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GLOBE: valuing diversity in business

Our GLOBE network is having a significant impact on Deloitte’s culture, helping everyone feel able to be themselves at work

How do you feel when you walk into the office?

We want everyone at Deloitte to feel able to be themselves at work - to have a voice, be respected, and achieve, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other characteristic. Each of our ten diversity networks is critical to delivering this ambition.

GLOBE, our LGBT network, makes an ongoing material contribution through a number of key initiatives. The network has gathered the support of David Sproul and Emma Codd, and the GLOBE steering committee was selected as one of the winning entries in our Impact Awards this year, recognising its significant impact on our firm’s culture.

The conversation around LGBT matters in the workplace took a quantum leap with the launch of the Deloitte LGBT Allies Programme, which enables non-LGBT employees to make an open and lasting declaration of support for their LGBT colleagues. Allies are welcomed to GLOBE events and are encouraged to display rainbow branded merchandise at work (such as a mug or sticker), sending a subtle but unmistakable message. The impact of this initiative has been significant, with more LGBT people than ever feeling able to be themselves at work and focus on delivering great service to our clients.

Through collaborative events, GLOBE helped share two remarkable stories this year. The first was that of Ayla Holdom, the first RAF pilot to openly undergo gender transition. She spoke at an event held with the Deloitte Armed Forces network and IBM focusing on transformation and change. The second was that of Alan Turing, the pioneering English computer scientist who helped crack the Enigma code. A documentary screening was followed by a panel discussion about gender and sexuality in the tech industry, examining how individuals are prone to ‘covering’ their identity in order to fit in. This event was run by GLOBE and the Women in Technology Network.

Through GLOBE, Deloitte had a significant presence at London Pride this year with over 80 Deloitte people and their guests attending, including a number of allies who brought LGBT family members. Deloitte was also present at Belfast and Manchester Pride.

Inspired by links with trans*formation (a networking and advocacy group for trans professionals) GLOBE is driving trans inclusion at Deloitte. This includes: working to establish a gender transition, identity and expression policy; securing gender-neutral bathrooms in the new Deloitte building design; and establishing a buddy scheme for trans people in the firm.

The impact of the GLOBE network has been transformative on our firm’s culture, and the experiences of staff.

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