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From complex analytics to cyber security, digital strategy and delivery to major infrastructure change, we cover every angle of technology for businesses and industries. Every day, our people imagine new ways to answer the most challenging issues our firm and our clients face, in this ever-more tech-dependent, interconnected and disruptive world.

Your technology career at Deloitte

What makes Deloitte different to technology-only companies is that we’re also a leading professional services firm. We have strong relationships with some of the world’s biggest, most influential brands, who trust us to solve their trickiest problems. What sets us apart is the diversity of the locations, projects, and clients we work with. We look at the whole technology challenge in an agnostic way: from strategy and consulting, to tailoring, managing and delivering a huge range of programmes and solutions. What’s more, our flexible talent model means you can develop a career across a range of product disciplines. Working here means progressing your career your way, alongside some of the very best in the industry.

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Career opportunities in Technology


As the largest, most prolific cyber consultancy, our insights and skills are in demand. We believe our success and ongoing growth are the result of a uniquely collaborative approach; our scale and structure means you can draw on all kinds of expertise from across our entire global business. So you can behave as a true business partner for your clients. Whatever your particular focus, you’ll get the opportunity here to innovate, pioneer, and to make a genuine and lasting impact, as you develop your career. Discover more

Data Analytics

From Corporate and Digital Analytics, to People and Workforce Analytics, we have a large range of data analysis roles available. These roles span business areas that include; Risk, Forensic, Tech Consulting, Monitor, Deloitte Digital, Human Capital Consulting, and Audit & Assurance. Our colleagues work around the UK on challenging engagements with leading FTSE 100 clients. There’s also opportunities for international travel, to deliver projects with our large global clients.

Deloitte Digital

We help clients to imagine, deliver and run entirely new business futures, by creating innovative ventures, digital platforms and more meaningful experiences. In short, using technology and creativity to better connect the customer with the business, in a way no traditional consultancy or agency can. Ours is a diverse, collaborative team, with interconnected talents in everything from strategy and design to data and platform integration, as well as advertising, e-commerce and optimisation. This is where you’ll craft beautiful human experiences that create the competitive advantage and business growth only digital transformation makes possible. Discover more

Forensic Technology

Join Forensic Technology and you’ll be part of the world’s leading provider of Forensic and Dispute Advisory services. Our teams are constantly sought out by high profile organisations who need to perform extensive, complex and often urgent investigations. Clients range from the biggest corporates and household names, to law firms and smaller businesses. And we use the most advanced technological solutions to assist them.

IT Services

Collectively our team is responsible for the technology in every one of our UK offices; from enabling client-facing colleagues to delivering the outstanding quality services Deloitte is renowned for. Our people are experts in everything from architecture and project delivery to risk and security, as well as day-to-day operational support. Join IT and you’ll be joining 2,000 professionals who live, breathe and deliver the Deloitte experience. Delve deeper

Products & Solutions

With the agility of a start-up, and the backing of the world’s largest professional services firm, we design, build and run software products. In Products & Solutions, we’re naturally curious about the world and making things better. We’re driven by the desire to discover, design and deliver what does not yet exist. And we share a passion for creating high quality enterprise software. Utilising Deloitte’s deep heritage, we help provide solutions to our clients’ most complex challenges. What does the future of professional services look like? It looks like us. Find out more

Technology in Consulting

Impact and value drive everything we do. We work at the highest level, with senior leaders in some of the world’s largest organisations, to create innovative solutions that deliver maximum return on investment. Depending on your area of expertise, you’ll work with cutting-edge technologies to help clients transform their technology platforms and and deliver on business outcomes. Or on clients’ key functions, spanning strategy articulation, process design and technology enablement, with a focus on enabling functions, such as Finance, Supply Chain and Technology. Whether you’re in our Business Operations or Enterprise Technology & Performance team , you’ll be working alongside some of the greatest minds around. Delve deeper

People of Deloitte - Technology

"It’s such an inspiring place to work; everyone you talk to is working on something interesting."

Technology case studiesWhy Deloitte?

It’s such an inspiring place to work; everyone you talk to is working on something interesting. There are always so many exciting things to get involved with that it’s a challenge to prioritise where to spend your time. Everyone always says “it’s the people”, and that’s true. Working for a brand you feel proud of feels pretty good too. And you don’t have any stress about fitting into a particular stereotype, because there are so many different types of people in Deloitte Digital.

Tell us about your most exciting project?

There have been various highlights over the years, a number come to mind; implementing a visualisation tool that helps an auction house see who’s bought each piece of art, designing how a new loyalty scheme would work in a large retailer, getting a large department store ready for a switch over to a new contact centre solution, and implementing technology that provides a luxury retailer with a single view of all their customers and the enabling tools that allow them to use this for more personalised marketing and better customer service.

Why choose Deloitte Digital over a competitor?

I’ve never experienced another culture that’s so unafraid to break traditional boundaries, and is so forward looking in its strategy and approach. It’s exciting to be working somewhere that’s bringing together a unique set of capabilities that we can see clients are looking for and value.

How’s the work-life balance?

I work Monday to Thursday and spend Fridays in my other major role in life, as a mum to two small and very active little boys. The juxtaposition of working life and pirate role play on a daily basis keeps things interesting.

"I joined this team because it was a chance to be involved with building something from scratch."

Technology Case StudiesWhy did you join the Products & Solutions Team?

I joined this team because it was a chance to be involved with building something from scratch. There are very smart people here doing very smart things. We are building out the ability to build technology assets that mean we can deliver faster, cheaper, better solutions to our clients. This is where our business is heading. Being in early is amazing, it’s the place to be.

How would you describe what Products & Solutions do?

We’re creating assets that suit the problems that a professional services firm is asked to solve. Clients want to get to a better answer quicker - Products & Solutions is paving the way for us to support them in that. It’s creating the ability for us to be a technology enabled professional services firm.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

It’s an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the world, and do all sorts of different things. We get asked to solve some of the most complex and challenging issues these organisations face. So if you want to work in a product world but on a different scale of problem, with a huge amount of diversity, then this is a great opportunity for you.

"The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled."

Technology Case StudiesWhy did you join the Products & Solutions Team?

I joined Deloitte because this team is like a start-up - it’s small and we get to be really involved with everything - but we have the backing of the Deloitte brand and the resources that come with that; an existing list of big name clients, the most innovative technologies, financial support and career development. I am constantly surrounded by smart and innovative people. Deloitte has an obvious strategic focus on products and innovation so there are tremendous opportunities here.

How would you describe what the Products & Solutions teams do?

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace, automation is replacing a lot of the repetitive tasks people have traditionally done. This, teamed with the vast amount of great ideas our consultants were coming up with to solve our clients’ issues, pointed to Deloitte establishing a dedicated resource to automate and streamline the production of these ideas and assets. We work with every part of the Deloitte business – once an idea has been established as viable, our Products & Solutions teams look at the user experience and how best to design the product. We shadow clients to understand how they are using anything we create, where they get blocked and have issues, how we might improve it. We design the products so that we really address their specific pain points.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

This is a start-up type environment, we’re still a small team but really innovative, so you are getting involved early in a developing team. But we’re not a start-up, we’re part of a global firm, we have the backing of Deloitte’s reputation, the brand, and the support and resources that come with that. The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role, there is global reach and you work with all parts of the Deloitte business. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled.

"We’re all encouraged to challenge how we do things and to think about how we could do better."

Technology Case StudiesHow would you describe what you do in Cyber?

I think that people assume ‘Cyber’ only relates to hacking and the implementation of security solutions, but it’s so much more than that. We help our clients with strategy, risk management, governance and assessment of their overall security position. We are involved with everything relating to information security and that’s what I find so interesting - I’m always learning.

Tell us about your most interesting project?

I really enjoy working on Cyber Target Operating Models. We look at a client’s information security situation including strategy, operations, organisation design and processes. We then assess that against industry standards, competitor activity and regulatory requirements: all to find the most effective way for them to manage and grow their teams. I’ve worked with all sorts of clients from global financial services firms to large transport and logistics companies. I love getting to see inside their businesses to understand their culture and the issues they face. Applying my experience to help resolve their challenges is so rewarding.

What’s your working day like?

The work is extremely varied, so no two days are ever the same. We deliver strategies, frameworks, reviews, assessments and advisory reports for our clients. We engage with them and our internal teams constantly, to resolve any challenges that might come up and to manage project expectations. This might involve collating project status reports, or creating proposals for new projects. There is a huge amount of collaboration, and if you’re ever struggling with something you can guarantee there’ll be someone in the team who has some experience or insight that will help you out. We’re all encouraged to challenge how we do things and to think about how we could do better. That mindset underpins every aspect of our day to day work.

"It is really great to work for a company which is so highly respected and has great ambition to grow; we get to grow with it."

Technology Case StudiesWhy should someone join Deloitte Digital?

I joined through the Graduate programme in 2011. At the time I was working as a personal trainer. One of my clients was a Management Consultant so I was always hearing about her work and it sounded really interesting. I also knew a couple of people who’d joined Deloitte, including another personal trainer in my gym. I knew I wanted to do something different with my career so I decided to go back to Uni and do a Masters in Business Management. It was during that time that I applied for Deloitte. Now I work in the Marketing & Insight team in Deloitte Digital. I’ve worked on various projects across lots of different industries – but most of my experience has been with marketing departments from Telco and Consumer Business organisations.

What projects have you found most exciting or innovative?

My very first project was for EA games looking at the marketing launch for FIFA; that was really exciting. At the moment I’m working on supporting new data privacy regulations (GDPR) and how this impacts marketing processes and automated systems. This may not sound very exciting – but it’s actually fascinating getting to grips with how the new laws will change the way we think and operate, especially from a customer communications perspective. It’s having a huge impact on the Marketing and Sales systems in complex global organisations – being involved in that is really interesting.

What do you enjoy most about working in Deloitte Digital?

The people. They are just brilliant. Everyone comes from a different background with different experiences - so there is always something to learn and people to turn to for support. We also do quite a lot socially which I love. I get to travel, and there is so much variety in what I do so I feel I’m constantly developing myself. And I feel that I have a lot of control over my career path – we are strongly encouraged to speak up about what we enjoy and are interested in, there is always a project that you can join that aligns with that. It is really great to work for a company which is so highly respected and has great ambition to grow; we get to grow with it.

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