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We are everyone. Deloitte employees come in all shapes and sizes, and from every kind of background. Just one thing connects us: our attitude. We are curious, imaginative, open-minded. From our partners to our new apprentices, we’re all here to make a positive impact for our clients and society, as well as build successful careers for ourselves. Want to meet some of us? You can see and read profiles of some of our BrightStart Apprentices here.

"The best thing about Deloitte the way everyone treats each other"

Grace Fussell
Assistant Associate
Grace works in the Financial Crime Team in Risk Advisory. She joined the BrightStart scheme in September 2016.

You’re not competing; you’re collaborating
Everyone at Deloitte is so willing to help you out. You can talk to anyone and they’re really accepting of who you are. There’s no disadvantage whatsoever in being an apprentice rather than a graduate either. We’re all treated exactly the same; we work together.

I’ve made so many friends
I’ve met a whole new set of people, just like you would at university. But you also get to develop your career.

And I love the job I’ve landed in
It’s exciting to see how the things you learn relay into what you do in your job. And Financial Crime is so interesting. We’re helping prevent things like terrorist financing and money laundering. The fact that we can help banks minimise the risks of financial crime has a really broad impact across society.

I make an impact in my local community too
Every three weeks we go into a local school and work with children who struggle with their reading. This is a Deloitte scheme and we get paid time out to be involved.

I feel secure
The best thing about the BrightStart scheme (apart from the fact that I love my job) is that I know what my future holds. I’m earning money. Deloitte is paying for my qualifications. I know I can stay, just like any other employee. I know I can progress; there’s so much progression here.  

"BrightStart is real life vs the classroom"

Eleanor O’Hanlon
Eleanor joined Deloitte as a BrightStart in September 2016. She works in the Technology Delivery Testing team.

I went to university for a year
My background is very educationally driven; going to university was the expected option. But after a year of doing a geography degree, I knew it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t very structured; I had way too much free time. With BrightStart you’re earning money and learning academically, but also developing practical skills and experience. It’s the best of both worlds.

I was drawn to BrightStart
BrightStart appealed because it wasn’t just accountancy, like other school leaver schemes. There are so many options. And I didn’t know what I wanted to do at that point. I never thought I’d be working for a global bank in Canary Wharf at 19. The opportunities are amazing, you can mould your career from the off. The firm’s approach to diversity also attracted me; it has a good reputation in areas like women in leadership.

How am I doing?
One of the best things is the support. People care about my wellbeing and ask how I’m doing all the time. Everyone wants to keep you motivated, not just sitting there. There’s a great social life too. It’s good to be with the other people who know what you’re going through; I still have my uni friends, but it’s a completely different lifestyle.

BrightStart is…
…a way of getting ahead in a very competitive market
…being in a well-regarded firm at a level where there are lots of options
…very flexible
…your chance to develop your skills in a professional environment
…real life vs the classroom.

"It lived up to all my expectations"

Tyler Treble
Assistant Associate
Tyler joined us as a BrightStart in September 2016. He now works in Restructuring Services.

I knew Deloitte was the company I wanted to work for
I didn’t want to go to university, I was eager to start work and make a name for myself. And I’d been on the Aspire scheme, so I knew Deloitte; it felt right. Another big factor was the recognised qualification, ACA. Not all firms offer that. I might be competing with graduates later in my career, so qualifications are really important.

The name opens doors
The best thing about Deloitte is its scale and visibility. It’s motivating to work for an enormously reputable firm. I’m immensely proud of it. Working for the biggest company in this field at 18… you can only go up.

You get real responsibility, without pressure
As a BrightStart you work on real engagements and important tasks. But you always have people around you to help. It’s a really motivating level of responsibility. You’re given lots of opportunities to get involved at a higher level, and to make mistakes, but your managers know how to steer you. They take ownership of your development, because they really buy in to your future here.

Innovation is a big thing at Deloitte
We BrightStarts are encouraged to look for opportunities everywhere, to be open to new ideas and to share them. It’s recognised that our different perspectives mean we’re often where the innovation comes from. They want us to challenge the status quo, to ask why. I brought an idea to my manager and we pursued it, which made me feel trusted; it gave me the confidence to shape it further.

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