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Working within Extended Enterprise Risk Management

Harjinder Mattu, Manager, Risk Advisory London

I attended Warwick University, graduating in 2009 after studying Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics. I am currently managing a range of our engagements across third party compliance, contract management and software licensing. I joined Deloitte because of the great experience during my placement on the Summer Vacation Scheme (“SVS”). During the SVS, I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects with some of our major clients, to travel abroad whilst shadowing a Senior Partner in our team and to also obtain a real insight into how a Professional Services makes a difference to its clients.

Furthermore, it was important for me to see how Deloitte had a focus on developing its people; every one of my colleagues was keen to make investment in my training and development. Since first joining the firm at the end of 2009, I have delivered projects across a variety of industries (from Technology to Sports) and across a variety of international locations (from Manchester to Dubai). I have also been actively involved with developing new propositions for our business as well as assisting with our recruitment activities to ensure our team maintains strong growth from year to year.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

As a Manager in our Extended Enterprise Risk Management team, I am primarily responsible for overseeing the delivery of key projects and maintaining some of our core client relationships.

One of the most exciting parts of my job is the fact that no two days are ever the same. For example, my day may involve anything from meeting one of my current clients to discuss our quarterly plan for delivering a third party compliance programme, holding a workshop with client stakeholders to design new contract management policies, or I may be reviewing or writing a report at the end of the project. As I have a variety of clients, and some of whom I have worked with for more than 3-4 years, I have to be prepared for the latest status and deadline for each project.

Outside of managing client relationships, another significant part of my role is to provide the training and support to my junior colleagues in the team. This may involve walking through a methodology together, or shadowing me as part of a closing meeting with a client.

Finally, the third key area of my role is developing our practice through new business and new recruitment. Therefore, my day sometimes involves meeting colleagues across the firm to discuss a new opportunity to help a pre-existing client, or reviewing CVs for potential new hires in our team.

What do you like most about the office and region that you work in?

Working in London is beneficial both from a personal and business perspective. Being in London means you are well connected to many destinations, both nationally and internationally, but more importantly, many of the world’s biggest companies have a footprint in London. This provides us the opportunity to work with a range of businesses with differing issues and solutions.

Why your industry?

Although I work across a range of industries, my specialised experience is within third party and contract management. During my first few months with the firm, I decided to focus my experience within this area because of the unique challenges that we have the opportunity to help clients with around managing third parties and contracts. Nearly every major business has an extended relationship with either key suppliers or key business partners, and where a business operates across different territories or sectors, this creates a range of commercial and financial risks. I am excited and interested with helping our clients manage and mitigate these risks, such as ensuring our clients receive the appropriate profit allocations from joint ventures, or ensuring our clients’ intellectual property is being protected throughout its supply chain.

What is your top tip for working in your industry?

My top tip for working in third party management would be to always make sure you understand the importance of a third party relationship to the client, both from a financial and a relationship perspective. This helps to make sure any recommendations or proposals are tailored to the realities of our clients’ relationship with each third party.

What differentiates your industry from other industries?

The key differentiation is that you deal with a wide variety of risks when looking to help clients manage their supply chain, from looking at solvency, corporate responsibility or information security. This means that you may need to obtain input from other experts across our firm.

Which personality traits or skills aid success in your industry?

I think both perseverance and the ability to build trusting relationships are extra important to aid success. When assisting clients with managing third parties, you may not find the exact information or data you require immediately, therefore it always important to not give up at the first obstacle. Secondly, you will be required to interact with the client’s third parties and this sometimes can be difficult if you aren’t able to build a relationship with the third party. The third party is less likely to withhold information or data from you when they trust in what you are doing.

What do you enjoy most about your industry?

The most enjoyable area is being able to see the benefits you bring to your client. For example, one project may identify that our client has been over-charged by its supplier, and so the client can potentially recover these costs and re-invest the amount elsewhere in the business. Some of my core client relationships have lasted for the duration of my career so far, mostly because we continue to deliver benefits to our client from the work that we do. It’s extremely satisfying to know that you can make a difference to the efficiency and success of a business through the work that you do.

Talk us through the most exciting project that you have worked on

I have been lucky to work on a number of exciting projects, so it’s difficult to pin point a particular project. A recent exciting project was where I spent almost 6 months in Switzerland helping an international organisation improve the management of its events contracts. This involved holding numerous workshops and presentations with key client staff to help design a framework for managing the contracts. We helped to design new processes and procedures to be used across the whole organisation, and also assisted with implementing a new technology solution to help with delivering our project. Although it was difficult to manage the demands of so many different stakeholders, it was exciting to be involved with re-structuring how the organisation planned and delivered its core events.

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?

I’ve also been involved with community investment activities, for example we helped renovate a community centre in London which had suffered from local government budget cuts.  The management of the centre were particularly pleased with our efforts, and it was great to see their reaction as we transformed the centre into what they had hoped for.  Unfortunately, we did get quite a lot of paint on our clothes so had difficulty finding a pub which would let us in at the end of the day!

How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

Deloitte has been a major part of my long term career goals, and I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far with the firm. I have developed a range of skills, from building relationships to analytics, and also travelled to many different locations (including Tunisia, Las Vegas and Georgia).  Most importantly, I have been involved with growing some of our core client relationships and helping to identify new opportunities to help further develop our business. Because of the opportunities at Deloitte to work with big clients on key business issues, I am excited by the new challenges ahead.

What advice would you share to others considering a career in your industry?

My biggest piece of advice would be to enjoy the work that you do, closely followed by to always seize any opportunities to do more. A career at Deloitte can be very demanding, due to project deadlines or client requests, however, these challenges can be overcome through enjoying the work that you deliver. Our clients are keen to utilise our expertise to help their businesses, but having the passion in your chosen industry or area will further demonstrate the difference that you can make to your clients.

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