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Meet some of our curious people working together to help make an impact that matters and define the future of audit. Discover more about the projects they work on, their career paths and life at Deloitte.

“I am able to shape my career the way I want it”

Danielle Rawson
Senior Manager, Private Markets 

Six years ago, I joined Deloitte as an experienced hire from a much smaller, one-office company in Leeds. As my husband is in the RAF and can get posted to different places, I wanted a career with scope. So, a big four firm. I had interviews with three of them, but preferred Deloitte because of the people I met during the interview process. We have the best reputation for technical expertise, and are known for rewarding and looking after our people. That’s certainly proved the case for me. Since joining I have had some fantastic opportunities and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to America, Greece, Croatia, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Germany and many more places.

One of the best things about Deloitte is the freedom to pursue the career you choose thanks to the wealth of opportunities available. I was able to specialise in the travel industry from very early on, as an Assistant Manager. And I’ve been able to talk openly to management about my progression and how to get to where I want to be. My industry lead is fully supportive of my aspirations to become a Director. Something Deloitte does really well is working collaboratively, with lots of other people across different specialisms, so we’re known and respected beyond our own teams. I was promoted within 13 months of joining the firm, and again less than a year after returning to work after maternity leave.

The agile working scheme here is second to none. I’ve been able to work a 4-day-week when it suited me and my family, but up this to 5 days to deliver a project at a busy time. This flexibility is something I really appreciate; it enables me to support both my family and my clients.

The work itself is so much more than simply completing the audit process; we are seen as business advisors and our clients come to us with a whole wealth of issues, not just audit related. We find solutions to their problems; the things that keep them awake at night. Deloitte is positioned better than any other firm to do this, because we are more connected, we have a bigger network across industries, service lines, and offices.

“It’s hard work, interesting and challenging; I enjoy my job so much.”

David Holtam
Group Director, Audit & Assurance

When I joined Deloitte as a graduate in 2006, I never thought I’d stay for over ten years! I thought I’d get my ACA and move on. I have had job offers. But something always comes along at Deloitte to keep me here; I’ve been given so many fantastic opportunities and had such a rich set of experiences.

Currently, that’s co-ordinating a huge audit for a global energy giant. The project should take around three to four years to complete. What makes audit such important work is that so many people are invested. It’s not just the business owners, it’s the employees, the pension funds… so many are invested to different degrees in these massive, international, high profile firms. And the more challenging and complex the work, the bigger the impact; I love it.

What attracted me to Deloitte in the first place was the people. It’s a collaborative, even collegiate, place to work; people look out for you. That’s the real difference between Deloitte and other firms. And it’s what our clients see too. They’ve said to me that we do work “with you” not “to you”, and that we listen. That’s one of the reasons we’ve changed the structure of our audit teams. So we can better meet our clients’ needs, as well as offering our people broader opportunities to develop and apply knowledge beyond a single sector. If you’re ambitious and well rounded, if you have major audit experience (especially to PCAOB standards), and you’re collaborative, we have so many opportunities for you.

“There’s a clear career path at Deloitte”

James Goodfield
Senior Manager, International Audit

Audit is broadly similar everywhere. What’s different at Deloitte is that there’s a clear career path and your progression is based on your individual merit. If you do well, you get promoted; you don’t have to wait until a position becomes available.

For me, joining Deloitte was a real step up, as I’d previously been at a mid-tier firm. It’s been a pretty hectic and challenging three years; I’ve been promoted twice, worked with big clients, and had opportunities to travel overseas and manage large teams. I’ve certainly had to work harder, but I’ve progressed faster. I can’t imagine I’d be where I am if I’d stayed at my old practice.

As part of my role within the International team I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with overseas offices within the global network. I’ve also benefited from being able to travel for work (US, Prague, Dublin, India) which I feel is one of the best aspects of working at Deloitte.

This is a people-focused culture. I like the fact that everyone is generally switched on, intelligent, and driven, but that Deloitte is also a very sociable and collaborative environment.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Deloitte as a great place to gain experience whilst adding a great brand to your CV. There are opportunities here that you just wouldn’t get at a smaller firm.

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