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Innovation and tax consultancy may not seem to go together, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Deloitte. We’re constantly seeking the new and working together to push the limits of what’s possible. Discover a new kind of tax career that you can make your own.

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We’re the new generation of tax consultants, fusing strategy, technology, compliance and tax advisory. Here, you’ll work collaboratively and creatively; discover new, better ways of working; and get to focus on what makes you passionate. From innovative, strategic projects with partners like Apple and McLaren, to providing pro bono advice. It’s all here for you.

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Cathy works in Tax in our Reading office. She designs share incentives and remuneration plans for her clients around the world. What opportunities could you find at Deloitte?

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Whether your expertise is in mobility, indirect or corporate tax, you’ll be working with colleagues across our business to help clients make the right decisions, on a worldwide scale.

Business Tax

We deliver trusted business and tax advice for all kinds of clients, from banking giants and global consumer businesses to pop stars and sporting heroes. Our sought-after teams offer everything from filing tax returns to the most complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning. Where you specialise is up to you. Find out more.

Global Employer Services (GES)

Two words sum up our market leading Global Employer Services practice: Mobility and Reward. Mobility is focused on supporting employers to move their people across the globe, providing expert tax, legal and commercial advice. Reward is about supporting employers with the design of remuneration arrangements for their senior people and managing the tax implications of all-employee pay and benefits. With tremendous breadth to our services, where you specialise is up to you. Find out more.

Indirect Tax

You could be involved in a multi-million-pound property transaction, working with HMRC on the impact of new legislation, or providing high-value advice on the VAT aspects of a corporate restructure. Join one of the largest indirect tax practices in the world and you’ll get to the heart of all kinds of businesses. Delve deeper.

Meet our Tax people

"You never have to do it all on your own here. It’s great to know that we’re all in it together; we’re much stronger that way and it’s healthier for everyone too."

Tax case studiesTell us your Deloitte journey

I joined in 1998 and became a Partner in 2013. I currently lead a team in the south-east who work with clients to develop incentive arrangements for their employees globally. I also have leadership responsibilities for the national Incentives & Reward Consulting practice. My clients range from small private companies to large FSTE100 institutions, and include a number of overseas parented companies – particularly from the US.

How do support your team to develop?

Historically it’s always been the Partners who bring in new business. Because the Reading client base is so diverse, I’ve empowered my team to take a more active role in winning and leading work. Not just the managers, but the more junior team members too. This not only enables us to grow the business more effectively with a broader portfolio of clients, it allows the team to build deeper relationships and get closer to the client’s issues. It also means that when it comes to building a business case for promotion, my team are far more able to do that than if they’d been waiting for work to fall into their lap.

What’s your biggest priority as a partner?

Finding the time to invest in my team, without a doubt. I believe that caring about others is central to good leadership. It has to matter to you personally: how your team are performing, how they’re developing, how they’re progressing. It takes the whole team to come together to be a success. I try and create an environment for every one of them to be the best they can.

What support have you had to develop your own skills?

The biggest influence by far has been making the time to find a good mentor. I was lucky that a Partner in our group invested time in me before I made Partner myself. I still go to him now to bounce ideas off him if I’m unsure about something, and just watching and mirroring his approach helps me get better every day. You never have to do it all on your own here. It’s great to know that we’re all in it together; we’re much stronger that way and it’s healthier for everyone too.

"The beauty of Deloitte is that we're so big and diverse you can easily surround yourself with people who complement your style to create highly effective teams together."

Tax case studiesWhat advice would you give to someone joining Deloitte?

Above all, don't try to be something you're not. Focus on the things you're good at, because they're the things you'll be passionate about, and where you'll have the biggest impact. The beauty of Deloitte is that we're so big and diverse you can easily surround yourself with people who complement your style to create highly effective teams together. Use your life experience and learn from your mistakes - and the mistakes of others - and then use your common sense to shape the way you behave.

Tell us something you feel is important in your role as one of Deloitte’s leaders?

Being a good leader doesn't need to be overcomplicated. It's about being genuine and committed to others, and not being too interested in yourself. A lot of people here are very good, very clever - but so are the people around them. They're much better together than they would be on their own.

Also, some people need a lot of support and direction, but others don't. You need to be able to spot those who need more of your attention and those who want you to step back; both can flourish at Deloitte so it’s important to support everyone in the way that works best for them.

Is feedback a two-way process, even though you’re a Partner?

Absolutely. 360° feedback is an essential tool in everyone’s development here. For example, reflecting on the feedback my teams gave me, I recognise that I need to flex my style to better 'inspire action'. I'm working on encouraging and supporting people to go beyond what's easy and comfortable.

What else are you involved with at Deloitte?

I'm very lucky to lead a fantastic team of Deloitte volunteers in the North West, whose collective success was recognised in our Impact Awards. Having qualified as a maths teacher after my degree, I have a particular passion for the work we do with schools to improve social mobility. The way I approach this work is no different to how I'd lead a client team. In fact, I think you should treat everyone you interact with as if they're a client. Working with volunteers and charity partners is no different.

"Above all, I’m glad I joined because of my colleagues. The people Deloitte employ are very smart, motivated and personable."

Tax case studiesWhat’s your role at Deloitte?

I’m a consultant working in mergers and acquisitions corporate transactions, however I also do some UK advisory and compliance work. I work full time, and primarily at the Reading office – although I do work from home on the odd occasion and appreciate that flexibility.

What made you join?

After graduating I became a full time athlete, even competing for the GB rowing team until I retired in 2013. I joined Deloitte for the clear career progression and chance to study while I was working and gaining experience. I wanted to get a qualification which would open doors, in a firm which was international and extremely highly regarded. Deloitte is also really transparent around career progression and salary. Above all though, I’m glad I joined because of my colleagues. The people Deloitte employ are very smart, motivated and personable.

Why should someone join your team?

You acquire a lot of knowledge – fast. It’s really interesting work, often for household names. You’ll get great experience across a wide range of clients and industries, and have access to experts in every field and colleagues across the world who will support you when needed. I’ve worked on some really exciting projects. For example; the listing of ContourGlobal Plc on the London Stock Exchange to take the business public and bring in new investors, and the simplification of a huge international group, reducing the number of corporate entities from 400 to 200.

Can you give an example of how innovation is utilised in Tax at Deloitte?

Technology helps transaction teams develop their reports faster, with more automated analysis of information. We currently have technology/transaction teams working on using technology to improve our processes and cut out admin tasks which take us away from other, more interesting work.

"You can develop into a strong tax specialist and advisor quickly. There are no limits on how far you can go."

Tax case studiesWhat’s your role at Deloitte?

I lead a team who win and develop relationships with large international groups. We support and advise on international tax issues through transitions such as acquisition, disposal, business restructure, and political change. I enable my team to keep our clients happy, progress in their careers and become brilliant advisors and leaders of tomorrow. I work full time but sometimes from home, and use flexible hours if I want to come in late occasionally! High performance is not simply about ‘clocking in’ at 9. At Deloitte, you’re trusted to work in a way that’s best for your team and your clients.

Why should someone join your team?

We advise some of the largest, most prestigious clients in the world so the work is really challenging and exciting. We also have a fantastic team of really smart, driven people, and a supportive, entrepreneurial culture where everyone’s encouraged to be bold, creative, and ambitious. You can develop into a strong tax specialist and advisor quickly. There are no limits on how far you can go.

What do you think are some of the misconceptions about joining tax in Deloitte?

I am based in the Reading office and I think ambitious tax professionals have two misconceptions about joining Deloitte tax here. Firstly, that the work isn’t as exciting as in London, and secondly, that tax is all about filling in tax forms. They’re both completely untrue. From Reading, we work with some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious businesses, because we’re recognised for our expertise and insight. Almost every challenge, issue or opportunity has tax considerations – and so we give insightful and proactive advice to help clients navigate risk, complexity and business-critical decisions. Tax rules are always changing, all over the world, and clients need strong tax advisors who can help them respond.

"I really appreciate the learning opportunities at Deloitte, from formal training to knowledge gathering from colleagues. "

Tax case studiesYou’ve had a fascinating career journey. Where did it begin?

Before my degree in International Relations, I spent my gap year in the Middle East as an emergency first responder. The incidents I responded to, such as terrorist alerts – complete with bullet-proof vest – gave me a taste of risk in its most real form. I later worked at the UN in New York, discussing nuclear disarmament with the likes of Hilary Clinton, before returning to the UK for my Masters, and getting two papers on Resilience published. I later joined the London Resilience Team for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. This combination of experiences led me to a role in intelligence, security and crisis management for a global bank, responding to African uprisings and helping employees operate in dangerous environments. It was then that I took the step into professional services, intrigued to see how my life experiences to date could help our business and our clients.

What have you been doing at Deloitte?

I joined Risk Advisory in January 2015, focusing on security, crisis management and business continuity. Alongside client work, I documented the UK Tax Business Continuity Plans, which included working with a diverse population across the UK and India. I have always loved working with people with backgrounds completely different to my own, so when I was offered the opportunity to move into Tax, working with the Service Line Risk Partner and the COO, I knew it was an adventure not to be missed. Five years ago, I’d never have imagined using my risk-security-crisis management skill set in a Tax environment. That’s the beauty of my team and the work I get to do. We tackle new challenges on a daily basis, be they our response to GDPR, Brexit, Quality Assurance or working through a range of potential scenarios that make business continuity engaging.

What’s the best thing about working here?

Diversity! I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities and the people I engage with: they enrich my day immensely. Every week throws up new challenges, new risks to assess, new plans to develop. I really appreciate the learning opportunities at Deloitte, from formal training to knowledge gathering from colleagues. Everyone brings different backgrounds, life experiences, and ways of looking at the same challenge – this combination leads to a rich learning environment, where I feel challenged and supported in equal measure. Even as a modest cog in a big wheel, our work in Tax & Legal Quality and Risk has an impact.

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