Life at Deloitte

Charlie Dumeresque

Deloitte Digital

What projects have you worked on so far?
During your first year in Digital, you get exposure to a wide range of roles. For me these included working as a business analyst for an eCommerce platform and a content management system and as a performance tester for an iOS and Android application. I also helped define the services, costs, and support and delivery models for a long term support process.

What do you like most about your role?
The majority of my work has been on customer facing projects, which means I have been able to show people what I helped build at work. For example, we built the website you are currently reading this on.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis at Deloitte?
I’m currently working as a functional business analyst. I spend a lot of my time sitting between the client team and the Deloitte development team, extracting client requirements and ensuring what we build is in line with client expectations.

Outside of client work, Deloitte also encourages you to get involved in other activities. I have taught classes in a local secondary school, organised recruitment events, and even created a health-monitoring device for the elderly at one of our ‘hackathons.’

Why do you think Deloitte is a good place to work?
The freedom to take your career in what ever direction you want – the firm will provide you with the tools and opportunities, but it is always up to you to decide what you feel will help your career move in the direction you want it to.

How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?
Deloitte has given me exposure to a wide range of roles and clients, which has allowed me to focus on the specific areas and industries I feel are best suited for me.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about working in technology?
Don’t think that you need a technology background – the work we do in Technology caters to people from every background and allows you to take your career in many different directions.

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