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Academic Requirements

Apprenticeships and Scholar Scheme

We know grades aren’t the be-all and end-all; we’re just as interested in your creative thinking and how you apply yourself to a challenge. But you will need certain academic qualifications to be considered for one of our Schemes.

All applicants please note

UCAS points
All grades need to have been achieved on first sitting.

  • A Levels = top three grades sat in the same year and first sitting over 2 years (excluding General Studies).
  • Scottish Highers = 5 Highers from your 5th year at school. (If you only sat four, we’ll consider your circumstances and may include your best grade from your 6th year).

Narrowly miss the requirements?
Don’t be put off applying. We’ve designed our application process to ensure we assess everyone’s merits, accurately and fairly, in the context of their educational and personal circumstances. We sometimes adjust entry requirements to reflect this context.

Extenuating circumstances
If you’d like us to take anything into account, there’s a chance to tell us about it on your application form. You’ll need a letter from your head teacher or university tutor to back up your request.

Entry Level Apprenticeship Scheme

For GCSE educated in all business areas

5 subjects including Maths and English Language, grade A–C

BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Scheme

For all business areas 

GCSEs UCAS points completed before 2017 New UCAS points system
Maths, grade B or above
English Language, grade C or above
260 104


Only for non-graduates
Please note: if you’ve already graduated from university, you won’t be able to join our BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship. (You can, of course, apply to our Graduate Programme).

Scholar Scheme

For gap year students in all business areas

GCSEs UCAS points completed before 2017 New UCAS points system
Maths, grade B
English Language, grade B
260 104
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