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This is where change happens. With us, you’ll deliver end-to-end solutions that transform clients’ businesses, from major corporates to government departments. You’ll define strategies, plan their development, and implement outcomes. And you’ll collaborate – with clients and colleagues – on every project you work on. Together solving the most fascinating problems, as you develop an even more rewarding career.

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Our consultants have expertise in everything from market analysis to organisational design, risk management to change management, providing solutions across four core areas.

Human Capital

Help some of the most influential Human Resources leaders in the world manage their people. Whether your expertise is in a specific industry or capability, your skills are in demand. Develop your career with us and enjoy challenging, diverse projects and fast progression. Delve deeper.

Product Enabled Services

With the agility of a start-up, but within the world’s largest professional services firm, we design, build and run software products. We share a passion for creating high quality, algorithm-driven and data analytics-led enterprise software to help solve our clients’ most complex challenges. Delve deeper.

Strategy & Operations

We enjoy an unrivalled position in the market: combining the scale and strength of a global professional services firm with the cutting-edge nature of a boutique consultancy. This is where you help clients make those defining choices that shape their ambitions and keep them ahead of their competitors. Delve deeper.

Technology Consulting

From established multinationals and public sector organisations to innovative, technology-led start-ups, our expertise is constantly sought by clients of all kinds. Join us and you’ll help define, shape and successfully deliver some of the most exciting and complex technology projects out there. Delve deeper.

Meet our Consulting people

“It’s such an inspiring place to work; everyone you talk to is working on something interesting.”

Consulting Case StudiesWhat are the best things about your job?

It’s such an inspiring place to work; everyone you talk to is working on something interesting. There are always so many exciting things to get involved with that it’s a challenge to prioritise where to spend your time. Everyone always says “it’s the people”, and that’s true. Working for a brand you feel proud of feels pretty good too. And you don’t have any stress about fitting into a particular stereotype, because there are so many different types of people in Deloitte Digital.

Tell us about your most exciting project

There have been various highlights over the years, a number come to mind; implementing a visualisation tool that helps an auction house see who’s bought each piece of art, designing how a new loyalty scheme would work in a large retailer, getting a large department store ready for a switch over to a new contact centre solution, and implementing technology that provides a luxury retailer with a single view of all their customers and the enabling tools that allow them to use this for more personalised marketing and better customer service.

Why choose Deloitte Digital over a competitor?

I’ve never experienced another culture that’s so unafraid to break traditional boundaries, and is so forward looking in its strategy and approach. It’s exciting to be working somewhere that’s bringing together a unique set of capabilities that we can see clients are looking for and value.

Deloitte has a vision of a future that’s full of people motivated to work on what energises and inspires them, who don’t see a hard boundary between life and work, are flexible about their direction, place value on a company’s principles, and who never lose the importance of human relationships in all this digital change.

How’s the work-life balance?

I work Monday to Thursday and spend Fridays in my other major role in life, as a mum to two small and very active little boys. The juxtaposition of working life and pirate role play on a daily basis keeps things interesting.

"I joined this team because it was a chance to be involved with building something from scratch."

Consulting Case StudiesHow did you join Deloitte?

I started in Deloitte Digital as a functional lead and analyst where I did web content management and implementation. So my background is in software development. Then I joined Deloitte Ventures (an innovation team in Consulting) as a technology product manager. In 2016 I came to the Products & Solutions team, as the product factory was developing.

Why did you join the Products & Solutions Team?

I joined this team because it was a chance to be involved with building something from scratch. There are very smart people here doing very smart things. We are developing the ability to build technology assets that mean we can deliver faster, cheaper, better solutions to our clients. This is where our business is heading. Being in early is amazing, it’s the place to be.

How would you describe what Products & Solutions do?

We’re creating assets that suit the problems that a professional services firm is asked to solve. Clients want to get to a better answer quicker - Products & Solutions is paving the way for us to support them in that. It’s creating the ability for us to be a technology enabled professional services firm.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

It’s an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the world, and do all sorts of different things. We get asked to solve some of the most complex and challenging issues these organisations face. So if you want to work in a product world but on a different scale of problem, with a huge amount of diversity, then this is a great opportunity for you. As an example, the work we’re doing with McClaren is particularly exciting. It’s all very much in the early stages, but it should become a huge revenue generator for us. Just one example of our work with them is something referred to in manufacturing as Rhythm Wheels. In other words: manufacturing line optimisation. We’re exploring how they can switch product lines much more efficiently to make huge time and cost savings.

“The opportunity to work on some really interesting projects and the employee-friendly and inclusive work culture sets Deloitte apart from other firms.”

Consulting Case StudiesWhat’s your role? And what are some of the best things about it?

I’m a Senior Consultant and part of the Strategy & Operations (Finance) service line. My role allows me to make a meaningful contribution to some of the most challenging and complex projects in the consulting profession. The opportunity to work on some really interesting projects and the employee-friendly and inclusive work culture certainly sets Deloitte apart from other firms. Deloitte helps me balance my work and life priorities by promoting a culture where we can all feel comfortable exercising choices about our working patterns.

How did you join Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte following a career break, via the company’s Return to Work programme. Before my break, I was part of Ernst & Young India's Strategy and Operations team. Prior to that, I worked with Infosys Technologies as a Consultant, focusing on large-scale technology implementations in the US and Europe. I moved to London 2 years ago with my husband and son. Once we settled in, I started exploring options to get back to work and was excited to find this opportunity in the S&O team at Deloitte.

Do you work in an agile way?

Yes. I work four days a week, from Monday to Thursday. In S&O consulting, more often than not, we work out of the client’s site. So, most days I head out to my client’s office to work. Of course, there’s always the flexibility to work from home on days when something’s not gone to plan. For example, if my son’s feeling unwell or if there’s a doctor’s appointment to get to. And if I need to plan a ‘work from home’ day, I just make sure I flag it up with the client and my team leader. Technology allows us to stay connected as a team, so it’s completely fine to work remotely.

"We operate as a partnership. We’re collaborating with our clients to re-define industries, working with some of the latest technologies."

Consulting Case StudiesWhat are your top three reasons for joining Deloitte?

People – There are extremely sharp, like-minded people here. I’ve made many good friends, both through the graduate programme and within the Banking and Insurance Operations team. Travel - I have been fortunate to work in several different countries, including Hong Kong, Vienna, New York… but I’ve also spent some time in Brighton and Glasgow. Variety - No two projects are ever the same. The variety across client accounts, projects and teams is what keeps it interesting for me.

What are your highlights so far?

In 2015 Deloitte organised five teams to climb five different mountains around the world for charity. I was part of a team that travelled to Spain to climb Sierra Nevada in aid of the firm’s charity partners Alzheimer’s Society, Prostate Cancer UK and Mind. My grandma had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so it meant a lot to me that I could participate. Individually I raised about £1,000 and collectively we beat our target and exceeded one million pounds.

Another highlight was completing my year-long global secondment to the Global Consulting Platform. I worked with global and country leaders to define the 2018 financial year strategy and plans. I was responsible for tracking and driving progress against the global objectives, and was able to build my network around the world and visit some of our fantastic newly built offices.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

Building a new mobile-only bank; we’re trying to challenge the challenger banks. It shows customers there is a different way to manage their finances and they no longer have to accept the status quo. We’re helping to define the future of banking.

Biggest misconceptions of working here?

Some people perceive Deloitte as a massive corporate machine, but the truth is we operate as a partnership. We’re collaborating with our clients to re-define industries, working with some of the latest technologies. I recently did a talk for some of our Strategy & Operations Partners in Europe on the similarities and differences between start-ups and corporates, and we have more in common than you might think

"The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled."

Consulting Case StudiesWhy did you join Products & Solutions?

I joined Deloitte because our team functions like a start-up - it’s small, we move fast and we get to be really involved with everything - but we have the backing of the Deloitte brand and the resources that come with that; an existing list of big name clients, the most innovative technologies, financial support and career development. Deloitte has an obvious strategic focus on products and innovation, so there are tremendous opportunities.

How would you describe what the Products & Solutions teams do?

Technology is evolving rapidly and automation is replacing a lot of the repetitive tasks people have traditionally done. This, teamed with the vast amount of great ideas our consultants were coming up with to solve our clients’ issues, led to Deloitte establishing a dedicated resource to streamline the production of these ideas and assets. We work with every part of the Deloitte business – once an idea has been established as viable, our teams look at how the idea can be turned into a product that can successfully scale across multiple customers and markets. We look at the architecture that will best support the required scale, as well as the user experience that will best address the pain points of our end-users. We shadow clients to understand how they are using anything we create, where they have issues, and how we might improve it. We continuously release new functionality to respond to the needs of our current users and the evolving marketplace.

What does your work involve?

I am the Product Manager for MarkdownEdge, a service that helps retailers work out how to discount end of season products in the most profitable way. It began with a consultant who built a bespoke solution for a client that proved so successful, they repeated the process again for another client. When they found themselves solving the same problem over and over again in the same way, they knew they had a potential product on their hands. Our MarkdownEdge product is now live with some of the biggest retailers in the UK and globally, across fashion, health & beauty, and general merchandise.

We’re powered by partnerships, from alliances with Oracle to ServiceNow and Google Cloud
We’re powered by partnerships, from alliances with Oracle to ServiceNow and Google Cloud
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