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Deloitte has one of the largest forensic practices in the world, with over 1,400 dedicated practitioners in over 30 countries. The group includes forensic accountants, analytics forensic technology professionals, law enforcement specialists and business intelligence experts. Forensic services are increasingly sought by companies and lawyers who require detailed investigations and analysis to be undertaken or disputes to be resolved. Our team use state-of-the-art forensic technology to ensure that data is handled with maximum efficiency.


Deloitte has extensive experience in providing Expert Witness Services as part of litigation or dispute resolution in all types of disputes and industries. Our team works with law firms and directly with our clients to provide independent, objective Expert Witness Services to assess the quantum of a specific claim and/or to give evidence in cases on liability involving alleged accounting or audit negligence.

Our Expert Witness and International Arbitration Services are effective throughout the different stages of a dispute, from advising clients in the preliminary stages to providing expert evidence for a Court or Tribunal. Our expert witness arguments often help our clients to negotiate early settlements. If disputes continue into litigation, our team is experienced in giving expert evidence in Court or before a Tribunal.

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Most of today’s companies would not be in business without the technology that allows them to instantly create, send, search, retrieve, and store data. It is often the case that an entire business dispute, commercial investigation or multimillion pound litigation may hinge on identifying when a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered or deleted, by and to whom, and under what circumstances. The Electronic Discovery team is a global group of over 800 specialists assisting clients in local, national and international cases. Our highly experienced professionals assist clients in addressing the technological challenges of today’s complex investigation and litigation environments by implementing thoroughly practical approaches supported by specialist technology and processes.


Data analytics is considered by today’s leading organisations as the key differentiator in managing information overload and achieving strategic growth. It is the act of turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights that inform management decision making.  The Forensic Technology Data Analytic team is a global group of over 200 specialists that can help capture, manage and analyse large and disparate data sets in order to support commercial investigations and complex litigation.  We combine our forensic accounting and investigative skills with state of the art computer labs, cutting-edge technology and advanced data analytics to offer innovative solutions to our clients’ legal and regulatory problems.


The complex web of laws and regulations in the US and UK impact everything from fraud detection and prevention to anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance, corporate corruption, market abuse and business ethics. Forensic Advisory/Investigations help our clients respond to increased scrutiny from shareholders and regulators who require greater transparency and accountability from corporate executives and their boards of directors – covering everything from fraud and sanctions, to anti-money laundering, and bribery and corruption.


Globalisation is opening up more and more opportunities in overseas markets, whether through acquisitions or relationships with joint venture partners, distributors, licensees, suppliers, customers, agents or other third parties. While these new opportunities can be extremely lucrative, they can also give rise to risks, which have been compounded by an increase in legislation and regulation. With a global network of over 200 professionals, together speaking over 80 languages, we are able to provide our clients with key information on third parties (gathered through both public records and well-placed human sources), thereby assisting them to identify and address these risks. Our team has a reputation as a market leader in the Business Intelligence field, and has extensive experience gained through conducting background research and information gathering on thousands of companies and individuals each year, in jurisdictions across the world, for clients operating in all sectors.

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Elizabeth Gutteridge, Partner

Elizabeth is a Partner in Deloitte Forensic, based in London.

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Joe Farrington, Manager

Joe is a Manager in Deloitte Forensic, based in London.

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Helen Adams, Assistant Manager

Helen is an Assistant Manager in Deloitte Forensic, based in Birmingham.

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