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By connecting legal expertise and technological innovation, we’re creating a new future for law. At Deloitte Legal, you’ll work collaboratively to transform business outcomes, as you grow your own career. Join us and experience the future of law, today.

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We are re-imagining the way we deliver legal expertise and how we solve legal problems. Combining innovation and deep business insights. We’re integrating legal advisory services with our vast consulting services and technology capabilities, across the globe. This will be a unique environment, where those who want to do things differently and challenge the status quo will thrive, thinking like a lawyer and a leader.

Whatever your specialism, you’ll deliver far more than expert legal advice. Working alongside colleagues across the Deloitte business and global network, you’ll help clients make business critical decisions. Delivering value that’s unique to them. We want to invest in you: your skills, your knowledge, your choice in how in you work. Come and be part of something new. Experience the future of law, today.

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You’ll be part of a growing network of over 2,500 legal professionals across 80 countries. Regardless of your qualifications or area of specialism, you’ll work with technologists and colleagues across our business to help clients make smarter decisions, on a worldwide scale.

Corporate and Commercial Law Solutions

Corporate and Commercial Law Solutions From established multinationals and public sector organisations to innovative, technology-led start-ups, you’ll have the opportunity to work with clients of all kinds. Leveraging Deloitte’s global network and working collaboratively across the whole business, you’ll be part of a group delivering a full range of intra-group corporate and commercial law services - from complex advisory services related to major business life events, to restructuring contractual arrangements, and much more. Find out more.

Employment Law and Employee Incentives

You’ll have the opportunity to work on both a global and local scale, collaborating across the whole Deloitte business. You’ll work in a team helping businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions about this work force and on all on all aspects of employment law and employee relations. Delve deeper.

Global Employer Immigration Services

Join us, and you’ll be part of one of the largest immigration teams in the world. Our size and exceptionally diverse portfolio of clients means the opportunity to develop your career in whichever direction you want is yours for the taking. As an immigration expert, you’ll work closely with colleagues in our Tax and Human Capital teams, ensuring clients have the right talent in the right location at the right time, whilst helping mitigate ever-increasing immigration risk. Find out more.

Tax Litigation, Advisory and Settlement Solutions

Managing tax risks has never been more important or more difficult. As part of a multi-disciplined team comprising qualified lawyers, accredited mediators, HMRC-trained inspectors and qualified tax advisers, you’ll have the opportunity to work on some of the most complex and high profile tax cases in the UK and European Union. Depending on your area of expertise and interest, you could be involved in anything from litigation strategy development and instructing counsel, to advice on tax strategy implementation and dispute resolution issues. Find out more.

Legal Managed Services

You’ll work directly with General Counsel and Legal COO’s of some of the world’s largest organisations, in highly regulated industries. With innovation at the heart of everything we do, you’ll work with some of the latest technologies and processes to help these clients increase the value of the service they deliver, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of their legal functions. Delve deeper.

Legal Management Consulting

A heightened regulatory environment, mass globalisation of business, and acceleration of technology advancements means that legal teams are experiencing unprecedented transformation. Deloitte’s Legal Management Consulting takes a new approach, uniquely designed by legal experts to help in-house lawyers run their departments more efficiently and comprehensively meet their business needs. You’ll work with cutting-edge systems, models, and frameworks to advise and support clients - from every type of industry – through these challenging times. Find out more.

Meet our Deloitte Legal people

"It’s a hugely fulfilling place to work."

case studiesWhat do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy working with such varied, high quality clients. I work on company re-organisations and mergers and acquisitions. Each project is unique, complex and always challenging, which makes every day at work different and interesting. As a result, I gain so much insight into lots of different industries and meet clients with diverse backgrounds which makes every meeting a learning experience.

How’s your work-life balance?

This is a genuine priority at Deloitte. I’m encouraged to work from home whenever it’s convenient. My hours are flexible – if I want to start earlier or later I can, provided I work my weekly hours overall. There are loads of non-work related initiatives going on that you can become involved in. I’m the charity communications lead for the Birmingham office, for example, and I also did the Wolf Run with a Deloitte team.

Why would you recommend Deloitte?

Deloitte encourages employees not only to have a work life balance but also to get involved in charitable projects, business development and technology innovation (just to name a few!) alongside client work. It’s a hugely fulfilling place to work.

"Deloitte is about to change the face of the legal market."

case studiesWhat does your job involve?

Working in the UK immigration team to process work permit applications. Day-to-day, this means interacting with our client’s candidates, and with recruiters and HR teams throughout the immigration process, as well as advising clients on the complex regulations involved. I also deliver training sessions to our client’s HR teams on the UK immigration process. Although my days are filled with the same type of application, no two days are the same, because every applicant is vastly different.

What’s your passion outside work?

I enjoy Events Management. I do voluntary youth work, and also volunteer with the GUBA Enterprise, which is working to strengthen the gap between Ghana and the UK.

What’s the best part of your job?

So many things. The diversity of the clients keeps the workload interesting. The diversity of our team members is a great opportunity to learn to interact with different personalities. We get good support within the direct and wider team, which is great for sharing knowledge. Project work enables you to try something different from your current role. And all the social events, which mean you get to know your colleagues outside of the job.

Why should I join Deloitte?

Deloitte is innovative and about to change the face of the legal market, so now is a great time to join. It’s a really supportive environment that helps you grow and become the best analyst possible. There’s real flexibility too. I work from home on Fridays and can work between the London and Chiswick offices throughout the week.

"Deloitte genuinely values work-life balance and follows through on the promise."

Pride case studiesHow did you get here and what do you do?

I joined Deloitte from Eversheds Sutherland in January 2019 after a successful collaboration on a piece of litigation. My job involves supervision of and technical input into high profile tax disputes with HMRC. This includes identifying potential disputes with a view to avoiding settlement through Alternate Dispute Resolution, or providing expertise on litigation strategy, if settlement is not achievable.

What’s a typical day like?

It’s usually split between case management of active matters with the team, identifying and preparing for new opportunities (e.g. presenting to the Transfer Pricing team on our services), and longer-term strategy development for the team. I also carve out a bit of time each day to review any new tax/legal developments. And I always go for a run at lunchtime (work permitting) as this helps me get through the lunchtime ‘slump’.

Do you have flexibility in how you work?

I try to work from home one day a week, typically to focus on a specific ongoing project or to develop new ideas based on new judicial decisions and legislation. Deloitte genuinely values work-life balance and follows through on the promise.

What’s the best part of your job?

Most jobs are made tenfold more enjoyable by the people you work with, and this is no exception. It was a key reason behind my move to Deloitte.

And the most memorable moment?

I have to say I have two most memorable moments. The resolution of the first step of an extremely complex and long-fought piece of litigation. And the Associate Director course in Brussels, which introduced me to hundreds of colleagues from across Deloitte’s global network.

"It often feels like a start-up business even though we are working within the largest professional services firm in the world."

Pride case studiesWhat’s your role?

I am a corporate lawyer and Senior Managing Associate in our Legal Services team. I advise clients on a range of corporate legal matters, but principally with regard to restructuring or refinancing corporate groups or buying/selling companies/businesses.

What do you love about your job?

The variety of work. No two transactions are the same and I get to see under the bonnet of interesting businesses, from huge global corporations to local family run businesses. I also enjoy the business development aspects. We are building a team and there’s a great entrepreneurial spirit. It often feels like a start-up business even though we are working within the largest professional services firm in the world.

What were you anxious about before you joined? How has that turned out in reality?

As I was joining to help build a new team, I was a little anxious as to how well the other business areas within Deloitte would receive us, particularly as a large part of our practice relies on referrals from other parts of the business. In reality, the reception has been fantastic. We have received welcoming support across a number of business areas and internal work referrals have exceeded our expectations.

In what ways is your team innovative?

We are constantly looking at ways in which we can tailor our service offerings to meet the business needs of our clients. Our ability to seamlessly integrate legal services into broader solutions offered by Deloitte is a differentiator as compared to traditional law firms. Deloitte also has some impressive proprietary technology which we can use to streamline/improve the delivery of legal services. We are ahead of the competition in this regard, including the other Big Four.

Are you able to work flexibly?

Yes, Deloitte encourages flexible working. Provided my team knows where I am, I can work where I choose (within reason!). When not in lockdown I split my time between working in our Manchester office and working from home, with trips to London and our other regional offices for team or client meetings.

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