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International Academic Requirements

Student placements and graduate programme

We know grades aren’t the be-all and end-all; we’re just as interested in your creative thinking and how you apply yourself to a challenge. But you should have certain academic qualifications in place, as well as any necessary visa, before you apply for one of our schemes. If you’re not from the UK, you can find out what you’ll need here.

Look up the country you studied in to find the minimum grades you’ll need to apply for any of our graduate or undergraduate programmes. These are the closest equivalents to our requirements for UK students. If your country isn’t listed, you can still apply. Please tell us about your qualifications and we’ll get in touch if we need clarification.

International Qualifications


  • Accepted on the same basis as GCSEs and O Levels.

International Baccalaureate

  • You’ll need a minimum of 24 points
  • Do not count points from the Extended Essay or Theory of Knowledge test.
  • 4 in English and 5 in Maths at Higher level; OR 5 and 6 at Standard Level


  • Senior High School exams: 70%+ in English Language & Maths
  • University entrance exam: 60% average 
  • Undergraduate study: 82% average


  • Greek Cypriot (Apolytirion of Lykeion): 15/20 across all subjects.
  • Turkish Cypriot (Lise Bitirme): 8+ in English Language & Maths, and 15/20 across all subjects.
  • A good performance in university entrance exams.

European Baccalaureate

  • Overall percentage: 70%
  • English Language: 75%
  • Mathematics: 80%

French Baccalaureate or Baccalaureate General

  • Mean average score: 13.5/20
  • Mathematics: 15+
  • English Language: 14+


Abitur / Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife / Zeugnis der Reife/Reifezeugnis

  • Minimum grade 2.2

Mittlerer Schulabschluss / Realschulabschluss

  • Mathematics: grade 1 or 2
  • English Language: grade 1 or 2
  • Other subjects: grade 3


  • Apolytirion of Lykeion: 15/20 across all subjects.

Hong Kong

Certificate of Education (HKCEE)

  • Mathematics: grade B
  • English Language: grade C

Advanced Level Certificate (HKALE)

  • Accepted on the same basis as A Levels in the UK.


  • 5 subjects at level 3 or above
  • Mathematics: grade 5*
  • English Language: grade 4


Standard X

  • All subjects: 70% (grade B1)
  • Mathematics: 70%
  • English Language: 70%

Standard XII

  • All subjects: 60%


Irish Leaving Certificates

  • Top 5 subjects calculated as follows: Higher A1: 90, A2: 77, B1: 71, B2: 64, B3: 58, C1: 52, C2: 45, C3: 39.



  • Mathematics: grade B3
  • English: grade B3

Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM/Malaysian Higher School Certificate of Education)

  • All subjects: 3.00-3.08 grade


Senior School Certificate

  • Mathematics: grade 2+
  • English Language: grade B2
  • All other subjects: grade 3

University Matriculation Examination

  • Score of at least 60%


Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) / Intermediate

  • Mathematics: grade A1-A
  • English Language: grade A1-A
  • All other subjects: 60% across all subjects

Singapore/Cambridge GCE Advanced Level

  • Grades accepted on the same basis as UK A Levels

South Africa

Senior Certificate

  • Mathematics: grade B
  • English: grade B
  • All other subjects: 60% across all subjects

United States of America

High School Diploma

  • All subjects: Mainly grade A and B
  • Final year cumulative GPA: 3.5
  • SAT score: 550 in each test
  • ACT score: 22 in each test
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