Life at Deloitte

Shankari Raguvaran

Consultant, Enterprise Applications

I studied Law at the University of Bristol and joined the firm in 2010 as an Associate in the Tax practice. Having specialised in expatriate tax, I completed a professional qualification and then decided to make the move to Consulting in 2012 through the Analyst Programme.

What do you value about working for Deloitte?
What I value most is the culture – professional yet above all personable. Meaning - I feel like we always present ourselves well to the client, but without compromising our personality and individuality. Though the firm is exceptionally diverse in what we do, every part that I have been exposed to seems consistent in that regard.

Why did you chose Deloitte?
Reputation and the opportunities it would offer me e.g. the opportunity for international travel, either through working with international clients or seconding to another member firm. I was also interested in completing professional qualifications (accounting specifically) so this was definitely a factor in my decision.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?
It can be quite varied depending on the role and the project. On my first project I was mainly process mapping and designing new processes where required. This meant a lot of time in workshops, interviews and on Visio!

On my last project for the first month I was writing test scripts (i.e. noting the steps required to carry out a process in the system) to facilitate User Acceptance Testing. Then I went on to supervise and monitor actual business users in executing these scripts, and tried to resolve any defects highlighted through testing and research. Later on in this project I delivered two hour training sessions across the business on how to use the system.

Those two experiences are quite a contrast to my current project, where I am working in the Project Management Office. This means that the day-to-day is much more about tracking and reporting on risks, issues and actions, monitoring progress against the plan and acting as a conduit between different parts of the Programme.

What qualities do you think make a good Deloitte consultant?

  • Independent investigative skills – whether that means research, problem-solving or reading around a subject, I think it is important to be able to do this and – importantly – do it independently.
  • Being a person of action – we work on tight timelines and sometimes just need to get stuff done. There’s a certain get-up-and-go attitude that’s absolutely imperative
  • Flexibility and ability to deal with uncertainty – one minute you could be on a project, the next minute not. Friday you could be in Scunthorpe and Monday in Swindon. Sometimes you just don’t know and the powers that be can’t confirm far in advance. You have to be able to roll with it!

Talk us through the most exciting project that you have worked on
My last project was an implementation of Oracle for a media company. I worked on the Procure to Pay process (one of the key Finance processes) and as a result was involved with testing the system, configuring the modules involved in Procure to Pay, delivering training and eventually supporting users in using the new system. The role was varied and very hands on, oh and also, it was in New York! I spent the majority of my time in New York but then spent 2 months on the West Coast of the US. Exciting is an understatement.

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?
In its first year I was a volunteer for the Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneers scheme, which sought to identify a number of social enterprises to support with investment and Deloitte’s people’s skills for a period of a year. I supported the final interview panel stages, where the leaders of the businesses pitched their business plans and strategy to a panel. This was incredibly interesting and I was lucky enough to be on the panel for three businesses that were eventually picked as Pioneers!

In my first year in Consulting I was also part of a Young Philanthropy Syndicate which chose to fund and support a charity called Catch 22, a social business that focuses on services for disengaged young people (typically ex-offenders). As a member of this syndicate I received training to be a mentor to a young person and completed a couple of sessions where we identified goals and an action plan for achieving them.

How do people at Deloitte support your career?
I have really felt ‘looked after’ since I’ve been at the firm. I have an open and honest relationship with my appraiser which is great, but also feel like there are other senior people keeping an eye on me and looking out for my interests. In a profession like Consulting where you have to forge your own path (to an extent) that kind of support makes all the difference.

What advice would you share to others considering applying to EA?
EA is a great place to be with lots of good personalities – I’ve always had good company on the projects I’ve been on which is really important if you’re having to stay away from home during the week, which you tend to be on long-term implementation projects. A sense of humour and team spirit are must-haves!

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