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We know it’s not just about the numbers. Often, we let the technology take care of those. It’s about the creative and collective thinking or our people. That’s where the true insight is found. We’re redefining the future of audit. Come join us.

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With cutting-edge technologies taking care of routine tasks, you’ll focus on delving, interpreting, innovating; finding those insights that drive the smartest and surest decisions for our clients. Our agile working culture and cross-business teams mean you can develop your career in a way that works best for you – making an impact that goes far beyond ‘the numbers’.

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Louise works in Audit & Assurance in our London office. She holds the largest companies in the world accountable and makes sure audits are at the highest standard. What opportunities could you find at Deloitte?

Where do you fit?

Here it’s not about sector experience, it’s about bringing together the right combination of skills and expertise for each project. Our people work in collaborative teams across three streams.

Deloitte Private

An opportunity to work with some of the most dynamic privately owned companies in the UK. Whether you’re advising them on their journey to becoming listed, or helping them with other unique challenges their vision presents; working in Deloitte Private goes beyond traditional audit, you’ll become a ‘trusted advisor’ to these business owners.

Financial Services

From insurance sector companies to investment management and private equity firms, banking to capital markets; our client portfolio includes every kind of financial services organisation. So the opportunities to diversify or specialise are huge. Taking a truly collaborative approach with experts from across the Deloitte business, you’ll provide a mix of audit and advisory work.

Public Audit

You can expect senior level exposure, fast progression, and variety. Working with some of the most influential companies in the UK and internationally, you’ll get under the skin of the business and offer expert insights; not just to senior finance teams, but across the whole business. These companies offer some of the most exciting challenges available in audit.

Meet our Audit & Assurance people

"The work is so much more than simply completing the audit process; we find solutions to client problems - the things that keep them awake at night."

Technology Case StudiesWhy did you choose Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte as an experienced hire from a much smaller, one-office company in Leeds. As my husband is in the RAF and can get posted to different places, I wanted a career with scope. So, a big four firm. I had interviews with three of them, but preferred Deloitte because of the people I met during the interview process. We have the best reputation for technical expertise, and are known for rewarding and looking after our people. That’s certainly proved the case for me. Since joining I have had some fantastic opportunities and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to America, Greece, Croatia, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Germany and many more places. Obviously, this was before the Covid pandemic happened, but I hope we will eventually travel again, as part of our jobs – if not as much. In the meantime, we’re all staying well-connected virtually instead.

One of the best things about Deloitte is the freedom to pursue the career you choose thanks to the wealth of opportunities available. I was able to specialise in the travel industry from very early on, as an Assistant Manager. And I’ve always been able to talk openly to management about my progression and how to get to where I want to be. They were fully supportive of my aspirations to become a Director, which I have now achieved. Something Deloitte does really well is working collaboratively, with lots of other people across different specialisms, so we’re known and respected beyond our own teams. I was promoted within 13 months of joining the firm, and again less than a year after returning to work after maternity leave.

How do you work flexibly?

The agile working scheme here is second to none. I’ve been able to work a 4-day-week when it suited me and my family, but up this to 5 days to deliver a project at a busy time. This flexibility is something I really appreciate; it enables me to support both my family and my clients.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The work itself is so much more than simply completing the audit process; we are seen as business advisors and our clients come to us with a whole wealth of issues, not just audit related. We find solutions to their problems; the things that keep them awake at night. Deloitte is positioned better than any other firm to do this, because we are more connected, we have a bigger network across industries, service lines, and offices.

“It’s hard work, interesting and challenging; I enjoy my job so much."

Technology Case StudiesWhy Deloitte?

When I joined Deloitte as a graduate in 2006, I never thought I’d stay for over ten years! I thought I’d get my ACA and move on. I have had job offers. But something always comes along at Deloitte to keep me here; I’ve been given so many fantastic opportunities and had such a rich set of experiences.

What are you working on now?

Currently, that’s co-ordinating a huge audit for a global energy giant. The project should take around three to four years to complete. What makes audit such important work is that so many people are invested. It’s not just the business owners, it’s the employees, the pension funds… so many are invested to different degrees in these massive, international, high profile firms. And the more challenging and complex the work, the bigger the impact; I love it.

What sets Deloitte apart?

What attracted me to Deloitte in the first place was the people. It’s a collaborative, even collegiate, place to work; people look out for you. That’s the real difference between Deloitte and other firms. And it’s what our clients see too. They’ve said to me that we do work “with you” not “to you”, and that we listen. That’s one of the reasons we’ve changed the structure of our audit teams. So we can better meet our clients’ needs, as well as offering our people broader opportunities to develop and apply knowledge beyond a single sector. If you’re ambitious and well rounded, if you have major audit experience (especially to PCAOB standards), and you’re collaborative, we have so many opportunities for you.

"I wanted to join a firm that would allow me to pursue my career ambitions without compromising my personal goals.”

Technology Case StudiesWhat kind of work do you do?

I’m a Senior Manager in Markets Assurance & Advisory (MA&A). We offer assurance and advisory services to clients across industries, focusing on market disturbance and market reform events. Our specialism is big ticket industry events, such as Libor transition within banking. As these issues are not bespoke to financial services, there’s plenty of crossover into different industries. For example, I’ve spent time working with colleagues on issues affecting the aviation industry.

We always have the opportunity to work with other departments, not just in Audit & Assurance, but across service lines. This gives everyone in the team the opportunity to get involved in engagements that really interest them.

How is it different here?

It is completely different from any of my previous roles. (I’ve spent all my career up to this point in investment banking). At Deloitte, I’ve been involved in some really exciting projects and initiatives, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I still worked in industry. In fact, there’s a much wider scope of what I can get involved in. And it’s necessary for me to drive my own agenda, which is very exciting, although it can be daunting!

Does Deloitte really offer agile working?

I wanted to join a firm that would allow me to pursue my career ambitions without compromising my personal goals. In general, I’ve been able to find a work-life balance that suits both my family and my team. This changes depending on what’s going on in my personal or work life but, as long as I’m transparent, there are no issues. I work full time, with one day at home a week. There’s definitely flexibility and, in my case, it’s all informal.

Do you need audit experience to join your team

A lot of people will assume that, as MA&A sits in Audit & Assurance, you’ll need an audit background to be successful. That’s simply not the case. I do not come from an audit background, but have been able to fully engage and lead on projects. MA&A epitomises our mixed delivery model, and the diverse mix of experience here makes it an exciting team to work in.

"I get to combine my two biggest passions, cars and travel, with my every day work."

Technology Case StudiesWhat has been the most interesting change in the market recently?

The biggest change I’ve seen in my 11 years with Deloitte is the introduction of mandatory rotation of auditors. This makes things really exciting as there are so many opportunities to pitch for and new clients to win. As a result the work we get to do is extremely varied and being part of a winning pitch team is a great feeling. There is also a huge level of innovation and change in our audits – we’re developing cutting edge approaches to automating processes, enabling us to add much more value for our clients in the areas that matter most to them. We are their eyes and ears essentially, so bringing our views together with our broad industry experience and expertise is what clients are more and more interested in.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get to combine my two biggest passions, cars and travel, with my every day work. Because Deloitte has such a diverse range of clients within the audit practice – and wider business – it allows everyone who works here to find the clients they are really interested in. I chose to specialise in the automotive industry and get to work with the biggest and most exciting clients in a sector I’m truly passionate about.

Tell us something about working in audit we might not know

I don’t think that people always realise how varied a career in audit can be. You get to work with all sorts of different people, travel the world if you choose to, and work with a real mix of clients. We have to collaborate with all the other areas of Deloitte and draw on our collective expertise to be able to offer our clients the best service possible. That means I’m constantly learning new things. I certainly didn’t appreciate that when I first joined.

"It’s a place that nurtures your personal development, and really pushes you to do the best job that you can."

Technology Case StudiesIs innovation encouraged at Deloitte?

Absolutely. Innovation is the tone from the top. There is an understanding that innovative ideas may not work, but Deloitte are fully supportive of exploring them. We’re encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and whilst some don’t work practically, some do; it’s worth taking the time to find out.

People see audit as ‘ticking the box’, whereas at Deloitte we are challenging our approach by developing analytics and systems that take care of the admin tasks. We work with many specialist teams within Analytics who take standard data and ‘slice and dice’ to produce some very interesting observations on a clients’ business. Innovation is enabling us to help our clients on both a deeper and more strategic level.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the client experience. Getting to know the ins and outs of a business is interesting to me, seeing the end-to-end process and developing the audit plan. Showing a client how much you understand their business, and bringing a fresh perspective into that by giving them insights on how they could improve is invaluable. You manage to get into that detail here.

Probably the most exciting project I’ve been involved in is being part of a first year multinational, complex, dual listed group audit team. The group is one of our largest UK clients: a global, complex business. To work through a two-year transition from their existing auditors to us delivering a first year audit on time was very satisfying and rewarding. We received great feedback from the client on our fresh approach, and we supported each other as a team throughout the audit.

Did you have any pre-conceptions about working here, and were they correct?

Before I joined I believed that, although Deloitte would be a place of great opportunity, it may be somewhere where you were ‘pigeon holed’ into one specialism. I was definitely wrong about that. Since I’ve been here I’ve expanded my knowledge across so many new areas which has been great both professionally and for my own personal achievements.

I also anticipated that it may be a bit cut-throat, but it’s totally not. It’s a place that nurtures your personal development, and really pushes you to do the best job that you can. Every engagement team feels like a family and there’s a really strong, supportive culture.

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