them on new accounting standards and how these impact the client. I’ve also had a chance to be involved in an advisory engagement, designing a target operating model for a custodian business.


What do you like most about the office and region that you work in?
Working within the investment management industry, the majority of the clients are based in London.  London is an important financial centre, with a large portion of the global funds flowing through.  Thus, working within IMPE in London, allows me to work with a wide range of leading asset managers and gaining experience in one of the most important financial centres in the world.  

Further, the department is pretty sociable, with various events taking place throughout the year, and there is a wide range of other activities to get involved with.

Why your industry?
Following the economic crisis the Asset Management industry is facing greater scrutiny and public interest. The industry is evolving greatly with increased regulation from the EU and other industrial bodies, which creates challenges for the businesses and us.  We get to work with a variety of asset managers from small start-ups to large global asset managers, and the job is continuously evolving with the industry.


What is your top tip for working in your industry?
The industry is evolving at a fast pace; it’s worth keeping on top of all the new regulations affecting the industry as you will be able to add value to your client!


What differentiates your industry from other industries?
The investment management industry is extremely varied, and changes continuously. There are some large global corporates, and a large number of small start-ups, bringing variety to the work we do. People within the industry also tend to have a varied background and as such different experiences and points of view.


Which personality traits or skills aid success in your industry?
It is helpful to be flexible, as you are likely to work on a number of different clients, with a different Deloitte team each time – and you will be required to juggle a number of different types of engagements at once. A hunger to learn and ability to flex your thinking to approach a problem from a different point of view is also very valuable.


What do you enjoy most about your industry?
IMPE has a large variety of clients, ranging from hedge funds and private equity funds to start-up fund managers and large global independent asset managers; it’s the variety of clients and engagement teams that keeps the job interesting.


What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?
The great thing about IMPE and Deloitte is the breadth of other opportunities you can get involved in. I currently run the IMPE graduate recruitment and on-boarding, which has been great fun, and will be taking on the role of exam manager in the coming year.  I have also been a part of the social committee at IMPE, which plans and organises social events for the department, these vary from drinks in a pub or on a rooftop to bowling and karaoke. We also have annual corporate responsibility days, which recently involved a group of us cleaning up the garden and playground at a school in London.


How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?
Deloitte has allowed me to gain experience within the investment management industry, and gain insight into how companies operate. Deloitte has also provided support and a platform for learning which has been very valuable in passing my exams and qualifying as ACA.


What advice would you share to others considering a career in your industry?
As the industry is continuously changing it is worth to keep up to date on any new regulations and developments within the industry.  You will meet and work with people who have years of experience within the industry; don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to learn from their experiences.

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