Life at Deloitte

Richard Foakes

HR Management Information Manager

Richard works in Human Resources and is based in our Milton Keynes office.

What do my team and I do?

My team is responsible for providing HR people and performance metrics to both the internal Client Service HR team and also to the wider business to support their external activities. We build tools for Client Service HR to input, manipulate, interpret and present people data which helps support their business’ decision making process. In addition we provide metrics to the wider organisation for use in things like bid collateral and to create media interest.

Where does my team fit?

The MI team is a specialist group within the wider HR function. We work closely with the Reward, Operations and Client Service HR teams to support our employees across the UK and Switzerland.

How does my role make an impact that matters with Deloitte?

We support firm-wide, HR-related initiatives to ensure compliance, efficiency, accuracy and improve processes, thanks to informed decision making. We are currently heavily involved with the pay review, working hand-in-hand with the HR Reward team. Between us we are making sure that everyone gets paid correctly!

My biggest accomplishment.

I was an MI Consultant here for four years but earlier this year I was promoted to Manager. I’m proud we’ve got a great team atmosphere and a strong sense of camaraderie, especially when we have deadlines to meet.

What I’m most proud of at Deloitte?

In the last couple of years we launched new pay review software called the Deloitte Reward System. The previous system had become unmanageable so it was a huge step forward for us in terms of functionality. We had to bring the HR teams with us, make sure we were providing a tool that met all their needs but one which also simplified the process. It’s really improved the way we do things.

My favourite part of the job.

I enjoy playing around with the data; finding out what it means and finding the best way to graphically represent it so that is meaningful to the people who rely on it. Deloitte’s HR team is a nice place to work. There’s lots of great people here and everyone appreciates the effort you put in.

Something more about me.

I got quite a kick out of seeing my figures about gender diversity on the BBC!

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