Life at Deloitte

Chris Recchia

Partner, Risk Advisory

Chris joined Deloitte in 2001 as a 2nd year Consultant, having trained at Sandhurst and served as a captain in the Army. He is now a Partner in our Risk Advisory team.

What were your reasons for leaving the military and why did you join Deloitte?

Professional and personal reasons combined to make it the natural point in my career to leave.

I joined Arthur Andersen and transitioned to Deloitte as part of the two Partnerships merging in the UK. The principle reasons for joining centred on my desire to join a large, global, dynamic and diverse organisation that could support my career aspirations and personal ambitions.


What transferable skills and experience have you brought from the military?

Whilst there was a need to develop commercial experience, it was clear very early on in my career that skills, principles and values developed in the military could be directly transferred. In particular I found that:

  • management skills;
  • leadership skills;
  • ability to assess, prioritise and deliver tasks;
  • communication;
  • can do attitude;
  • self awareness;
  • maturity, with a unique perspective; all contributed to the overall package I was able to develop and deliver.


What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

I am a Partner in Risk Advisory. I specifically focus on Technology Risk in the Financial services sector, serving a cross section of major clients. In addition I am the Head of Talent for Risk Advisory and a member of the Risk Advisory Leadership Team. Serving my clients, our people and the development of the wider Deloitte business form the basis of my objectives, ambitions and goals.


What was the biggest culture shock when you first started in professional services/Deloitte?

The normality of life, combined with the flexibility and opportunity to drive your own career within a high performing organisation.


What do like most about your role?

The challenge, diversity and pace of the role and life.

People make places; so whether internal or external to the firm the relationships and people you interact with on a daily basis, combine with the challenge of the role and pace with which it is delivered, to make Deloitte my choice and the place to be.


Tips for joining Deloitte with the right mind set

There is without doubt recognition that ex services personnel bring a unique set of very valued skills to an organisation. However, it is vital that these skills can be translated in tangible value for that organisation and delivered with the right attitude. Listening, appetite to learn and a degree of humility when starting out are all key.


How do you deliver impact, leadership and innovation in your role?

Communication, leadership and impact are vital components of what we do at Deloitte and cut across every aspect of what we do. Maintenance of integrity, moral courage, honesty, ambition all form the basis of success wherever and whatever organisation you are in. Doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our firm ensure we deliver.


What social, society and CSR activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?

Since leaving the military I have continually sought to serve and help those folk transitioning out of the services, something I have been able to do even more as a Partner with a broad range of relationships and connections across industry and many organisations, both public and private sector.


How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

Deloitte has provided the platform for me to develop and deliver my personal ambitions and that of my family, whilst contributing to the wider goals of the Firm, its clients and its people.

Deloitte is a great place to flourish and achieve your potential, you just need to embrace, engage and believe it.

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