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The expansion of our Belfast Technology Studio – a “state of the art” technology hub – will enable our clients to harness emerging technologies and techniques through innovative applications and collaborative tools, while at the same time bringing new experience to Northern Ireland’s increasingly talented technology workforce.

What will you do?

At Deloitte’s Belfast Technology Studio there are plenty of career options.

Developing an online training platform for one client?  Or perhaps helping another client accurately predict their staffing needs for years to come?  What if you could create and implement a social media strategy for a retail client?  Or make sure the introduction of new software at a banking client is a success?  

The Technology Studio helps our clients to answer their real life business challenges by focussing on the critical issue. 

So, whether your interest is in strategy development, creative design or technology architecture - what will you do?

Technology Consulting

Information technology is changing the way we live our lives and run our businesses. Designed and delivered well, technology enables business growth, profit and competitive advantage. Designed or implemented badly it can cripple a business.

Our Belfast Technology Consulting team helps clients to realise the business value from IT and avoid the myriad of pitfalls. We employ some of the best technologists, strategists, analysts, project managers and solution and enterprise architects in the business, and no other professional services firm offers a comparable breadth and depth of capability in technology. We successfully work together with our clients through the full technology lifecycle, from the initial stages of opportunity identification and concept creation, through to requirements definition, procurement, design, deployment and benefits realisation - this combined availability of skills and experience places us at the leading edge of technology enabled transformation across the globe.

Find out more about Technology within Consulting.

Deloitte Analytics

Leading institutions recognise that a better understanding of data (particularly as a predictor of the future or an identifier of existing issues) can create new opportunities and makes a significant difference to managing performance.

Analytics is the natural evolution of business intelligence processes, tools and technologies. While business intelligence focuses on historical analysis, analytics builds upon this set of technologies and techniques to re-focus on the future; helping predict future trends, opportunities and threats. 

Deloitte Analytics uses leading-edge technologies and creative problem-solving techniques to help our clients’ manage their data challenges. Our diverse and passionate team are encouraged to use agile techniques in the development, delivery and management of analytics services and solutions that solve complex business challenges though predictive analytics, advanced visualisation, data warehousing, multi-dimensional modelling and business intelligence.

Deloitte Digital

The Digital Revolution is upon us.  Every one of our clients is impacted regardless of industry and geography. We have developed Deloitte Digital in response to increasing demand across the world for advanced digital advice, particularly in the mobile sector. Clients value our industry & creative knowledge, insight, and expertise and we’re helping them connect with their customers, employees and partners in the new digital world.

Deloitte Digital combines the dynamic aspects of a small creative agency with the existing strengths of Deloitte; a world-class global IT consultancy and an industry-focused business strategy firm. This enables us to help our clients maximise the business value of emerging digital technologies. 

Deloitte in the UK has been providing strategy, mobile, e-commerce, social, web and content management services to large clients like John Lewis, Transport for London and one of the new emerging banking forces for a number of years. Deloitte Digital brings together a wealth of experience, talent and ideas into one business offering a distinctive tailored service which helps clients stay digitally advanced and relevant.

Visit the Deloitte Digital careers page if you want to be part of the Digital Revolution. 

Deloitte Testing Services

Deloitte Testing Services delivers world-class testing: working with clients to help organisations define their quality expectations and then measure against those levels, while reducing uncertainty and risk through effective testing.

As software becomes a necessity in everything that is used, made, touched, and experienced, the stakes of making sure it has been properly tested are greater than ever.

Businesses are constantly under pressure to deliver new products and services quickly and safely in order to retain customers and build revenues. Consequently, rapid delivery and software quality continue to become more important, and the risks associated with insufficient software quality greater.

Testing is one of the most important actions an organisation can take to control these risks as it provides insight into the quality of software and the risks that are associated with insufficient quality. And we don’t only test. Our people work with clients at every stage, from Boardroom strategy to operational roll out delivering a truly end-to-end service.

Based on this insight, we help organisations make informed decisions about whether to take software into operation. With proper testing, organisations can make better decisions and effectively manage risk.

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