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Associate - Financial Advisory and Corporate Tax

Joe was an Associate in our Financial Advisory and Corporate Tax team based in London. He joined Deloitte in 2009 as a Scholar and now studies Economics with Spanish at the University of Nottingham.

What do you like most about your role?

The city experience and responsibility from a younger age.

What are the main benefits of joining the Deloitte Scholar Scheme?

Being involved with such a large firm immediately puts you at an advantage from your peers as you gain paid valuable experience for 7 months and then again for one month every summer during your university course, giving you a solid base allowing you to concentrate on getting the best possible grades and making the most out the university experience in general.
Furthermore, due to the Hispanic nature of my degree, I have the opportunity of working with Deloitte Buenos Aires (Argentina) for 6 months in 2012/13. I am very much looking forward to this, and the fact that I will be living half way across the world and working in a foreign language will hopefully add up to a totally unique and rewarding placement!

What aspects of your degree do you feel may support you in your role and success at Deloitte?

My degree is difficult and time consuming - however the most important skill I have learnt is effective time management and how to find the hours to get everything done well and still manage to socialise! In the workplace with deadlines and project meetings, effective time management is vital.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis at Deloitte when on placement?

Whilst on placement you generally work on less technical tasks such as compliance and spread sheets but Deloitte are keen to train you up as quickly as possible and allow you to sit in on many high level meetings.

How do you deliver or contribute impact, leadership or innovation in your role?

Due to the fact that you start your role as a scholar without any industry specific knowledge and at least 3 years younger than the graduates, you must be willing to work hard to impress and show that despite the age gap you are capable of doing the job and it is in this way that scholars have an impact on the company.

What social, society and CSR activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?

Whilst being a Deloitte scholar I have also been heavily involved in university life and I was elected president of one of the largest university societies, captain of my halls of residence football team and elected one of Nottingham NUS delegates. All of these experiences and responsibilities have been immensely enjoyable and have greatly improved my leadership, time management and teamwork skills.
Whilst at Deloitte I organised a departmental charity sweepstake and played for the firms football Sunday league team.

How is the Deloitte Scholar Scheme going to further your long term career ambitions?

The scholar scheme gives a lot of exposure to the workings of a large corporation and allows you to make a more informed decision than most on where your future lies. Being a Deloitte scholar takes a large amount of pressure out of the university experience, provides increased stability and allows more time to get involved in societies, sports and socialising.

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