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Our recruitment process is just as much an opportunity for you to find out about us as it is for us to assess you. There are a number of stages, each of which will give you the chance to learn more about us. Please do take the opportunity to ask questions, explore further and get to know us.

The breadth of opportunities at Deloitte means there are a number of different methods we use to make sure the process is fair and thorough. Your recruitment contact at Deloitte will describe the exact process for the role you have applied for. Broadly speaking, however, the following will happen:

Initial screening

When you submit your online application, it will be given directly to the correct recruitment team member. They will then assess your experience to see how well it matches the job description (which will also have been hosted on the website for you to see when you applied). The more information you provide to demonstrate a good match the better. 


For some roles we may require you to complete either psychometric or skills based tests. Or we may ask you to consider a case study and give us your views on how you would tackle a client’s business problems.


The more senior the role you are applying for the more interviews you can expect to attend. Our interviews are competency based and are conducted by a trained interviewer. This will be a recruiter or manager depending on the role. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions that matter to you.

Final assessment

The final stage will be a more in depth discussion of your experience. You may also be asked to make a presentation or take part in a group discussion. This will be with key people and often the lead partner from the team you will work for if you are successful.

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