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Apprenticeship opportunities in Tax Consulting

It’s business critical. Even headline making. Tax matters. And you can be part of the story, helping clients to plan and manage their unique and challenging tax affairs.

What happens in Tax Consulting?

In Tax Consulting, we help a variety of clients to solve complex business issues. These range from company floatation and post-merger integration, to tax-efficient structuring advice.

We work with all kinds of blue chip companies, ultra-high net worth individuals and FTSE 100s.

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What does an Apprenticeship involve?

Our Apprentices are here to shape their careers, as well as gain on-the-job experience. You’ll work right alongside your more experienced colleagues and be treated with the same respect from day one. But you’ll also get extra time and support to help you gain your professional qualifications.

Your experience here will leave you with skills you’ll rely on throughout your entire career, wherever you decide to take them.

What kind of work would I be doing?

The particular area you join will determine the day-to-day work you do. Some will involve compliance, the rest problem solving and assessing clients’ individual needs. Whichever team you’re in, you’ll have the chance to develop the perfect mix of business, consulting, finance and legal expertise. And the variety of work means you’ll gain knowledge of business that’s as broad as it is deep.

Millie Camm, an Apprentice on our BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Scheme, describes her working life: “I’m in Capital Allowances (Tax depreciation), so I go out on site surveys, prepare claims for clients, attend internal learning courses, and prepare documents to be sent to clients. Everyone is made to feel that their input is important and contributes a lot to the final claim. You’re immediately involved in client work.”

Read her full story here.

What type of project could I be working on?

You can choose the area of Tax Consulting that inspires you most, joining us in one of three teams: Business Tax Consulting, Indirect Tax Consulting or Global Employer Services.

Business Tax Consulting
Tax is a major cost of doing business. For every new start up, merger, acquisition, expansion into new markets, or change of operations, there are tax implications. And it’s our job to help our clients get to grips with them. The rules are often highly complex. We also advise on issues such as the level of risk involved in a transaction – and how to reduce it. We work with everyone from high net worth individuals to owner-managed businesses to large multinationals, across the whole spectrum of industries. There’s always a different problem to solve.

Indirect Tax Consulting
Our clients need specific advice on Indirect Tax, as almost every business transaction is affected. We become their experts, not just in this area, but in their businesses too. We get to know them intimately – both what they do and how they do it – so we can guide them on every business critical event.

Global Employer Services
Employee taxation and how and what to pay executives are key strategic issues for all employers. Getting it right globally is vital, not only from a risk management perspective but also for a company’s brand and reputation. In this team, we advise clients on all aspects of ‘Mobility’ and ‘Reward’, with specialist departments broadly split between the two.

What about learning and development opportunities?

Deloitte Apprenticeships are all about leaning and developing. You’ll get everything you need to thrive and grow. Study time is factored in to your working week, so you can work towards your Chartered Accountancy qualification (ACA).

But there’s much more to your development here than professional exams. As well as classroom study and e-learning, you’ll have 1:1 coaching, a designated Deloitte mentor to support you at work, and the technical and skills training you need to move your career on further down the line. Not to mention the invaluable experience of working on live projects from the off.

After joining, you’ll be enrolled on our Tax Analyst Development Programme, which starts with three weeks training at our Tax Analyst Academy. This innovative programme has been designed to equip you with everything you need to be a successful Tax Consulting practitioner. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get to know your new colleagues, who’ll all be on the same journey.

Will there be a permanent job at the end of my Apprenticeship?

Yes, this is a permanent role. Once you’ve shown us how good you are on the BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Scheme, you’re welcome to stay on in Tax Consulting.

Where does Tax Consulting fit in to Deloitte UK?

Tax is one of our key business areas. Professionals in this ‘service line’ – as we call it – advise companies and individuals on every aspect of taxation, from compliance to international taxes. We work in an integrated way, meaning specialists from different disciplines work collaboratively to give clients a 360° view of their tax position, how they can mobilise and reward their workforce as well as the most innovative solutions.

How can I make an impact beyond my work?

Being part of Deloitte means being part of the world around us. We positively encourage you to volunteer and get involved in the local community. We even have a day a year for this – our Corporate Responsibility Day. It’s your chance to get out of the office and make a difference.

And how’s the social life?
We’re a very friendly firm, with many opportunities to get involved in social events. You can join societies of all kinds, ranging from sports teams to a choir, and join in at regular team events or drinks. At Deloitte, everyone’s invited.

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