Life at Deloitte

Laura Hosgood

Associate - Audit, Financial Services

Laura is a second-year Brightstart joiner in the Bristol Office of the Southern Financial Services team. We interviewed Laura to get some great insight into life as a Brightstart at Deloitte.

Why did you decide to apply to the Deloitte Brightstart Scheme as opposed to applying to study a degree at University?

Studying Business Studies at A-level opened my mind to the opportunities that were available in the business sector and made me realise that I wanted to pursue a career in this field. 

The Brightstart scheme offered by Deloitte provided me with entry into the business world whilst also giving me the chance to study for an internationally recognised qualification. Furthermore, being paid to study and gaining experience in the work place was a big factor in pushing me to apply for the scheme and it is definitely not something I regret!

What have been the stand-out experiences of your first year with the Financial Services Audit Team?

Working in the Financial Services Audit team in Bristol has been a brilliant experience. One of my main concerns was that I would be missing out on the team ‘experience’ that university provided and therefore may struggle to build a friendship group amongst my peers. However it was quickly proved this is not the case…Events such as the managers vs students sports challenge and regular team meals means that you soon feel integrated into the team.

Also, the experience of working on big financial services clients such as Royal Bank of Scotland has given me a real insight into the business world and provided me with a breadth of knowledge which I can transfer to other opportunities that arise.

What, in your eyes, are the key characteristics that individuals require in order to be successful at a firm such as Deloitte?

Being a Brightstart requires you to have the confidence and initiative to stand out from the crowd. Skills such as team-work and communication are vital as the majority of the work we perform is team-based and client facing. Deloitte do not look to recruit one generic type of joiner, but rather seek to build a team with a wide range of skills, experiences and backgrounds.

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