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We are keen to actively support any of our staff who are current reservists or who wish to become reservists. One of our members of staff is a dedicated Reservist Employment Liaison Officer (RELO), who communicates regularly with the MOD and ensures that our HR policies are supportive of reservists and their activity.

Having signed up to the Corporate Covenant in November 2013, Deloitte is delighted to be one of the top ten firms in the UK invited to work with the UK Ministry of Defence in defining our Reservist support policies. To assist in this task the Army have appointed a Reserve Employers Liasion Officer (RELO). The Deloitte appointed RELO is an Army Reservist (Major) who is also a Deloitte employee working in Tax and has been in the RELO post since Oct 2013. As a Deloitte employee the RELO is well positioned to be the ‘go to’ resource on Reservist matters. Although this is an Army appointment our RELO will also assist the RNR, RM and RAuxAF Reservist community as well.

The Deloitte RELO is vastly experienced in Reservist matters having some 40 plus years’ experience. He has worked in several large organisations each with their own Reservist communities and is able to advise on Reserve issues directly across Deloitte and back into Army HQ as required. He attends monthly RELO update meetings in MoD Main Building with other RELOs from large corporate's and is helping to build Deloitte’s reputation as a Reservist friendly employer.

The Deloitte RELO would be delighted to hear comments or views on Reservist matters and can be contacted on the dedicated email address

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Oliver Youngman

Manager, Organisation Transformation, Human Capital Consulting

Royal Naval Reserve
Rank: Sub Lieutenant
Job: Young Officer, HMS PRESIDENT



Oly is a Manager within Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting competency, working within the Organisation Transformation service area. He is also an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), based at HMS PRESIDENT in London, having completed his initial officer training before moving into a specialism within the RNR.

Initially gaining experience with the Manchester & Salford Universities Royal Naval Unit, Oly re-joined the RNR in April 2015 to undertake officer training. He was fortunate to be a participant in the pilot fast-track officer course during summer 2015, which involved 8 weeks of training. The summer course started with a 4 week intensive package at the world-renowned Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, during which Oly and his fellow cadets were inducted into the military and taught the basic skills they will rely upon through their time in Service.

Oly learnt boat handling skills on the River Dart, developed his leadership skills and learnt how to live and operate in the field on Dartmoor. This was then followed by 4 weeks spent in a variety of ships and at sea, learning about how to operate and lead on a modern warship.

Oly completed his final Fleet Board exam and subsequent leadership courses. His experience so far includes leading a team in a simulated real-time operational exercise, presenting to senior officers (including the Navy’s Admiral in charge of Personnel) and working as part of a team in various challenging exercises. 

“The Navy Reserves offer an individual the chance to lead a second life, meet a vast array of different people and do things that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to even attempt. You will make friends for life, learn an array of versatile and complementary skills, and get fit, in a robust, and exciting team environment, whilst getting paid for it. 

I feel my experiences in the Navy Reserves, both in training and on operations, have developed all those skills that we, as Consultants, use every day; communication skills, presentation skills, conflict and people management and team working skills.”

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