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Celebrating Pride

What does Pride mean to our people?

We want everyone at Deloitte to feel able to be themselves at work - to have a voice, be respected, and achieve, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other characteristic. Each of our ten diversity networks is critical to delivering this ambition. GLOBE, our LGBT+ network, makes an ongoing material contribution through a number of key initiatives. As we believe everyone should be able to bring their whole self to work and feel comfortable in what they do, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

This year we are celebrating Pride and attending 9 events across the UK and a further 6 across NSE. Our UK theme is “taking Pride in your true colours”, where our LGBT+ people and allies will be proudly marching in the parades, kitted out in our rainbow t-shirts. For many people this day is a moment where they truly are themselves. By taking pride in its true colours of respect and inclusion, Deloitte can make this a daily reality for its LGBT+ people. See what Pride means to our people in the case studies below.

Pride in London 2019

At Pride in London 2019, Deloitte threw one of our biggest celebrations of diversity, inclusion, and self-empowerment to date, during the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Meet our Pride Supporters

"Peace, love, unity, respect."

Pride case studiesHow do you feel about employers supporting Pride?

I think it’s great that my employer openly supports a community that’s still misunderstood and even vilified by some, especially the Trans community. Employers don’t need to spend money, or advertise their support, to show they care; even an internal email, or anything that shows an interest, is a warming step.

What does Pride mean to you?

It’s a huge celebration of everyone from many different backgrounds – not just limited to sexuality and gender – getting together and enjoying some really great vibes with each other. I think it symbolizes peace and love in a way that you could argue transcends the LGBTQ+ community.

How have you found working at Deloitte?

Working here has made me a more confident person, in terms of how I can deliver value to people in business, and personal confidence too. I’ve learned that I can take initiative in pursuing where I want my career to go; my main field is Accounting and Finance, but these days I’m more of an IT solutions consultant. I’ve noticed Deloitte is migrating away from a strong corporate culture too. We’ll all be able to come to work with pink hair soon!

Amy Summers joined Deloitte as a graduate in 2015 and is now a Senior Consultant in Risk Analytics.

"Equality, respect, acceptance."

Pride case studiesWhat does Pride mean to you?

Pride means showing our support and giving out the message that we – as a firm, and individually – strongly support the LGBT+ community. It means that we’re fully accepting of everyone, no matter what their background or sexuality.

How do you feel about employers supporting Pride?

It’s fantastic and I can’t think why an employer would turn down the chance to be part of Pride. We spend so much time at work, we need to be in an environment where we can be ourselves and thrive, both professionally and personally, with the support of colleagues, mentors and the company.

How do you feel about employers supporting Pride?

As someone who never really knew what they wanted to do, I’m so happy to have found what I enjoy doing, with the support of Deloitte. One of the things I like most about working for a company of this size is all the opportunities on offer. I’m now in my fourth role here, and am grateful I’ve had the chance to move roles and grow my network. My colleagues and friends make this job fun and help keep things in perspective too.

Carolyn Kingham joined us in Tax Management Consulting seven years ago and now works in marketing for the Financial Services, Clients & Industries team.

"Strength, inclusion, diversity."

Pride case studiesWhat does Pride mean to you?

I attended my first ever Pride last year, with Deloitte colleagues, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Pride is a celebration of difference and diversity, but also a reminder that LGBT+ people still face a huge struggle across the world.

How do you feel about employers supporting Pride?

Employers who support Pride effectively give a nod to those people who would otherwise feel pressured to hide a part of themselves in the workplace. Supporting employees not only means higher satisfaction and productivity, but it also helps attract and retain the best talent.

How have you found working at Deloitte?

If someone said 5 years ago I’d be a trainee accountant at Deloitte after uni, I’d have laughed. My only ‘real’ job at that point had been on the family farm! But I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I made the right decision. It’s the people that make me want to come to work in the morning. We are all incredibly like-minded, sociable and want to make sure everyone succeeds in achieving our goals – both in and out of the office.

Matt Dickenson joined Deloitte as a graduate in 2016 and is now a Real Estate Tax Analyst.

"Tolerance, defiance, respect."

Pride case studiesWhat does Pride mean to you?

I’ve always had a lot of fun at Pride, connecting with my friends and colleagues in Deloitte and other big companies here in Belfast. I’m really looking forward to taking part again this year.

How do you feel about employers supporting Pride?

Here in Northern Ireland it can be very frustrating to be LGBT+. Our laws have yet to catch up with public opinion, so I think it’s really important for employers to support Pride. It can make a real difference in people’s lives when they show their support and affirm their commitment to providing safe, welcoming spaces for everyone to work in and feel accepted.

How have you found working at Deloitte?

Since joining Deloitte I’ve really come out of my shell. I’ve always been quite introverted, but my team has been a great support in allowing me to grow. I’ve worked on some high-profile, high-risk projects and been given great feedback; and I’ve taken on more responsibilities in work. The opportunities for growth here, both professionally and personally, are immense. I’m really glad to have joined such a great team and a great company.

Michael Doherty joined our 6-week Graduate Academy in 2016 and is now an Analyst in our Human Capital Delivery Centre, Belfast.

"Colour, energy, friendship."

Pride case studiesWhat does Pride mean to you?

Pride is crucial to anybody’s sense of self and whether the day is to protest or celebrate, the occasion can draw people together in a visibly powerful antidote to shame. The challenge is to openly be what it celebrates for the other 364 days of the year.

How do you feel about employers supporting Pride?

Any way in which employers can demonstrate that people can be who they are at work is to be welcomed, whether in public or in private. After all, we will be spending the majority of our lives at work.

How have you found working at Deloitte?

I entered the workforce during the 2008 financial crisis, which made it difficult to gain experience and build a career, leading to self-doubt about my capabilities. Joining Deloitte has offered a degree of stability, where I can gain in skills and experience; I feel I am growing and making progress here. One of the main reasons I’m happy to work at Deloitte is that it does not see itself as separate from society and takes pride in reflecting its diversity and in giving back to it.

Seb Gillies first joined Deloitte in 2012 as a contractor and is now an Executive Assistant to 3 Partners and 3 Directors.

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