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Welcome to our Final Stage Assessment Preparation Guide

If you’ve been invited to the final stage in our selection process, or are simply interested to learn more about what to expect and how you can prepare, then read on. We know not everyone has access to the information, career guidance and support that can really make a difference when preparing for this stage. We believe that no candidate should be at a disadvantage when applying to us, so the guidance we’ve created will help you to be at your best.

Introducing the Final Stage

What’s included in this final stage will vary depending on the business area you’ve applied to. It may also take place virtually or face to face. We’ll make sure you know what to expect in advance though.

We highly recommend taking a moment to download and read through our Introduction to the Final Stage Assessment guide. In it you’ll find: 

  • What to expect at this final stage
  • The skills we look for
  • Myths about working at Deloitte and the selection process
  • Our commitment to diversity & inclusion and approach to reasonable adjustments
  • How to make the best use of our learning guides
Introduction to the Final Stage Assessment guide

Our series of interactive learning guides each cover a final stage activity. This way you can access the information most relevant to you. These will:

  • Give you an overview of what to expect in each activity
  • Help you prepare effectively through tips and exercises
  • Give you the confidence to be your true self when you meet us - whether virtually or face to face

You can view, download, save and print these by clicking on the relevant icon on the right-hand side of this page. You'll get the most out of these assessment guides using a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device, and will need to have Adobe Reader installed to interact with the features.

Learning guides

Click below to find out more about what each of our learning guides cover.


Everyone taking part in this stage will be invited to an interview with a hiring manager in the business area you’re applying to. This guide:

  • Explains the purpose of the interview and what to expect
  • Gives you tips and insights from our people on preparing for, and giving a great interview
  • Includes a mock interview video to help you prepare
  • Includes an interview practice exercise to help you think about and reflect on your responses to questions

Group exercise

The group exercise is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your own skills but also work together with other candidates who you could end up working with in the future. This guide:

  • Explains the purpose of the group exercise and what to expect
  • Gives you tips and guidance for doing your best
  • Includes a fun quiz debunking common myths about group exercises
  • Includes practical exercises to help you prepare and practice

Connect Event

We’ll ask you to take part in a series of activities over half a day to a day in a Connect Event. They’re two-way so they’ll also include non-assessed activities designed to give you the chance to find out more about working with us. This guide:

  • Explains the purpose of the event and what to expect
  • Gives you tips and guidance for doing your best
  • Will help you make the most of non-assessed activities
  • Includes a practical exercise to help you have a positive mind-set on the day


In some cases you may be asked to deliver and discuss a short informal presentation alongside the interview. This guide:

  • Explains the purpose of the presentation and what to expect
  • Includes preparation guidance and tips for doing your best
  • Includes a reflection exercise to help you when practicing your presentation
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