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Farmer and butcher turned Digital Disruptor: profile of Ed Greig

Deloitte Digital’s ‘Disruptor’ talks about his unusual job title and how he uses virtual reality and gamification to help clients solve problems

I work as the Disruptor in Deloitte Digital, based at our studio in Clerkenwell, London. My role is to look at interesting new technologies and work out how our clients could benefit from them. We do this by working directly with the technology and building proofs of concept focused on solving the real problems that our clients face. The idea is to show the client as quickly and cheaply as possible that the technology or approach we are looking at - for example virtual reality, 3D printing, machine learning or gamification - can deliver value for their business.

This year, we built a risk training prototype for our firm that takes place in virtual reality, created a shop in our Buckley Studio to showcase ideas about the Internet of Things and Connected Retail, and developed Football CEO, a mobile game to teach young people about business through the medium of managing a football club.

Ideas for new projects come from clients, through our research, from colleagues and as a result of our hackathons and mash up days, where teams have a limited amount of time to come up with an idea and build it. We hold these events every three months within Deloitte Digital, and also host them for clients and as competitions for external teams.

Disruptive and innovative thinking is something everyone within Deloitte can take part in, and spreading that message is a core team of ten who work on and demonstrate our technology and projects.

We’re always keen to find new real-world problems to tackle, so if you have an idea, a client who may be interested in new technology or just want to see some of our work, then come on over to the Buckley Building.

In 2009, when I joined Technology Consulting through the graduate programme, neither Deloitte Digital nor the role of Disruptor existed. It’s been a really exciting journey and I’m proud of the way in which Deloitte Digital has developed in response to rapidly evolving client needs in a very fast changing world. I was previously working in my family’s farming and artisanal butchery business down in Devon. Having taught to code since school, my primary role was running the website, but I was also still expected to feed the animals and do some of the less glamorous jobs in the butchery. While my work today seems far removed from farming my dad and I were recently looking at some potential new technology solutions for the business, including wearables for cattle!

Ed Greig has been Highly Commended in the Digital & Technology Consultant of the Year category of the 2017 Management Consultancies Association’s Awards

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