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Meet some of our curious people working together to help make an impact that matters and define the future of Cyber. Discover more about the projects they work on, their career paths and life at Deloitte.

"Deloitte understands that varied experiences and backgrounds allow us to relate to client needs from different perspectives."

Gemma O’Loghlen

Why did you join the Deloitte Cyber team?
The mix of people, experiences and skills at Deloitte is fantastic. I find the motivation and positivity that everyone has really inspiring. We are constantly encouraged to make our own mark based on our knowledge, expertise and the value we bring. Cyber is a major growth area, but Deloitte also wants to grow you, and that was a huge part of the reason I joined. I haven’t been here very long but I’ve already participated in several training courses, achieved new accreditations, and engaged with senior teams to present my ideas that could enhance Deloitte’s cyber offering. Deloitte is genuinely interested in the value that people can bring, always encouraging new ideas and learning about ways to improve its business. The commitment demonstrated by the teams I work with to deliver creative and impactful solutions never ceases to impress me.

What do you think makes a Deloitte Cyber person?
Without a doubt it takes all sorts. We have people with a real technical eye, experienced consultants who can get to the heart of client issues, and accomplished problem solvers who aren’t afraid to challenge and develop new approaches. From graduates up to experienced hires and senior management, everybody has a story to tell. For example, I’m a trained opera singer with several languages who has found a home in consultancy.

Deloitte understands that varied experiences and backgrounds allow us to relate to client needs from different perspectives. This mix is what enables us to do what we do and makes us stand out as a firm that can adapt and deliver no matter the circumstance.

How does Cyber at Deloitte differ from similar roles in the market?
Our teams deliver a unique combination of technical and threat-based knowledge combined with vast experience developing and implementing truly tailored solutions. We focus on the ‘how’, not just the ‘what.’ We’re privileged to work with fantastic clients who treat us as trusted advisors, and who rely on our expertise to help them achieve their goals. You’ll have the opportunity to work across a variety of sectors. And not just that, you’ll receive extensive training and support with the development of your career. It really is an amazing place to work.      

"We’re all encouraged to challenge how we do things and to think about how we could do better."

Nishanth Vishwanath

How would you describe what you do in Cyber?
I think that people assume ‘Cyber’ only relates to hacking and the implementation of security solutions, but it’s so much more than that. We help our clients with strategy, risk management, governance and assessment of their overall security position. We are involved with everything relating to information security and that’s what I find so interesting - I’m always learning.

Tell us about your most interesting project
I really enjoy working on Cyber Target Operating Models. We look at a client’s information security situation including strategy, operations, organisation design and processes. We then assess that against industry standards, competitor activity and regulatory requirements: all to find the most effective way for them to manage and grow their teams. I’ve worked with all sorts of clients from global financial services firms to large transport and logistics companies. I love getting to see inside their businesses to understand their culture and the issues they face. Applying my experience to help resolve their challenges is so rewarding. 

What’s your working day like?
The work is extremely varied, so no two days are ever the same. We deliver strategies, frameworks, reviews, assessments and advisory reports for our clients. We engage with them and our internal teams constantly, to resolve any challenges that might come up and to manage project expectations. This might involve collating project status reports, or creating proposals for new projects. There is a huge amount of collaboration, and if you’re ever struggling with something you can guarantee there’ll be someone in the team who has some experience or insight that will help you out. We’re all encouraged to challenge how we do things and to think about how we could do better. That mindset underpins every aspect of our day to day work.

"There are some incredibly talented people here and I get to learn from them every day."

Lisa Hamilton
Associate Director

How you would describe what Cyber at Deloitte does?
We advise our clients on how to protect their most critical information. This can include preventing cyber attacks (small or large), detecting security issues, recovering lost information or even how they can recover their business in some circumstances. It’s not all about specific attacks of course. A lot of our work is helping our clients create cyber security and risk management strategies, and developing their target operating models and processes to avoid any issues occurring in the first place.

What sort of projects do you work on?
We have all sorts of different projects on the go, across a huge variety of industries and sectors. I’m currently working on a large technology project for a global financial services organisation. My day involves understanding the solution architecture and security controls in place, advising on the implementation of controls, performing risk management activities and ensuring compliance with various regulations. What’s different about Deloitte though is our size; we have one of the largest cyber practices and massive growth plans. We also have access to expertise from across the whole firm – that makes it a really exciting place to work.

What do you enjoy most about working in the Cyber team?
The amount of opportunities open to me here is amazing. Being able to create the career path I want, with the support to do that is really motivating. There are some incredibly talented people here and I get to learn from them every day. I love having the flexibility to make something a reality, and really contribute to growing the Cyber business. And above all else, the people are fantastic and the work is genuinely interesting and rewarding - it’s the perfect combination for me.  

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