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Frequently asked questions

Intrigued by the opportunity of Return to Work? Want to clarify a thing or two? You should find most of the answers you’re looking for here. But do feel free to contact us if there’s more you need to know before you apply.

Who can apply for the Return to Work programme?

You must:

  • have taken a career break of two or more years
  • have five or more years’ experience within professional services or a relevant industry/sector, including a minimum of two years in a similar position to the role you wish to apply for

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Is there an age restriction for the programme?

No. We look for relevant skills and experience for each advertised role. We do not apply age criteria when reviewing candidates’ suitability for the programme and the role.

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Is there more you need to know before you apply?

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How do I apply?

Once you’ve found a role you’d like to apply for, you’ll need to supply your CV as part of your application. Please include details of your career break (including relevant dates) so it’s clear that you’re eligible and we can see what extra dimension your time away has added. If you don’t have a CV to hand, you’ll find a template you can use here.

What is the application closing date?

Applications for our January programme are now closed. If you are interested in finding out more about our Return To Work Programmes in the future, please register your interest through the ‘Register Now’ icon above

How many roles can I apply for?

We will progress one Return to Work application per candidate. To maximise your chance of success, we recommend you apply for the role that corresponds most closely with your previous experience, skills and career aspirations.

What if I don’t find a role that’s right for me?

If you don’t find a role that is appropriate for your skills and experience or in your chosen location, you can still apply to join our Return to Work community here. This will allow us to keep in touch with you as new roles are identified for the programme. To explore other open roles outside of the programme, please visit our jobs homepage.

What is the recruitment process?

If your application is successful, you will be invited to share further information with us by email and online, followed by a straightforward two-stage interview process. To find out more, click on each stage below:

1. Online application

  • Once you’ve found a role which aligns to your skills and experience, click on the link in the job advert which will take you to our online application process
  • Please apply for one role on the Return to Work programme only – or your application will be delayed
  • Attach your CV, making sure it includes the dates of your career break
  • Follow the process step by step, as indicated by your recruitment contact
  • If your application is progressed, we will reach out to you for further factual information by email. To help us process your application efficiently, please provide the information requested at each stage

2. Online information-sharing

  • You’ll be invited to sign in to our online platform and tell us more about your skills and experience, your motivation for returning to the workplace and career aspirations. This is to help you bring your CV to life
  • We’ll also share with you some information about the programme
  • If successful at this stage, we’ll share your application with the relevant hiring manager for their review

3. First interview

  • If successful, your first interview will be with a hiring manager from the business area you have applied to join. We’ll be as flexible as we can in arranging it at a time that suits you
  • The purpose of this first interview is to assess your skills and experience against the critical requirements of the role you have applied for
  • For some roles, there may be a short technical assessment to complete to demonstrate your technical capability
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to ask us questions about the role, the programme and the team

4. Second interview

  • The second interview will be with a Partner or Director in the business area you have applied to join
  • It builds on the first interview and will be an opportunity for you to further discuss your motivation to join the programme and your career aspirations
  • You will have the opportunity to ask a senior business leader about the aspects of the role that are most important to you

5. Offer

  • If successful at second interview, you will receive an offer of employment on the Return To Work programme

How long will the process take?

We know that your time is precious. We will endeavour to complete the recruitment process as efficiently as possible, taking account of your availability and that of our business partners whom you will meet.

To help us with that, once your recruitment process is underway, please provide us with details of any periods when you are unavailable (e.g. planned holidays) so we can work around them.

What happens post offer?

It's standard practice that we screen our new joiners before they come on board. You'll be contacted by Security Watchdog, a leading provider of pre-employment screening service, asking you to complete an online questionnaire, upload your right to work and proof of residency and complete a declaration of consent. Regulation and controls are standard practice in our industry and Deloitte is no exception. They are important as they protect both you and the firm legally. We are subject to a number of audit regulations, one of which requires that all Partners and audit professional staff abide by specific personal independence constraints. This prevents you and your "Immediate Family Members" from holding certain financial interests (shares, funds, bonds etc.) with any audit clients of the firm. You must ensure you are compliant with these independence requirements (and if necessary provide evidence of your compliance) as you will need to be cleared by the Personal Independence Team before you can join the firm.

If you have any questions regarding this, please speak to your recruiter.

After contract completion, you will be assigned a Buddy as a point of contact in the business. Your Buddy will be there to support you and help answer any questions you may have as you prepare to re-enter the workplace.

If you require any workplace adjustments to be made because of a disability or health condition then we will introduce you to somebody in HR before joining, who can help arrange these for you.

What happens next?

If your application is successful, we’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps.

Based on previous years, we expect to receive a huge number of applications, so we hope you’ll understand that we’ll be unable to provide unsuccessful applicants with detailed feedback at this first stage in the process.  

Is my career break valid?

Many on our Return to Work programme are women restarting their careers after having children. But the programme is open to anyone, male or female, who has taken a career break of two years or more for various reasons. Examples could include time out for travelling, recovering from an illness, disability-related leave, or just time out to refocus and re-energise.

We’ll want to hear all about how your change in lifestyle has made you a more mature and rounded person.

My skills and knowledge are out of date – what refresher training will I receive?

After a prolonged period out of the work environment, we understand that you’ll need to bring your knowledge and skills up to date. To help bridge that gap, you will have the opportunity to create a professional development plan where you can identify skills that you need to refresh, from the suite of training that we offer.

We’ll also provide induction training to familiarise you with Deloitte, structured learning to enable you to use our everyday tools and software, and technical training to better equip you for client service delivery projects. You’ll also be assigned a Buddy to help you settle in and a coach to support your development for the duration of the programme.

What kind of work will I do?

It depends on the area of our business you join and your grade. Whatever your role, you’ll be working on projects that make a genuine difference to our clients and our firm.

Will I receive a salary?

Yes. This is a paid internship programme. You’ll get a salary and benefits package in line with the permanent roles in the area of the business you join.

Where will I be based?

You could be based in London or in one of our regional offices and, for some roles, you may find yourself based on client site.

We carefully consider agile ways of working, both formal and informal, that allow for the best impact for our people and our clients. This includes having the option to work from home when needed.

The roles available in each Deloitte office location may vary, depending on business need. Available locations will be referenced in each job advert.

Will I need to travel?

Some roles may require you to travel in the UK. If that’s the case, it will be clear from the specific job advert. During the course of the programme, some group training sessions may be held in London or another regional office, so you might be asked to travel. We’ll give you advance notice so you can plan accordingly.

What days will I work?

The programme is four days a week, generally Monday to Thursday, with Friday as the non-working day. We may consider another arrangement, providing it’s not less than four days and doesn’t affect group training sessions or client needs.

You will be eligible for annual leave during the 25-week programme, in accordance with Deloitte’s holiday policy and procedures. In the past, a number of our returners have arranged this to coincide with school holidays.

Is there any flexibility around working hours and the timing of holidays?

The programme has been developed to provide the training and support needed to re-enter the workplace after a sustained career break, alongside the practical work experience.  We have developed it as a standard four-day programme to enable a successful transition, although we will always consider a full-time, 5-day contract if you prefer.

Participants who have gone on to join the firm at the end of the programme have sometimes adopted a different working pattern, but typically not fewer than four days.  Work arrangements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the individual and business needs.

Holidays during the programme are arranged in consultation with the line manager responsible; in the past, a number of our participants have arranged their leave to coincide with school holidays, for example.

When do I start?

Our next Return to Work programme starts on 21 January 2019 for a duration of 25 weeks.

What support is available when I join the firm?

From the minute you join, you’ll have a huge amount of support around you. Not only do you have your fellow returners who are in exactly the same boat as you, you are also supported by a Buddy, line manager (for your day-to-day work), coach and your sponsoring partner. As part of the programme you’ll also receive group coaching. This is run by external coaches who also facilitate our award-winning Working Parents Transition Programme.

We have ten diversity networks including, for example; Working Families, where working parents can give you support and advice. You’ll also benefit from our firm-wide support including Emergency Backup Care provision should you need it, and day-to-day support like Mental Health Champions, our Advice Line (Employee Assistance Programme) and Respect & Inclusion Advisors.

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