Life at Deloitte

Millie Camm

Assistant Associate, Tax Depreciation, Manchester

I'm a BrightStart in our Tax team based in Manchester. I went to a school in Bolton and heard about the Deloitte school leaver scheme just by luck when searching for a part time job online.

Why did you choose a school leaver scheme over university?

I don’t think a degree is as important as it used to be, and as I would have done a maths degree if I had gone to University I would probably have ended up doing accounting anyway so it made sense to start a job straight away. 

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

I’m in Capital Allowances (Tax depreciation) so I go out on site surveys, prepare claims for clients, attend internal learning courses, prepare documents to be sent to clients. Everyone is made to feel like their input is important and contributes a lot to the final claim which goes to the client. You are immediately involved within the client work and as a Brightstart you get this sooner than a graduate in some cases as they are out at college a lot more than us in the first year. 

What do you like most about your role? What matters to you the most?

The people around me, in my team, and the large amount of responsibility you get straight away.  

What do you like most about the office and region that you work in?

I like how close it is to the city centre, the size of it and the closeness of each year group and team

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?

I am part of MCASS so attend socials for young people working in Manchester. There is also tax drinks at the end of every month and we also socialise within our friendship groups most weekends. 

How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

I am learning all the time and working towards my ACA which will take me very far within the finance world.

Describe the BrightStart scheme in three words

Surprising, Variable, Fun

What advice would you share to others considering the BrightStart scheme?

The ACA is an extremely valuable qualification, more than a degree. I'd also tell others considering the scheme that even though you aren't at university you will still go out and socialise with people at work and there are no age barriers.

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