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Our support team is known as Internal Client Services and the scope of their activities covers every one of our UK offices. The department is split into seven distinct areas: Human Resources, Go To Market, Finance & Legal, Shared Services, National Quality and Risk Management (NQRM), IT Services and Property & Corporate Services. The department is home to some 2,000 professionals who live, breathe and deliver the Deloitte experience.

Our Shared Services Organisation department recruits into the following areas:

Customer Services

Our Customer Services team provide a number of key services including:

  • Service Desk:  the first point of contact for partner, employee, supplier and customer Finance, HR and IT related queries. David Buxton is an Assistant Manager  on the IT Service Desk. Read his story here.
  • Central Room Booking Desk: Responsible for managing room bookings and hospitality.
  • Switchboard: Responsible for all incoming call operations
  • Training & Knowledge: Responsible for training creation and delivery (professional, technical and soft skills). Sarah Birtwell is a Training & Knowledge Co-Ordinator. Read her story here.

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Our Operations team support all partner and employee processes including:

  • Hire to Retire (H2R): Range of services includes all elements of the Partner and employee lifecycle.
  • Record to Report (R2R): Range of services includes reporting and MI. Neil Williams is an Assistant Manager in Data Analysis & Reporting. Read his story here.
  • Purchase to Pay (P2P): Range of services includes expense management and invoice payments.
  • SAP Administration: Range of services includes maintaining SAP administration and reporting. Nabil Mirza is a Senior SAP & HR Governance Analyst. Read his story here.
  • Contact to Cash (C2C): Range of services includes cash payments and managing client data. Samantha Leask is an Admin Assistant in the Accounts Receivable team. Read her story here.


The Pensions Team is responsible for all aspects of administration of Pensions and Life Assurance for partners and employees. Ensuring compliance with pension regulations, auto-enrolment, payment of contributions and governance of the firm’s Trustee boards and Governance Committees. In addition, the team is involved with one to one meetings with partners and employees, liaison with investment providers and administrators and correspondence with employees and former employees.


Our Procurement team primarily focuses on five key areas of expenditure: Property and Corporate Services, IT & Telecoms, Other Services, Marketing & Events Services, and HR. Clare Cooper is the HR Supplier Relationship Manager. Read Clare’s story here.


Firm’s Tax are responsible for ensuring the firm, its partners and employees are Tax compliant both in the UK and when doing business abroad.

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I am a recent graduate in Psychology from Middlesex University. After leaving university, I knew I wanted to get into occupational psychology rather than clinical psychology so I looked for a role in HR. I was in recruitment initially before joining Deloitte. My role covers all areas of HR making it a great starting point to learn. From here, I can decide which specialist area I would like to pursue.

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