Innovating the future 

In Cyber we’re not here to walk the same old path, we’re here to do things differently. You’ll be guiding major clients through their most important technology decisions, working with some of the finest minds in the business.


In recent years our world has become increasingly reliant on technology. While this connectivity creates new opportunities, it’s also leaving businesses more exposed than ever. Failure and exploitation, theft, fraud and abuse, are all risks we need to be aware of. That’s why our visionary cyber team are busy crafting new ways to keep them out.

As the largest, most prolific cyber consultancy, our insights and expertise are in demand. At Deloitte you’ll work at the cutting edge of technology, with some of the finest minds in this field, and you’ll be able to take your career in any direction.

“I was worried about the lack of diversity in Cyber, especially as a woman from a non-technical background. I was delighted to see the steps Deloitte are taking to ensure a more diverse team.”
Margaux Girard

Keep up to date with Cyber news and opportunities.


Did you know?

As a Cyber specialist, you’ll be part of our Risk Advisory team, which means access to a wide range of courses designed to develop your business and advisory skills. You can study for professional qualifications too (including CISM, ITIL and Prince2).

Where do you fit?

Roles within cyber are changing fast and we are attracting a more diverse range of candidates than ever before. If you’ve got the right transferrable skills, as well as the drive and passion to succeed, we’ll support your learning and development every step of the way. From technical roles to consulting and risk management, there’s never been a more exciting team to join our Cyber team.

Whatever your particular focus, whatever excites you most about Cyber, you’ll get the opportunity here to innovate, to pioneer, and make a genuine and lasting impact. You’ll be shaping our clients’ and our firm’s future, alongside yours. Our Cyber teams currently operate in five key areas: Cyber Security transformations, maturity reviews, target operating models and implementation, threat readiness and protection, application protection, identity and access management, incident response, information privacy and protection, cyber risk analytics, vulnerability management.

Technical consulting on how staff access IT systems and how firms manage identity data.

Security engineering design support for client and hosted customers. Architecture, solution specialists.

Developing information protection strategies to manage risk associated with data loss. Data loss prevention, behaviour change and education.

Defending clients’ IT systems and data from cyber-attack, including incident response, penetration testing, threat intelligence.