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Military insight days

Transitioning out of the armed forces is a challenging time. The amount of options you have can be rather daunting – let us make things a little clearer.

  • How do my skills match those needed within professional services?
  • How have others transitioned from the Armed Forces to Professional Services?
  • How do I civilianise my CV?

An Insight into Professional Services by Deloitte for Service Personnel

Date: Monday 25th September 2017
Location: Deloitte London, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ
Time: 1230 – 1730

To express your interest in attending click here and follow the steps as outlined.

“It was very useful actually. The day is broken down into a series of insights from the different competences within Deloitte, with a focus where possible on ex-mil who have made the transition. You get a lot of information from engaging speakers and there is a lot to take in. The CV workshop was really useful and gave a great idea as to how Deloitte like CVs. The networking session at the end is also good, giving you a chance to pick the brains of the ex-mil cohort. All in all I was very impressed”.

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