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Are you naturally curious about the world and making things better? Our Products & Solutions teams are. We share a passion for creating high quality, algorithm-driven and data analytics-led enterprise software. Leveraging Deloitte’s deep heritage, we help solve our clients’ most complex challenges. With the agility of a start-up, but within the world’s largest professional services firm, we design, build and run software products. What does the future of professional services look like? It looks like us.

The work we do, the “things” we create

Our products are imagined, created, managed, run, enhanced and supported by dedicated teams of commercial software engineers, product managers and operational specialists - collaborating with technology thought leaders and client-facing teams spanning the Deloitte organisation.

Instead of “following the herd” and developing technology in search of a business problem, we “follow the challenge,” focusing on specific problems that we see many of our clients experiencing time and again.

We do this on our own and through exciting partnerships. Our collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies seeks to address complex, industry-wide challenges and improve performance across clients’ businesses – initially focussed on healthcare, life science, retail and transport.

We are leading the evolution of professional services. Grounded in the Deloitte ecosystem of service, experience and relationships, we enjoy the benefits and security of working within the world’s largest professional services firm - whilst having the agility and freedom of a start-up; driving new ideas, mind-sets and culture.

We disrupt and deliver innovative solutions every day, helping our clients unlock possibilities and navigate complexities

Impact of Innovation

We disrupt and deliver solutions every day, helping our clients unlock possibilities and navigate complexities

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Collaborating creatively with McLaren

The world of motorsport meets Deloitte’s digital and analytical expertise. Our collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies aims to tackle complex, industry-wide challenges and improve performance across clients’ businesses. We’re closing the physical-to-digital-to-physical divide for organisations, by capturing data from the physical world, to create a digital record. Using advanced analytics and machine learning; we’re delivering information in automated and more effective ways, to drive better business decisions in the real world.

Finding the right discount for retailers

As the end of season sales approach for a retailer, a decision needs to be taken on what prices to reduce the old items to. Cut too deep and the product will fly off the shelves, but at a loss. Cut too shallow and they will be left with too many jumpers when they need to be selling t-shirts for summer. It’s a simple, but age-old optimisation problem that all retailers face. Our solution began with a consultant who build a bespoke solution for client in Excel. These simple spreadsheets proved so successful, they repeated the process again for another client. When they found themselves doing it over and over, starting from scratch each time, they saw they had a potential product on their hands.

Our Markdown Optimisation product is live with some of the biggest retailers in the UK and globally, across fashion, health & beauty, and general merchandise. We’re now leveraging it as the foundation for future disruptive retail analytics products.

Redefining identification

“Can you provide 3 proofs of identity please?” The perennial question when we are opening bank accounts, applying for mortgages or starting new jobs. Smart ID provides a new, transparent way for individuals, organisations and devices to obtain, verify and share identity credentials with one another electronically and in real time.

Built using Blockchain technology, the Smart ID platform looks forward to how we will manage our identity in a more automated world. Users can create and store identity attributes like an ID reference, driving licence or passport. This can be endorsed by third parties to form verifiable credentials for use within any digital interaction. The platform, which we have open-sourced parts of, offers vast opportunities for the automation of identity linked processes such as customer registration or KYC (Know Your Customer).

Tackling crime with innovation

From cutting edge cloud services to crowd-sourcing, we’re all about creating Products and leveraging new technologies to assist our Forensic colleagues in uncovering financial crime, and to investigate bribery, corruption and fraud.

Our clients are some of the largest and most influential companies in the UK and globally, working on cases that often make headline news. Our technology has been used in multi-billion dollar court cases, to identify fraudulent accounting and to resolve issues surrounding alleged fuel emissions fraud.

Each of our projects is an open laboratory for the creation and management of technology to swiftly detect and track the consequences of misconduct.

The People of P&S: entrepreneurs, inventors and pioneers

Product & Solutions people are not client facing. We are ‘product thought leaders’ who seek to challenge the old and influence what is yet to exist. Encapsulating Deloitte’s world-leading intellectual property (IP) in innovative technological solutions for our clients, we are curious against all odds. Looking at problems from multiple angles, drawing on our collective insight and constantly asking ourselves; how can we do this better?

Your career in Products & Solutions at Deloitte

What sets us apart from other technology-only companies is the diversity of clients we work with. As a leading professional services firm, we already have strong relationships with some of the world’s biggest, most influential brands who trust us to solve their trickiest problems. Giving ourselves the freedom and the support to experiment, to inspire change and to challenge. We are going to make an impact and leave our legacy.

Our flexible talent model allows each of us to develop a career across a range of product related disciplines. Whether you choose to be an individual thinker, or to pursue the management career path, you’ll have every opportunity to broaden and diversify your skills, throughout your career.

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