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When it comes to Audit and Assurance processes, we invest in our people and products to make sure we meet the needs of our clients. From learning to new technology solutions, innovation will be top of your agenda.

Audit & Assurance

As the leading experts in Audit & Assurance, we help to build and enhance trust and transparency between businesses and the public, by responding to emerging issues and protecting the public interest. Our expertise covers audit and assurance services across all sectors, supporting companies, investors and the general public to make more informed decisions about risk.

"As well as the training and development opportunities, which are available across all Deloitte’s office, I really enjoy the sense of community at the firm."
Ed Johnson

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Making management accountable

Good quality Audit services are about far more than spreadsheets and compliance. We help clients to make important decisions in relation to risk and develop long-term plans for the future.

Hear Louise talk about the importance of Audit, and why it plays such a vital role in supporting companies and ensuring that management are held accountable.

Our success stories

The pressures of the pandemic have underlined the need for robust and transparent company reporting. In 2021 the government released a white paper with major recommendations from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Brydon, and Kingman reviews.

Not only has Deloitte supported the majority of proposals shared, we see it as an opportunity to further enhance the quality of our audit processes. Discover how we’re doing this.

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Did you know?

All members of the A&A team receive specialist training to integrate climate risks into the core of our audit approach. Moreover, all 330,000 of our people are in the process of being trained on the impacts of climate change in a learning programme, which aims to empower them to make responsible choices at home, work, and beyond.

Where do you fit?

As our people will tell you, there’s far more to audit assurance than meets the eye. Whatever route you choose at any stage of your career, you’ll get excellent training opportunities, as well as the chance to work with high-profile clients on projects that will have an impact across the world.

Societal pressures on businesses are increasing and the pace of change is rapid. Clear, meaningful reporting is critical, and independent audit should play a valuable role in providing challenge and assurance. In the audit team, quality is the cornerstone of our approach. Our independent audits help to build trust and confidence, equipping those charged with governance, investors and other stakeholders to make better informed decisions based on meaningful information. We combine the latest audit tools, technologies and procedures to deliver high quality audits and we’re proud of the work we do.

Our Large & Complex Audit team works with clients that include banks, insurers, public sector organisations and some of the largest listed organisations around the world.

Our Portfolio Audit group focuses on the audit of entrepreneurial, high growth businesses. Our clients span a wide range of sectors including privately owned corporates, real estate funds, pension schemes, financial services brokers, investment managers, securitisations and other organisations.

To be resilient, businesses must be ready to respond to current and future challenges and opportunities. They’re also being required to be more transparent with their reporting, to drive trust and confidence in the market, and protect the wider public interest. Assurance builds, maintains and develops this confidence. We provide independent assurance by assessing the risks and underlying processes, so that organisations can make the right decision for them. From huge multinationals to game-changing start-ups, you’ll get to work with clients that are leading the business and professional agenda, here in the UK and globally. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, we will help you to develop the right skills and qualifications for your role.

We have four main areas in Assurance:

  • Analytics
    High quality and transparent reporting on data use and compliance of data handling is critical for both regulatory compliance and rebuilding the trust of the public. Our dedicated Analytics teams specialise in helping clients understand their data. By working seamlessly with the Specialist, Modelling and Analytics, Central and Securitisation teams, we are able to get client projects over the line, often against challenging timelines.
  • Financial Assurance
    For those charged with governance, the focus on setting clear, high quality reporting standards has never been greater. The Financial Assurance team specialises in assuring the financial statements, transactions and accounting. By collaborating with other teams and our global network of specialists, they deliver assurance that protects the public interest and fosters even greater levels of trust.
  • Regulatory Assurance
    Regulatory reform continues to shape the Audit & Assurance landscape. The Regulatory Assurance team specialises in helping those charged with governance to build trust and confidence within their business. The expertise within the Regulatory Assurance team spans across both Banking and Capital Markets and Insurance.
  • IT Specialists
    Our purpose is to serve the public interest and provide high-quality, independent IT external audit and controls assurance services.
    Technology is at the core of modern business and continues to evolve rapidly both as an enabler and a product offering. As dependency on IT increases so does the level of IT risk. Our cross-industry portfolio involves a mix of IT external audit and other controls assurance work (e.g., third party assurance, SOC reports etc).

As the name suggests, our IT Specialist (IT Audit & Assurance) team works across both the audit and the assurance parts of our business – focusing specifically on technology.

  • IT Audit: We work across all parts of the audit business to assess the risk around IT systems that generate financially relevant information. You’ll learn how IT supports business objectives and key processes. For example, what systems are used to run a bank, telecoms company, software provider, water company etc. You’ll learn what risks exist in these systems and what controls companies have in place to mitigate these risks. You’ll also see the impact of new technology on business as well as challenging audited entities as their control environments develop. Our purpose is to serve the public interest and help give confidence that the financial information going out to stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, employees, regulators etc.) is correct.
  • IT Assurance: You’ll work on a variety of projects with some great clients – focusing on IT assurance. Even though IT environments are becoming more and more complex and critical for day-to-day business operations, an organisation’s management may still not be aware of the exact risks faced by its IT environments. All of the core skills you develop through IT Audit will stand you in good stead for this broader IT assurance work. This will include helping to deliver controls assurance engagements which allow service organisations and other third parties (e.g. cloud system providers, market infrastructure operators) to provide controls assurance under a recognized reporting standard to their customers – these engagements are critical in today’s extended business environment.

Central Audit plays an important role in supporting our audit business with Project Management and Delivery Centre activities to ensure we provide outstanding quality services to our client-facing colleagues. You’ll be hands on right from the beginning.