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Are you naturally curious about the world and making things better? Our Products & Solutions teams are. We share a passion for creating high quality, algorithm-driven and data analytics-led enterprise software. Leveraging Deloitte’s deep heritage, we help solve our clients’ most complex challenges. With the agility of a start-up, but within the world’s largest professional services firm, we design, build and run software products. What does the future of professional services look like? It looks like us.

The work we do, the “things” we create

Our products are imagined, created, managed, run, enhanced and supported by dedicated teams of commercial software engineers, product managers and operational specialists - collaborating with technology thought leaders and client-facing teams spanning the Deloitte organisation.

Instead of “following the herd” and developing technology in search of a business problem, we “follow the challenge,” focusing on specific problems that we see many of our clients experiencing time and again.

We do this on our own and through exciting partnerships. Our collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies seeks to address complex, industry-wide challenges and improve performance across clients’ businesses – initially focussed on healthcare, life science, retail and transport.

We are leading the evolution of professional services. Grounded in the Deloitte ecosystem of service, experience and relationships, we enjoy the benefits and security of working within the world’s largest professional services firm - whilst having the agility and freedom of a start-up; driving new ideas, mind-sets and culture.

We disrupt and deliver innovative solutions every day, helping our clients unlock possibilities and navigate complexities

Impact of Innovation

We disrupt and deliver solutions every day, helping our clients unlock possibilities and navigate complexities

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Collaborating creatively with McLaren

The world of motorsport meets Deloitte’s digital and analytical expertise. Our collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies aims to tackle complex, industry-wide challenges and improve performance across clients’ businesses. We’re closing the physical-to-digital-to-physical divide for organisations, by capturing data from the physical world, to create a digital record. Using advanced analytics and machine learning; we’re delivering information in automated and more effective ways, to drive better business decisions in the real world.

Finding the right discount for retailers

As the end of season sales approach for a retailer, a decision needs to be taken on what prices to reduce the old items to. Cut too deep and the product will fly off the shelves, but at a loss. Cut too shallow and they will be left with too many jumpers when they need to be selling t-shirts for summer. It’s a simple, but age-old optimisation problem that all retailers face. Our solution began with a consultant who build a bespoke solution for client in Excel. These simple spreadsheets proved so successful, they repeated the process again for another client. When they found themselves doing it over and over, starting from scratch each time, they saw they had a potential product on their hands.

Our Markdown Optimisation product is live with some of the biggest retailers in the UK and globally, across fashion, health & beauty, and general merchandise. We’re now leveraging it as the foundation for future disruptive retail analytics products.

Redefining identification

“Can you provide 3 proofs of identity please?” The perennial question when we are opening bank accounts, applying for mortgages or starting new jobs. Smart ID provides a new, transparent way for individuals, organisations and devices to obtain, verify and share identity credentials with one another electronically and in real time.

Built using Blockchain technology, the Smart ID platform looks forward to how we will manage our identity in a more automated world. Users can create and store identity attributes like an ID reference, driving licence or passport. This can be endorsed by third parties to form verifiable credentials for use within any digital interaction. The platform, which we have open-sourced parts of, offers vast opportunities for the automation of identity linked processes such as customer registration or KYC (Know Your Customer).

Tackling crime with innovation

From cutting edge cloud services to crowd-sourcing, we’re all about creating Products and leveraging new technologies to assist our Forensic colleagues in uncovering financial crime, and to investigate bribery, corruption and fraud.

Our clients are some of the largest and most influential companies in the UK and globally, working on cases that often make headline news. Our technology has been used in multi-billion dollar court cases, to identify fraudulent accounting and to resolve issues surrounding alleged fuel emissions fraud.

Each of our projects is an open laboratory for the creation and management of technology to swiftly detect and track the consequences of misconduct.

The People of P&S: entrepreneurs, inventors and pioneers

Product & Solutions people are not client facing. We are ‘product thought leaders’ who seek to challenge the old and influence what is yet to exist. Encapsulating Deloitte’s world-leading intellectual property (IP) in innovative technological solutions for our clients, we are curious against all odds. Looking at problems from multiple angles, drawing on our collective insight and constantly asking ourselves; how can we do this better?

Your career in Products & Solutions at Deloitte

What sets us apart from other technology-only companies is the diversity of clients we work with. As a leading professional services firm, we already have strong relationships with some of the world’s biggest, most influential brands who trust us to solve their trickiest problems. Giving ourselves the freedom and the support to experiment, to inspire change and to challenge. We are going to make an impact and leave our legacy.

Our flexible talent model allows each of us to develop a career across a range of product related disciplines. Whether you choose to be an individual thinker, or to pursue the management career path, you’ll have every opportunity to broaden and diversify your skills, throughout your career.

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"The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled."

Nia WylandWhy did you join the Products & Solutions Teams?

I joined Deloitte because this team is like a start-up - it’s small and we get to be really involved with everything - but we have the backing of the Deloitte brand and the resources that come with that; an existing list of big name clients, the most innovative technologies, financial support and career development. I am constantly surrounded by smart and innovative people. Deloitte has an obvious strategic focus on products and innovation so there are tremendous opportunities here.

How would you describe what the Products & Solutions teams do?

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace, automation is replacing a lot of the repetitive tasks people have traditionally done. This, teamed with the vast amount of great ideas our consultants were coming up with to solve our clients’ issues, pointed to Deloitte establishing a dedicated resource to automate and streamline the production of these ideas and assets.

We work with every part of the Deloitte business – once an idea has been established as viable, our Products & Solutions teams look at the user experience and how best to design the product. We shadow clients to understand how they are using anything we create, where they get blocked and have issues, how we might improve it. We design the products so that we really address their specific pain points.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

This is a start-up type environment, we’re still a small team but really innovative, so you are getting involved early in a developing team. But we’re not a start-up, we’re part of a global firm, we have the backing of Deloitte’s reputation, the brand, and the support and resources that come with that. The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role, there is global reach and you work with all parts of the Deloitte business. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled.

"I joined this team because it was a chance to be involved with building something from scratch."

Greg HowardWhy did you join the Products & Solutions Teams?

I joined this team because it was a chance to be involved with building something from scratch. There are very smart people here doing very smart things. We are building out the ability to build technology assets that mean we can deliver faster, cheaper, better solutions to our clients. This is where our business is heading. Being in early is amazing, it’s the place to be.

How would you describe what the Products & Solutions teams do?

We’re creating assets that suit the problems that a professional services firm is asked to solve. Clients want to get to a better answer quicker - Products & Solutions is paving the way for us to support them in that. It’s creating the ability for us to be a technology enabled professional services firm.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

It’s an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the world, and do all sorts of different things. We get asked to solve some of the most complex and challenging issues these organisations face. So if you want to work in a product world but on a different scale of problem, with a huge amount of diversity, then this is a great opportunity for you.

"We’re changing how we go to market with our clients. That’s a huge thing."

Christian GillstrapDescribe what the Products & Solutions team do in Risk Advisory?

To use an analogy – imagine you wanted to make a film. If it’s low budget you’d do everything yourself – the scripts, the rights, directing and so on. If it’s big budget you have a cast of thousands to create that film. That’s what Products & Solutions do for Deloitte. We are the cast of experts that get the blockbuster to market. We create the repeatable processes, and get the right people together, to make sure an idea succeeds. We introduce disruptors such as robotics and artificial intelligence. We find parts of the business that need these products and we create them.
A lot of ideas in Risk Advisory respond to what these disruptive technologies create, for example, how can we tell if what machine learning is churning out is correct? We need to find a solution to that. There are also a lot of Risk Advisory functions that can be automated, such as how technology can be used to respond to regulation, or to develop analytical insights.

What’s the most interesting project within Risk Advisory?

I’d probably say our voice analytics technology, BEAT (Behavioural and Emotional Analytics Tool). It uses AI, advanced cognitive technology and machine learning, to analyse a company’s interactions with its customers. Through listening to calls it can detect whether a customer is distressed, angry, or confused. It transcribes conversations and searches for words and phrases, to ensure your company isn’t using language it shouldn’t. It then flags all these things so you can take corrective action. It’s a fascinating project.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

You’re surrounded by subject matter experts; industry experts, technology experts, and you can access that knowledge whenever you need to. You also have access to clients who understand what the problems are and you can validate what you’re thinking with them. Our relationships are established enough that you can do that without it being a risk. What I personally find so exciting is that we have the freedom to affect massive change. We’re changing how we go to market with our clients. That’s a huge thing.

"I enjoy the combination of working with people, computers and software, and getting a project through."

Mark MolsonWhy did you join the Deloitte Products & Solutions team?

I like the fact there’s a focus on a specific client need or problem. We’ve adopted a "DevOps" agile approach to develop and distribute innovative new technology. This means I've got to understand the impact for both customers and developers. It’s exciting to work the way we do; it needs to be speedy, so you have to just get stuck in and get it done. You can’t be frightened of failure, just give it a really good go and the feeling of success is great. I enjoy the combination of working with people, computers and software, and getting a project through. There’s a real sense of achievement. I love my job, I get to make mistakes, but the trick is to minimise those and learn from them.

What’s your role in the Products & Solutions teams?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say that I set the price for women’s fashion. Essentially with our Markdown optimisation tool that’s what I do. When it’s the end of a season retailers discount their stock to clear it, so finding the right discount rate is a challenge; discount too much and you’ll lose money, discount too little and you’ll be left with stock. Markdown tells retailers what their optimum discount rate should be, based on rate of sale. I’ve been really involved with the development and deployment of this product.

It’s important that I understand the day-to-day challenges of the industry sector I’m working in, as well as knowing the technology and how we need to apply that to the problems we’re trying to solve. We also have to keep scalability in mind. There’s a discipline that comes with that. Using judgement is essential. It’s that combination that makes my role so interesting.

Why should someone join the Products & Solutions teams?

You’ll get things thrown at you that you may not have done before so it’s an amazing opportunity to learn and develop. You’ve got to be nimble. You’ll have the chance to try new things and do big picture stuff - not just writing tickets and fixing things for people. You have to think about what you are doing. It’s a challenge – we’re creating a whole new way of working with our clients. The potential here is enormous.

"We work in an agile way using continuous delivery and cloud technologies. This is the future of professional services."

Peter HempsallWhy did you join the Products & Solutions teams?

I joined Deloitte as a graduate 11 years ago and have had a number of different roles in technology since then. I could see that the Consulting market was changing, with clients increasing looking for products rather than bespoke solutions – we needed a way to make that happen. I’ve always really enjoyed seeing the impact that we make for our clients. Products and Solutions allows us to do that on an even larger scale. It’s a really interesting group of people with different skills and experience. We’ve got product management, creative design, and engineering. It’s an evolution of what we’ve done before, but having all of these people together in one dedicated team means that we can suddenly do things we couldn’t do before and that’s really exciting. I also love that we are able to make choices about what we build and how. We can really push what we’re doing and design for scale. We have a lot of autonomy which brings amazing opportunities.

How would you describe what the Products & Solutions teams do?

We build products that solve important challenges facing entire industries. And they make an impact across multiple clients. We work in an agile way using continuous delivery and cloud technologies. This is the future of professional services.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

Client access – this is something you wouldn’t get in a start-up. We have strong, established relationships with our clients so have access to their most difficult challenges and are able to test our concepts with them really quickly. We’re privileged to be able to really understand their issues and what they need. And these are big, exciting problems that really matter. Also, we have a high-growth culture - our small teams are growing quickly as we both scale each product and grow the number of products we have. It’s like a portfolio of start-ups.

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