Life at Deloitte

Emma Burgaz

Senior Consultant, Enterprise Applications 

I graduated with an Honours degree in Politics and Economics from University of Glasgow more than 3 years ago and joined Deloitte a month later. Since joining I have gained experience from a range of private sector projects in the UK and Europe, specialising in process improvement projects and complex system implementations.

What do you value about working for Deloitte?
For me, the number one thing I value about working for Deloitte, is the exceptionally talented people I get to work with every day. Before joining Deloitte I was under the impression a career in consulting would be rather solitary but I could not have been more wrong – it is an incredibly collaborative environment. This closely links to another key thing I value about my job; being able to trust the people around me will deliver to exceptionally high standards. It is no secret that our work can be very challenging and we are frequently asked to complete work against tight timelines; it is the quality of the people and the appreciation of the importance of collaboration and support which enables us to maintain the high quality of our work.

I also really value the focus on development at Deloitte; both for the purpose of career progression but also my personal benefit. As I joined Deloitte straight out of university, I didn’t not know what to expect and simply thought that the level of support I received in terms of training and development was something that is available to all graduate joiners at most big companies. I have come to realise that this is far from the case; the focus on training and development at Deloitte is exceptional, both in comparison to what is offered in industry and at other consultancy firms. We are always encouraged to continue learning regardless of grade and position and there is a huge range of training courses available.

Why did you chose Deloitte?
During my last summer at university I completed an internship at an in-house consultancy firm where I got the opportunity to work with a lot of people who had previously been with Deloitte. They all spoke positively about the company and the quality of their work, and their positive attitudes was a key reason for why I applied to Deloitte after graduating.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?
This is the million dollar question that we always get asked and to which everyone always answers ‘it depends’ – and it is true! Our work genuinely varies from day to day and even when we are on longer-term projects we usually have to deal with high degrees of changes and unexpected tasks coming our way. For me this is the beauty of our job as it guarantees I am never bored and always keep on learning and developing. The one thing I can say is that your laptop quickly becomes your closest ally and you rarely move far without it as a day in the life of a consultant always involves reading and responding to emails.

What qualities do you think make a good Deloitte consultant?
Due to the variability of our work I think it would be difficult to be a good consultant at Deloitte if you are not a flexible person who enjoys change. Going to a new client, sometimes in a different country, at a moment’s notice is not uncommon and it is important to feel comfortable with these sudden changes.

Another key aspect of our job is meeting new people and being able to collaborate with different kinds of people from different cultures, backgrounds and industries. Enjoying meeting new people and being open to new ways of working is definitely a plus in our business. This also makes working for Deloitte great fun as virtually everyone is sociable, fun-loving people.

I also think a degree of resilience and determination will take you a long way. It can sometimes be challenging navigating through the firm whilst tackling client work. H, however, if you persevere the reward is definitely worth it.

Talk us through the most exciting project that you have worked on
I have worked on done a wide range of projects all exciting for their own special reasons. Whilst working for a large consumer goods company I got to travel across Europe, rarely being in the same place from week to week – a great way to get to try new types of food and collect air miles!

I belong to the Technology, Media and Telecommunication industry group and my most recent project was exciting as I got the opportunity take on a challenging role for a client in this area that really allowed me to develop my skillset. The client had no previous experience of this type of project and it was really exciting to go through the project journey with them and see to help deliver results that will benefit them in the coming years.

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?
There is a big focus on diversity and inclusion at Deloitte and throughout the past year I have been actively engaging in these questions. It feels really encouraging to work for a company that realises that embracing people’s differences is key to being successful, in our business and there are lots of exciting initiatives to get involved in.

How do people at Deloitte support your career?
We have a great support structure at Deloitte where everyone is looked after by a more senior member of the firm to ensure that both personal and professional development is achieved at a pace that is right for the individual. My colleagues are definitely one of the main contributors to why I enjoy my job, and having support from co-workers is crucial to achieving success both on projects and in your personal career.

Describe working for Deloitte in 3 words
Challenging. Fulfilling. Exciting.

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