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Apprenticeship opportunities in Consulting Technology

Today, the world is more reliant than ever on technology and the benefits it can bring. Be at the heart of a team focused on solving the biggest and most complex business and social challenges with cutting edge tech solutions.

What happens in Consulting Technology?

In one word: innovation. Our Technology team is in high demand; we’re constantly sought out by the largest companies and organisations, across every industry. They turn to us to solve their trickiest technical and business problems, by exploiting current technology in novel ways and creating cutting edge new solutions.

We cover everything from strategy to system design, managing projects, people and processes. And as an Apprentice on the BrightStart Scheme, you’ll be in the thick of it.

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What does an Apprenticeship involve?

Our Apprentices are here to shape their careers, as well as gain on-the-job experience. You’ll work right alongside your more experienced colleagues and be treated with the same respect from day one. But you’ll also get extra time and support to help you gain your professional qualifications.

Your experience here will help you obtain skills you’ll rely on throughout your entire career, wherever you decide to take them.

Academic requirements you will need:

GCSEs UCAS points completed before 2017 New UCAS points system
Maths, level 6 or above
English Language, level 4 or above
260 104

Only for non-graduates
Please note: if you’ve already graduated from university, you won’t be able to join our BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship. (You can, of course, apply to our Graduate Programme).

What kind of work would I be doing?

Apprentices join a diverse team that includes deep technical experts, industry leaders, and project management specialists. You’ll be hands-on from the start, working with – and learning from – these colleagues, to help clients solve their most challenging and intriguing problems. Every day will be as different as the projects and clients you work on, but throughout your Apprenticeship you’ll have the chance to:

  • Aid innovation with research and by applying solutions for clients
  • Review current client projects to identify issues and opportunities
  • Learn and apply core project management skills 
  • Help clients solve their business problems or use technology to grow
  • Identify potential improvements or risks on live projects, working closely with colleagues and clients
  • Pull together technical specifications or design requirements

We want you to experience it all, so you’ll get the most out of your Apprenticeship.

What type of project could I be working on

Technology sits at the heart of most business strategies in the modern world. As a result, Apprentices on the BrightStart Scheme are engaged in some of the most exciting and challenging projects that our clients are tackling.

We help our clients deliver projects that span financial, consumer business, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and public sectors. Giving you a unique opportunity to discover different industries and find a career path that suits you.

Your projects could involve building a website that allows a client to engage with customers in whole new ways. You could be developing and testing the latest mobile applications. Or helping a multinational company transform their IT systems, for better performance and closer alignment with their business strategy. It’s all vital work, with tangible results.

What about learning and development opportunities?

Deloitte Apprenticeships are all about leaning and developing. You’ll get everything you need to thrive and grow. Study time is factored in to your working week, so you can work towards these industry recognised qualifications:


  • Technology and Digital qualifications certified by the Ada College OR
  • Junior Management Consultant (JMC) Apprenticeship (with CIMA qualification)


  • Business Technology degree via Ulster University OR
  • Software Engineering degree via Hertfordshire University (limited to specific roles) AND
  • BCS Business Analysis International Diploma (or equivalent) AND
  • Prince 2 AND
  • ISTQB Testing: Foundation Level (limited to specific roles)

But there’s much more to your development here than professional exams. As well as classroom study and e-learning, you’ll have 1:1 coaching, a designated Deloitte mentor to support you at work, and the technical and skills training you need to move your career on further down the line. Not to mention the invaluable experience of working on live projects from the outset.

Will there be a permanent job at the end of my Apprenticeship?

Yes, this is a permanent role. Once you’ve completed the BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship you will begin to focus on a particular service area and client market. You’ll have many options.

Where does Consulting Technology fit in to Deloitte UK?

Technology is a team within Consulting, one of our key business areas. Professionals in this ‘competency’’ – as we call it – advise clients on how to improve their businesses. It’s about getting under the skin of organisations and using our expertise to generate game-changing ideas for them. These ideas range from overall long-term strategy to a nifty tweak for greater efficiency. And we don’t just advise, we implement too.

Ours is a specialist technical and advisory team within consulting. We focus on using technology in innovative ways to keep our clients ahead of the game.

Our teams are spread across London and Belfast. Please refer to the ‘What about learning and development opportunities’ section to gain a better understanding of the key differences between the BrightStart programme in London vs. Belfast. The Belfast-based opportunity also offers a 5-year degree programme (via Ulster University or Hertfordshire University) along with a relevant qualification.

How can I make an impact beyond my work?

Being part of Deloitte means being part of the world around us. We positively encourage you to volunteer and get involved in the local community. We even have a day a year for this – our Corporate Responsibility Day. It’s your chance to get out of the office and make a difference.

And how’s the social life?
We’re a very friendly firm, with many opportunities to get involved in social events. You can join societies of all kinds, ranging from sports teams to a choir, and join in at regular team events or drinks. At Deloitte, everyone’s invited.

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