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Our Consulting practice advises on a broad range of issues, from strategy through to implementation. Deep industry expertise in a number of key market segments in both the private and public sectors ensures that the advice we provide to clients is tailored to that particular sector’s needs. From defining the initial strategy to planning its development and implementing its outcome, Deloitte’s Consulting practice delivers end-to-end solutions to help our clients maximise their commercial potential.


Strategy is the art of the possible. We work side by side with our clients’ top management to help stretch and sharpen their ambition – grounded firmly in the realities of the marketplace, the capabilities of their organisation and the goals of their stakeholders. Strategy stands or falls on execution – and we are known for delivering executable strategy. With over 170 dedicated practitioners, Deloitte’s Strategy practice has the scale, breadth and depth to deliver genuine impact and insight to clients right across the private, public and third sectors.

Our perspective is broad – we use our expertise to investigate and analyse markets, trends, competitors, customers, acquisitions and the organisation itself in order to deliver practical and visionary solutions. Unlike many other strategy consultancies we don’t leave it there. We are valued by our clients for our ability to see the vision through to reality, producing a plan and approach to successfully bring our clients’ strategies to life.

With 16 partners and a team of around 150, our Strategy team has scale, depth in strategic thinking and experience within every one of our chosen sectors. Teaming with our colleagues across Deloitte, we can bring to bear unparalleled knowledge and expertise to solve our clients’ strategic challenges.

Our consultants combine in-depth insight into our clients’ organisations with an intimate understanding of the industry sectors in which they operate in order to help our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors. Using a range of tools – including our proprietary Enterprise Value Map – our consultants place value creation for stakeholders at the centre of their analysis, identifying and focusing on the key value-drivers and performance levers within an organisation or a public-sector delivery chain. And to stay at the top of their game, our people train relentlessly. They’re encouraged to think creatively and provided with tools and structured approaches to support you. They have the opportunity to make a real difference – one that is recognised within Deloitte and beyond.

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'Bringing to life' or implementing strategies in a constantly changing and complex environment is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Operations helps clients drive major operational change within their business and are at the heart of solving some of their most difficult and fundamental issues. Combined with our ability to integrate across consulting and the broader firm, Operations rightly deserves its market leading reputation.

Our Operations team is focussed on providing solutions in order to successfully deliver strategy across the three industry groups; Financial Services, Private, and Public Sector and across the following three service areas:

Operations Excellence focuses on helping clients to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of their large scale operational processes and to continually improve the core operation of their service organisation through four core propositions:

  1. Target Operating Model – creating the optimal business architecture for successful strategy realisation
  2. Continuous Improvement – helping the client to obtain long-lasting, self-sustaining improvement capabilities
  3. Process Transformation – transforming an organisation’s processes at a business, functional or local level
  4. Enterprise Cost Reduction – providing clients with a broad scope to maximise sustainable savings in all areas of their cost base

The Supply Chain group helps clients to optimise their value chain by reviewing and improving processes that enable them to develop, plan, buy, make and deliver their offering to customers. This enables them to achieve the maximum financial value and competitive advantage from their operations. The Supply Chain service area covers six distinct but interlinked areas of the supply chain from strategy to sourcing and procurement, through to planning and optimisation, from manufacturing and operations, to product development and innovation and finally through to logistics and distribution.

The Operations Applications group supports the delivery of complex business transformation programmes that require the design and implementation of business applications and supporting processes. The team consists of experienced process and technology practitioners and their skills extend into areas including order management, logistics and distribution, sourcing and procurement, solution architecture and programme governance. As a team they cover all aspects of the project lifecycle and deliver a variety of engagements ranging from pure advisory and M&A through to implementation. In terms of business applications OA work with the two largest vendors in the market - SAP and Oracle.

We have a diverse practice of over 550 practitioners from across the UK, with people working on challenging projects from a wide portfolio of our most prestigious clients. Practitioners range from new analysts through to our experienced senior staff with deep technical and industry expertise, meaning we are able to deploy the right mix of people at the right time to meet and exceed our client expectations. Working in the public and private sectors, we help our clients develop the business model and capabilities necessary to realise their strategy on a day-to-day basis.

In Operations we take an active interest in developing our practitioners throughout the firm. We strive to provide better development opportunities for all of our staff and give our best performers the opportunity to accelerate their career through recognised fast track development programmes. For example, to recognise our people who demonstrate outstanding performance in a specialist technical or delivery area, we have launched the Specialist career path for manager grade and above. These practitioners are recognised as having outstanding and focused skills in a high demand area of the market. The Specialist career path supports them in advancing their skills in these areas.

Finance Advisory

Our Finance Advisory practice aims to help organisations understand how best to structure their Finance function (the target operating model for Finance) and help them transform their function into a value adding business partner. We help organisations understand the true cost drivers within their business, using ABC, cost and profitability analysis techniques, and providing the financial analytics to support enterprise-wide cost reduction.

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