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Can you work in the background and still be at the forefront? How many people does it take to automate a process? When is information most powerful? Want to be among the best in our biggest regional office?

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Efficient, knowledgeable, and highly-focused, our Cardiff Delivery Centre people are the go-to experts for a whole range of specialist and administrative support. From research to reporting – and even robots – we provide the detailed knowledge and essential services our people need to deliver outstanding work. As a leading professional services firm, we have some of the most exciting clients in the world on our books. This is an opportunity to make a real impact on their success, as well as yours.

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Renowned as a centre of excellence, and already the largest Deloitte office outside London, demand for our support services keeps on growing. With that growth comes greater variety and quality of work. We have many diverse teams here. Whether you are looking for your first job, an apprenticeship, or you’re an experienced professional seeking a new challenge, you’ll find all kinds of opportunities. With lots of different projects, clients and specialisms, you can progress your career in any direction.

Business Intelligence Services

Is research and mining for information your thing? Can you speak another language? Then this could be for you. You’ll specialise in gathering information about third parties in countries outside of the UK - covering a variety of business, integrity and corruption issues - from public records, people, and other sources to help clients make the right decisions. Use your skills to develop an in-depth knowledge of overseas jurisdictions. We already speak more than 40 different languages in this team, so you’ll fit right in.

Engagement Support Centre, Administration & Project Support

You’ll provide top quality administrative and project management support to our client-facing Audit and Assurance professionals throughout the audit lifecycle. You’ll have the opportunity to work with all sorts of different clients, from unique start-ups to some of the most well-known brands around.

Financial Crime Operations

Want to help prevent fraud, money laundering and other financial crime? Here you’ll help with complex, large scale ‘Know Your Customer’ and other regulatory remediation and refresh projects for both local and global clients. You’ll also support them with on-boarding, sanctions/PEP and adverse media screening, transaction monitoring alert handling, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Interested but not sure what all that means? Don’t worry. We’ll train you in the relevant specialist knowledge you’ll need. What matters is your eagerness to learn.

GES Mobility (Tax Global Employer Services)

Join our team and it will you be your role to support clients who manage a mobile workforce, within an ever-changing global landscape. Increasingly, our focus is providing high quality co-ordination and reporting, across all areas of the business, and often across multiple countries. As well as streamlining processes to improve efficiency within client teams, using automation wherever possible. This is where we take the lead, advising and enabling client teams, so they can focus on client delivery. Our global co-ordination support services directly impact the client experience. They extend across payroll, tax and social security compliance, visa and immigration support, as well as financial analysis and data manipulation for client teams.

GES Reward (Tax Global Employer Services)

Join this team and you’ll be supporting the delivery of tax services across the wider Reward practice. Our work covers everything from tax and accounting valuations to co-ordinating global project management. Which means you’ll be involved in a wide range of tasks, including analysing UK-wide executive remuneration, delivering employment tax compliance returns, processing payrolls for non-resident directors, and assisting with global share plan support.

IT Services

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ IT Services person or job. The work we do is as varied as our people are diverse: project managers, designers, solutions architects, technicians, analysts, we’re all about collaboration. You’ll join a team who, with our combined specialist skills, provide all the essential support and advice our client-facing colleagues need, right across the firm. This enables them to focus all of their efforts on delivering the best service possible to their clients.

Practice Support Services, Engagement Support Services

You’ll be part of a growing team that partners with the business internally to deliver a range of top quality advisory and business administration services. Our client facing teams work with some of the largest, most interesting organisations in the world. In Engagement Support Services, you’ll support them with a whole range of work directly related to a client engagement. You’ll be there right through its lifecycle, from kicking off the project through to its successful completion. You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to new projects as the scope of Practice Support Services expands.

Propel, Accountancy Services

Want to work with some of the latest technologies around? In this team you’ll help provide cloud-based accountancy services for start-ups and some of our smaller clients. You might be involved with fully managed accounting services, preparation of annual accounts, corporation tax, VAT returns or personal tax, as well as other compliance and advisory work.

Quality, Risk & Security

The business world is an increasingly complex place. Your role will be to help Deloitte take on new clients and conduct business safely in this ever-changing environment. Supporting colleagues across Deloitte with various regulatory and compliance activities, you’ll help enable them to ensure independence, manage risk and protect our data, people and reputation. Not just that, our team here is expanding, so the scope, depth and complexity of the work you’ll do will be constantly evolving.

Robotic Operations Centre

Automated workers – or robots as we prefer to call them – need support too. Monitoring them, making sure they are working correctly, looking for opportunities to increase their efficiency, and finding new opportunities to utilise them is all part of the day job here. And if that’s not interesting enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to work across all the different areas of Deloitte’s business too.

Solutions Factory Operations & Support Centre, Risk Analytics

Want to be at the cutting-edge of product development using cloud technology? Join this team and you’ll help maintain and manage our Risk.Cloud technology platform. This platform supports Risk Analytics projects and develops technology solutions that help solve a variety of our clients’ challenges. You’ll work with a range of cloud platforms and programming languages, learning the skills you need to build and maintain applications and keep things running smoothly for our client facing teams.

Spotlight Delivery Centre, Analytics

Spotlight is innovative technology created by Deloitte to help make auditing more accurate and efficient for our clients. The audit process demands a huge amount of data gathering and complex analysis that has to be 100 percent correct. Spotlight helps enable this. Join the Spotlight Delivery Centre team and you’ll help support this technology globally, as well as the people who use it. Not just that; you’ll have the opportunity to work with datasets from all sorts of different industries and businesses, so you’ll be constantly learning.

"The best thing about working here is, without a doubt, the people I work with."

Technology case studiesWhat’s a typical day like for you?

I’m a Project Support Associate in the Engagement Support Centre. I help audit managers plan their engagements so that they run smoothly and follow the correct processes, working in collaboration with all the other delivery centres. My aim is to make their lives easier basically!

On a day to day basis I support eight managers in London, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle with their audit engagements. That might be invoicing, arranging travel and meetings, or reminding managers about deadlines and signposting them to areas of the business that can help them. Most importantly - no day is ever the same. Some days I’ll have all my work planned, and others I’ll spend the majority of my time troubleshooting and fixing issues. I love that though.

How’s the work-life balance?

It’s genuinely a priority here. I struggle with mental health issues and so have an informal working from home arrangement. On days that my anxiety is high I’m able to work from the comfort of home to help me recover.

And it’s not just my work-life balance. The best part of my role is getting to see the impact I have on someone else’s day. Often I will speak to the managers I support and realise that I’ve helped improve their work-life balance too by taking some of the stress off their hands.

Best thing about working here?

It’s without a doubt the people that I work with. My colleagues in this department are kind, caring and fun. Life is never simple and with complicated situations outside of work, it’s a relief to come in to supportive colleagues and managers who bend over backwards to ensure we are happy, comfortable and able to perform our roles to the best of our abilities.

"There are so many opportunities to develop yourself in a company that is forward thinking and has an amazing culture."

Technology case studiesWhat’s a typical day like for you?

I don’t tend to have a typical day in the office, every day is different. Some days I spend the majority of my time working on particular projects, other days I might be in meetings most of the time.

I’m an Analyst in the Audit Quality & Risk Management team, where I help track and monitor key risks to the business. I always enjoy the work I do and have lots of different projects on the go, so I’m never bored and find I’m always learning something. The day always goes really quickly!

What would you say is the best thing about working here?

This one’s easy to answer; for me it’s the people I work with. I see them as friends rather than work colleagues. They really make coming into work fun. The team I’m in is great at supporting one another and ensuring everyone feels appreciated.

Deloitte wants to invest in you and your career, there are a lot of training incentives and the leadership really focus on making working here fun and rewarding. I think Deloitte is particularly good at focusing on the welfare of their employee’s, they strive to ensure people get a good work life balance and the agile working mentality is very much encouraged.

Has it lived up to your expectations?

Absolutely. Deloitte want’s to invest in you. There are so many opportunities to develop yourself in a company that is forward thinking and has an amazing culture.

"I would highly recommend Deloitte to anyone interested."

Technology case studiesWhat made you join Deloitte’s Cardiff Delivery Centre?

I had friends working here and they kept telling me how good it was. I’d just finished university and was looking for a challenging role in Cardiff, Deloitte is an amazing brand and one of the largest professional services firms in the world so those were all big motivators to make me want to apply. I’ve had nothing but support from everyone here since I joined. I felt like a valued member of the team from very early on; those new-job nerves disappeared very quickly.

What’s your role?

I work primarily within the ‘Reporting’ resource pool in the Engagement Support Services team. I create reports for various internal teams across Deloitte’s Risk Advisory business. I’m also a member of the ‘Company Research’ resource pool, which involves completing detailed research on specific topics that our internal stakeholders request. What’s great about this is that the topic is often different – from research involving technology companies to looking at various sports teams – so it keeps it interesting and I’m always learning.

Best thing about working here?

The people, most definitely. They are just great. It makes the whole work environment feel comfortable and lots of fun. Everyone is sociable yet professional. They’re supportive when you need help with work. And my managers are here to help me progress and are so supportive. Being able to work in an agile way when I need to is great too, for example I can work from home if I have an appointment or have to let an engineer in.

I would highly recommend Deloitte to anyone interested. The work is interesting and challenging, I’m constantly learning, but in a really supportive and sociable environment. My career progression is a top priority for my managers too. What more could you want?

"When an opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to join such a well-known and respected professional services firm."

Technology case studiesWhat’s a typical day like for you?

I’m a Risk and Compliance Analyst within Quality, Risk and Security (QRS). I’ve been here almost 18 months and I can genuinely say that each day is different. There is always a new challenge. What I’m involved with ranges from speaking to our client facing Engagement Teams regarding specific clients, to assimilating data from a range of sources, building a picture of our client and assessing the risks they pose to the Firm and lots of other things. You’re encouraged to take on exciting new projects which means there is always the opportunity to learn new skills and collaborate with colleagues on different teams.

What made you join Quality, Risk and Security in Cardiff?

I’ve always been passionate about risk and compliance, and always had a long term goal to join Deloitte. When an opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to join such a well-known and respected professional services firm.

Why would you recommend working in Cardiff?

Deloitte is a well-respected firm with fantastic values, and they really care about their employees’ health and wellbeing. The firm recognises hard work, and I’m proud to work for a company that is known worldwide. There is a great variety of work, and no day is the same. For me; the best part about working here is the opportunity to be involved in special projects and always being supported and encouraged to that.

"I enjoy everything about my job."

Technology case studiesWhat inspired you to join Deloitte’s Cardiff Delivery Centre?

I was looking for a role more suited to my degree in Accounting and Finance. I was already aware of the firm as one of the ‘Big 4’, but had also heard from friends that they are a fantastic company to work for and really value their employees. This is definitely true. The benefits you receive as an employee are brilliant too.

What your proudest moment so far?

My greatest achievement so far is the positive recognition I have received from colleagues and clients, which is helping me work towards my goal of being promoted. This is something I’ve worked extremely hard to achieve over the past year, and I’m extremely proud of the recognition and positive feedback I’ve received to help me push towards this goal.

What’s the best part of your job?

I enjoy everything about my job. Particularly the people I work with, both in the office and in London. This is such a friendly and welcoming place to work. I enjoy working with clients, providing them with reporting and updates on the engagement. I also like that every day is different, with a varied workload and changing tasks.

I like that you have ownership of your clients and tasks. So you can manage your own time and workload. This is different from my previous roles, where work was tasked and overseen by someone in a senior role.

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